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24 Aug 2006 - 5:01pm
Sirisha Palusa

Interaction Designer, iRise, Los Angeles, California, United States

Job: Interaction Designer

Interaction Designer

Los Angeles


Full Time

Interaction Designer

iRise is a rapidly growing software company that provides a unique
visualization platform to Fortune 500 companies. Using iRise software,
organizations simulate and validate the user experience of custom web
applications before a single line of code is written. iRise has
headquarters in Los Angeles with branch offices in San Francisco, New
York and Chicago and is privately held.

29 Feb 2012 - 7:13pm
2 years ago
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Alan Hogan

IxDA.org usability problem: sign-in

I just wanted to note that I was seriously stymied by the way that ixda.org requires a "username not email address" to log in. And since my username includes a space, neither myself nor my password manager seemed to think that was really my username — so the server repeatedly rejected my attempts to log in as an email & password pair.

Given that so many websites (including Twitter, for one) allow users to use either their username or password, would it be fair to extrapolate a best practice of allowing such flexibility whenever possible?

17 Aug 2007 - 1:39pm
7 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

[spam] the newest interaction designer accessory...


this ponders the question, can I and how do I stick a baby seat in it?

21 Jan 2011 - 8:14pm
Josh Damon Williams

Congratulations to the winners of the Microsoft IxD11 passes!

At last! The winners of the @microsoft IxD11 conference pass give-away: Aurea de Souza, James R. L. Martin & Juan Rafael Lopez. Congratulations to you all, and see you in Boulder! 

More details about the contest:

Josh Damon Williams
Co-marketing chair for Interaction11

27 Sep 2010 - 3:14am
3 years ago
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Sachin Ghodke

Is there research on "text" metrics for Usability?


I have been posed with a different challenge –


29 Aug 2008 - 8:49am
6 years ago
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Chicago IxDA4

[Event] Chicago IxDA --Topic: Cultural Probes --Wed Sep 10th

Hello fellow Chicagoans,

Please join us on Wednesday, Sep 10th for our next Chicago IxDA gathering!

Polly Greathouse will be presenting a talk on remote research titled
Cultural Probes. Here is a summary below:

Remote research techniques to empower people to share what really matters,
just in time

When we need to understand real-time, deeply personal experiences observing
from a distance adds value to research. Businesses, design planners and
product designers hunger for revelations about what people really do and why
they do it.

13 Jun 2009 - 10:21am
5 years ago
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John Labriola

Design Training

Can anyone recommend a design company that provides training or
consultation for a company looking to improve their design team and

19 Mar 2007 - 1:15pm
7 years ago
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carl myhill

Need a pattern - Window models for multiple screens???

Hi All,

I'm working on something where our typical users are evolving. They seem to
be getting 2 screens and even saying that they'd really like 3 screens.
Screens are so cheap that I think that too may be a reality by the time we
release the product .

So, I need some ideas for window models that work well across multiple
screens, and yet still work on systems with just one screen.

I like the idea of tear-off panes but there are some issues with those.

17 Aug 2006 - 6:46pm
8 years ago
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Gabriel White

Browser throbbers are broken

Browser throbbers are broken. These spinning, swirling, pulsing
artifacts were a great way of indicating state back when a web page
wasn't loaded until it was loaded, and once it was loaded it didn't
need to load any more.

But the Web 2.0 blah blah has crept up on us, and I suddenly find
myself waiting for pages to load with no indication of state. I
interact with pages, wait for a response, but find myself without any
idea of whether the connection is actually working, or how long it
might take to finish the transaction.

4 Aug 2009 - 2:08pm

[EVENT] Agile UX Show & Tell at Pivotal Labs

If you're in the NYC area and interested in learning more about the
intersection between Agile and UX, join our next Agile Experience
Design Meetup, a Show & Tell event at Pivotal Labs in NYC.

We have 20 RSVPs available for this event. Details and RSVP at

Hope to see you there!