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27 Mar 2007 - 11:52am

Found a good Use Case tool

Hi Jeff,

For several years now, I have been using a product called Case Complete
(by Serlio)that you may want to look at...

Here's a link http://www.casecomplete.com/

Once I downloaded the demo, I was using the software in less than 5
minutes and haven't stopped since.

Case Complete allows you to create use cases, organize them into
packages, assign primary and secondary actors to each UC, and more.

7 Jul 2009 - 3:18pm

EVENT: PhillyCHI Symposium Welcome Happy Hour – World Cafe Live, Tuesday, July 14, 2009

* Apologies for cross-posting. *

To celebrate the second annual UPenn Higher Education Web Symposium,
PhillyCHI will be hosting a happy hour after the symposium's first day
on Tuesday, July 14. Philadelphia’s community of UX practitioners,
researchers, and students are invited to join the symposium’s speakers
and attendees for light appetizers, drinks, and conversation.

16 Nov 2004 - 3:28pm
10 years ago
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Frank Ramirez

web app or internet app (was: The End of Usability Culture?)

Is it a "web app" or "internet app"?

>From m-w.com:

Main Entry: In.ter.net
Pronunciation: 'in-t&r-"net
Function: noun
: an electronic communications network that connects computer networks
and organizational computer facilities around the world

Main Entry: World Wide Web
Function: noun
: a part of the Internet designed to allow easier navigation of the
network through the use of graphical user interfaces and hypertext links
between different addresses -- called also Web

According to MW, the difference would depend on the app's use of

2 Jul 2007 - 11:28pm
7 years ago
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Jeff Axup

notepads and creative tools

Hi all,

I've done a bit of brainstorming around a notepad information appliance.
Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on requirements, design, feasibility or
other concerns?

Re-thinking the Notepad

Jeff Axup, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant, Mobile Community Design Consulting, San Diego

Research: Mobile Group Research Methods, Social Networks, Group Usability

25 Sep 2010 - 11:00am
4 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Re: [IxDA] Essential IxD Articles and Essays

On Sep 24, 2010, at 5:49 PM, Robert Racadio wrote:

> Hey Dan - can't seem to find where the list is. Is there a link I'm missing? >

The new IxDA site must strip out URLs put in < >. Which is fairly dumb as that's how you prevent URLs from breaking when someone's email client wraps the text. At least, that's how I understand it.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the link w/o brackets:



9 Jul 2007 - 5:19am
7 years ago
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Suresh JV

Period/Duration display format


I need to display duration as a human readable column in a report. (apart
from DHMS format).
What would be a better format. Any suggestions... Right now I prefer the
second option.

Duration Since Login
1. 03 Days 03d00h08m50s
2. 04d 05:31:33 04d05h31m33s
3. - 00:06:33 00d00h06m33s
4. 00d 00h 06m 33s

Suresh JV.
Logic takes you from A to B.
Creativity takes you everywhere.

24 Mar 2008 - 3:43pm
7 years ago
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Lada Gorlenko

Scenarios and Task in usability testing

> I do not have a particular
> strategy to make scenarios, and scenarios and tasks are the same for me.

Typically, SCENARIOS are treated as end-to-end user activities that lead
to achieving a specific user goals and TASKS are individual actions
within these activities. For example:

Goal: Feed myself before going to work

Scenario: Make a breakfast
Task 1: Pour water into a kettle
Task 2: Put the kettle on
Task 3: Put cereal in a bowl
Task 4: Get milk from a fridge


3 Apr 2007 - 1:22am
Nancy Falkenburg
27 Oct 2009 - 10:43am
5 years ago
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frances botsford

Tools for Faceted Search

Does anyone know of good tools for enabling faceted search? I've seen


but it looks pretty old. I work for a university, so pricey
commercial solutions probably won't work for us.

Thanks for your help!

20 Jan 2007 - 4:51pm
8 years ago
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Dave VanEsselstyn

JOB: Information Architect, New York NY, Wireless Generation, Inc. Full - Time

Wireless Generation deals with the massive streams of information that guide
children's education. We launched just 6 years ago. Today we serve millions
of students -- more than 10% of all children in America between the ages of
5 and 8. We are booming because our vision for changing education is both
compelling and profoundly needed.

We're focused on replacing archaic paper systems and helping teachers and
schools use data to support instructional decisions.