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5 Jul 2007 - 10:19am
John Ennis

JOB: Interaction Designer, Boston MA, Contract, RECRUITER

A major financial services company in Boston MA is looking for an
Interaction Designer to fill a key role on a very high profile project.
This is a 6+ month contract position.


Work in partnership with Web Usability Manager and the project team to
provide user experience perspective on a key web-based application. Create
and test designs, establish and adhere to style guidelines, and assist in
the creation of information architecture. Accomplish all of the above
through close, continual contact with end users while balancing business and
organizational needs.

4 Nov 2007 - 12:49pm

[Event] IxDA Boston Social F2F -- UI12 2007 Conference -Reminder

*IxDA Boston Social Face2Face — UI12 2007 Conference*

What. IxDA Boston will be holding a social gathering of IxDA professionals
from across the country that will be attending the UI12 2007 in Cambridge,

When. Monday, November, November 5th, 5.30pm - ??

Where. From the hotel lobby Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel @ 5.30pm walk
down Broadway, right on Amherst - then walk over to Tommy Doyle's Irish Pub
1 Kendall Square # 100, Cambridge, MA 02139. View Map

Who. All IxDA members.

14 Mar 2007 - 10:49am
7 years ago
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Christine Boese

Thumbnail calendars and philosophical waxing

Hi y'all!

Please forgive me if this topic has come up in the past, but I'm wondering
if the group has any ideas about the persistence of thumbnail calendars
(often appearing in interstitial rollovers, with dates as potential live
links) as a reappearing trope in interface design.

I'm trying to discuss this interface feature with a client at the
requirements stage, and I'm encountering resistance to the very idea,
particularly on the development side.

This strikes me as odd, especially since I've used the relatively simple
code myself on personal projects (we've seen this all over on blog


Summary from MEX 2012

Members of the list might be interested in my initial summary from the 11th international MEX, held in London on 19th - 20th September, recapping ideas and mobile user experience insights:


5 Aug 2009 - 10:07am
Dan Brown

[PLUG] Workshop • Wireframes with EightShapes Unify • August 21, 2009 • Washington, DC

[Please forgive the cross-posting!]

The holy grail of design documentation is efficiency. You want to spend your
time solving design problems, not fiddling with annotations or getting your
wireframes to line up just so.

EightShapes Unify, a collection of templates, stencils, and components can
help you get there.

2 Apr 2010 - 12:58am
4 years ago
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Request for advice to undergraduate Industrial Engineers (Human Factors Stream)

HI all,

I am currently in my 3rd year in Industrial Engineering at University of Toronto and am going through the job hunt to look for a full year internship in the area of Interface design,  information architecture and usbiliherty analysis.

However Im finding it extremely frustrating that there are no (might be an exaggeration) internships out there for undergraduates. They all seem to require masters degree or experience.

30 Sep 2010 - 4:22pm
Helen Killingbeck

Re: [IxDA] ANN: Leah Buley's new book-in-progress--The UX Team of One

This sounds like a fantastic book! Were they watching me today :'-( Helen

Sent from Samsung mobile

Louis Rosenfeld wrote:

>(apologies for duplicate postings) > >I'm very happy to announce that Adaptive Path's Leah Buley >has just begun >work on a new Rosenfeld Media >book, /The UX Team of One.  >// >The UX Team of One/ >will be the first book specifically for >people doing UX work without the support of a team. What's so different >about being a team of one? Fewer resources. Creative isolation. >Organizational ignorance. Sometimes even hostility.

15 Sep 2006 - 1:24pm
7 years ago
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Value of utesting a client driven marketing site.

I'm currently working at an agency and am trying to figure out the
value of utesting in this environment. Our current process does not
include utesting of any sort. It's mostly client-driven design through
back and forth conversations.

For the client I'm working with, the site basically markets a product.
The creative thinking revolves around the marketing objective of
making their products appear to be top quality.

16 Mar 2009 - 8:50am
Boston IxDA

[EVENT] Reminder: Boston IxDA: Amy Cueva - Using Comics in the Design Process. This Thursday evening @ Autodesk.

Hey folks, hope you're coming this Thursday evening to hone your skills and
attend this fantastic workshop!

Many of the challenges we face as designers relate not to the quality of our
work, but the communication of our ideas. Boston IxDA is thrilled to host *Amy
Cueva,* Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Mad*Pow, who will be
conducting a “how to” session on getting started with comics from a
strategy, process and tools perspective.

This event is open to all.

2 Feb 2008 - 6:47am
thomas lissajoux


Hi everyone,

I want to point you to an international survey studying the effects of
cooperation on work conditions, and discriminating agile teams/companies.

Here it is :

The results will be very interesting for the community, gaining some insight
on how cooperative really are agile teams (vs non agile organizations).

Thanks for helping to promote this study.
(sorry if you receive duplicates as I crossposted to several groups)