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5 Mar 2009 - 6:45am
7 years ago
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Mattias Konradsson

The war on widgets

Hi all,

One thing occured to me the other day, are we going towards a future where
we will have less visible widgets and controls in our applications?

3 Jul 2008 - 5:20am
Petteri Hiisilä

What will thousands of CPU cores unlock?

We have signals that Intel isn't going to settle with 8 or 16
processor cores and then revert back to let's-add-more-MHz contest.
They are going to add 32, 64, 128, 512, 1024 and 2048 cores per CPU.
(Reference: http://tinyurl.com/4pkslx) ... expect to see 8-core 500
Mhz Intel Atom processors for ten dollars each.

We have signals that at least Apple is trying to make it easier for
developers to use those cores.

28 Jul 2005 - 3:25pm
10 years ago
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Austin Govella

Best practices for implementing javascript (for rich internet applications)

I was documenting best practices for the University where I work, and
I came up with a list for javascript. Developers gave it the once over
and the general okay yesterday:
* http://thinkingandmaking.com/entries/63

These practices should be included in your project's technical requirements.

Jonathan Boutelle, a savvier guy than I, has some good comments about
progressive enhancement/graceful degradation that are worth taking
into consideration.

22 Aug 2005 - 11:41am
Jeff Howard

Re: Usability on "The Fold"

"Chaniya Suebsanguan" wrote:
Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on what the "new" fold is?

Back in 1999, webmonkey did some work on determining the fold size on common browsers.
They took screenshots of browser chrome from the Netscape 4 browsers all the way up to IE
6, and overlayed them to see how much real estate was left. Here's the article:

They came out with a "safe recommendation" of 983x578 for 1024 screens.

23 Apr 2009 - 11:04am
Chicago IxDA4

[Event Recap] Chicago IxDA - Encouraging sustainability through online community

Apologies for the late recap!

Last Wednesday we had our April event at Manifest Digital, which was a panel
format with the PhizzPop Challenge team discussing the process they went
through to meet the challenge of designing experiences to encourage
sustainable living in the city of Austin.

22 Sep 2008 - 12:03pm
Allana Botha

"JOB" - Flash Developer - Fort Lauderdale, FL "Recruiter" - Full time

PROTECH is a South Florida IT search and staffing firm dedicated to
identifying, screening and securing IT professionals with exceptional
skills. We are a full-service firm providing contract, contract to hire and
direct hire placement services.

Our Client is a leading interactive agency (Fort Lauderdale, FL) with brand
name clients throughout the nation. Currently, they are seeking an
experienced Flash Developer with the following:

. Develop a clean codebase of ActionScript driven Flash applications with
programmatic motion at the core

5 Feb 2008 - 7:14pm
annemarie mogan

Job:Sr Interaction Designer-San Francisco- hi5.com

Please direct any interest or inquiries to Annemarie Mogan:
amogan at hi5.com <mailto:amogan at hi5.com>


26 Nov 2008 - 10:11am

[EVENT] "Usability in mobile interaction design" London, 8th jan 2009

Found this event on meetup.com and thought it might be of interest to
fellow London IxDAers:


A look at the changing world of the mobile design from the user
experience professional's perspective.

Experts in the field discuss:

How to create engaging mobile application's across multiple platforms
How to factor in user involvement actives
How the increase in smart phone creates new challenge for the user
experience professional.


Scott Weiss - Human Factors International.

10 Oct 2005 - 5:51pm
Lea Rauscher

Job: Interaction Designer/Information Architect at Apples To Oranges (SF Bay Area, US; Full-time & Contract)

Interaction Designer/Information Architect

You love users. You have a passion for making the user experience as easy and useful as possible. You're tired of 90% of the web that is difficult and confusing, and with just a little thought and user testing, could be so much better. You believe people just need to use things, not learn them.

Apples To Oranges, a San Francisco Bay Area (US) web consultancy firm, is looking for an Interaction Designer and Information Architect to drive the development of our online applications and website projects.

18 Dec 2009 - 1:39am
Balakumar Muthu

Site Review Request: LoveLogger.com

Hello everyone,

I have recently created an webapp called LoveLogger.com (world’s 1st
pair-blogging platform) which is having an instant hit in china.