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16 Nov 2007 - 10:52pm

IxDA NYC Design Studio Event Recap

Hi IxDers,

This is a delayed recap. On October 25th we hosted a new kind of event in
NYC in a design studio format rather than our normal presentation style. The
event was a success and we wanted to share with you in case you want to do
something similar in your area.

A short recap of the event:
A group of 30 designers came together one night and worked together for 3
hours in a studio setting.

16 Mar 2006 - 2:54am
Jonas Löwgren

Now in English: Swedish Master's program in interaction design

Dear colleagues,

This info might be of interest considering the recurring list topic
of advanced educations, master's programs, etc.

The two-year advanced program in Interaction Design at Malmö
University is one of the best recognized in Sweden in its field. It
was started in 1998 and leads to a master's degree for Swedish students.

Starting this Fall, the program is offered in English for
international students.

2 Jun 2008 - 11:20pm
Navneet Nair

[JOB] Interaction Designer, Google, Bangalore - Full time

*Interaction Designer - Bangalore*

*This position is located in Bangalore, India.*

"Focus on the user, and all else will follow." That's one of the principles
behind every product Google develops, and we're looking for a UI designer to
help us do just that with our new products and features. As UI Designer,
you'll work closely with engineers and product managers through all stages
of the product cycle.

22 Oct 2004 - 4:38pm
10 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Interaction Design, should it be a part ofProduct Management or Development? (Was should interaction designersproduce code...)

> And until that happens, designers and the notion of UCD will always be
> dominated by other priorities. Our ultimate goal should be
> the recognition
> of designers as the drivers of the product design process...not the
> marketing people, not the developers...designers.

Yup, u b right ... But ...

I think that there is definitely a trend to be moving in this direction.
This can't just happen. We have to earn our stripes and we need to work with
the best allies we can find in the organization.

26 Jul 2010 - 11:37pm

Re: [IxDA Discuss] [Hong Kong] (No subject)

I got it

On 27/7/10 10:19, "Adler" wrote:

> > [reminder]  - by the way, does anyone gets this announcements in their > email? > > Topic: Design for Healthcare & Wellbeing > > Where:  Fringe Club HK (MTR > Central Exit D1), roof garden (or inside,depending on the temperature) > > When:   7.30pm, Wed, 27 July > > Cheers, > Ada, Adler and Nicolas > mobile 9814 5027 > > --> suggest to also join the LinkedIn group for follow up discussions > > http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2187182 [1] > >   > > (((Please leave all content below

23 Feb 2010 - 10:44am
Joe Sokohl

Magic Wish #2 for IxDA

Local groups are great. There are a lot of people who are working hard
to bring interaction designers and other interested folks together
locally on a regular basis.

Wouldn't it be great if local groups had a dedicated space that
brought events, discussions, and jobs into a local-centric space?
Wouldn't it be great if ixda.org could expand the ability of local
groups to communicate & collaborate?

Your wish is about to be granted:
http://www.ixda.org/blog /2010 /02 /new -website -launch -is
-imminent /

Launch is set for 5 days and counting!

26 Feb 2008 - 2:52pm
6 years ago
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George Schneiderman

Offtopic: What music do you listen to while you

I CAN'T listen to vocal music while I'm concentrating on something else. Well, cooking maybe. But not thought work. I occasionally listen to instrumental music of various sorts, but mostly I go back to (relative) silence.

25 Jan 2005 - 7:23pm
Marijke Rijsberman

Re: Beyond big personas and power points

1. Personas are a heavily culture-loaded technique and should be
treated as such;
2. With all their benefits in mind, personas may not work universally,
because in some cultures seemingly complex things may be preferred
over seemingly simple things;
3. All tools of our trade (especially those working with qualitative
information) have to be considered for their cultural applicability,
before being preached as universal.

I think it's a sure bet that personas are culturally loaded.

20 Nov 2006 - 8:11am
8 years ago
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Cross media bar experience?

Hi - and thanks for the great discussion that's going on here!

I'm currently looking into different ways of navigating and interacting with small handheld devices. In a recent discussion my team begun to discuss the Sony Cross media bar concept (XMB) and its pros and cons. Does anyone here have any thoughts in the matter? Some of the issues that I (personally) are thinking about:

* How well does the solution scale when there is a lot of content? Lots of labelling of content required in order to be useful?

* Is it a good solution for all kinds of interactive spaces?

28 Jun 2010 - 2:11am
4 years ago
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Silvia Di Gianf...

Your inspirational ideas

Hello list,

I would like to ask you a question: if you would have today the chance to write a University Thesis about IxD, what would be the topic you would love to deepen?

Thanks in advance for your time,
I wish you all a wonderful day!