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27 Jun 2007 - 5:29am
8 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Google Docs & Spreadsheet is updated

I was really surprised to wake up to a new interface for Google Docs &
They now have a "navigation bar" on the left that uses expand/collapse
navigation of different classification types (not exactly folders,
though that is the title of 1 classification type). On the right is a
list of your docs and spreadsheets.


4 Jan 2006 - 12:48am
10 years ago
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Luis Silva

FW: Computers in Things (was Re: Ecommerce web sitebook recommendations [signed]

Skot Nelson said:

>When these pieces of technology do their job seamlessly, they will
>cease to be thought of as computers.

This is funny, this reminds me of my grand-grand mother she used to say that
aircrafts were witchcraft, when I at that age (+-6) was already familiar
with planes...

Just a bracket (now I am going to be flamed really hard) It's my opinion
that on this forum and I presume this activity (IXD) people don't take the
terminology too much seriously, or in other words a lot a things mean the
same thing and sometimes those same things mean completely diff

17 Nov 2009 - 7:27pm

Update :: Location Change :: Silicon Valley IxDA Event :: Persuasion for Designers :: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at Yahoo!

Please join us at our Silicon Valley IxDA event tomorrow! Note the new
location at Yahoo! Kim Goodwin, author of Designing for the Digital
Age, will speak about Persuasion for Designers.

When: Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Socializing: 7:00-7:30 pm

Program: 7:30-9:30 pm

Where: Yahoo!
Room: Building C, Classroom 5
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Note—This is actually the room in which we usually hold our events at
Yahoo! It became available unexpectedly.

Persuasion for Designers
Kim Goodwin
There's a myth that great design is self-evident.

Jayson Elliot

Deconstructing the new Myspace demo

A video showing the coming redesign of Myspace has been making the rounds for the past day or so.

I decided to break it down screen-by-screen and see what was really going on in the new interface:


Ali Naqvi

Post Service offering services via mobile phones

Hello members,

a postal service company wants to offer their services via the mobile phone. 

Could you inform me of postal services that have an excellent user experience for their products on mobile phones? 




11 Oct 2010 - 7:59am
5 years ago
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Sheri Ouellette

Re: [IxDA] Auto Play: Need Research to Back Up Why It's Bad for User Experience

----- Original Message ----- From: ixdaor@host.ixda.org To: Sheri Ouellette Sent: Sat Sep 11 03:25:41 2010 Subject: Re: [IxDA] Auto Play: Need Research to Back Up Why It's Bad for User Experience

IMHO, I don't think "trying to teach people" is a best attitude. Whether a
design element work or not really depends on the context.

10 Jun 2011 - 2:31pm
4 years ago
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Karen Lindemann

Color and Usability / User Experience


I'm looking for a study or guidelines about how to use color to enhance the usability of a website or an application. For example: Is there a color for the call to action button which is the most recommendable? Is there anything regarding colors would should to avoid? What would you tell somebody who wants to know which influence has color for the usability of a website?

I would very much appreciate your input to these questions.

Thanks and best greetings, Karen

14 Jun 2008 - 3:01pm
7 years ago
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Elizabeth Bacon

Tablet PC & annotation system

Hi folks,

I can't for the life of me locate the details about a tablet PC (I
think!) that has an annotation system for taking notes & recording
audio at the same time...does that ring any bells? I searched the
Discuss archives to no avail. I mentioned it to a friend who needs to
find some technology to facilitate her field interviews but now it's
feeling more like a figment of my imagination.

24 Feb 2009 - 9:55am
5 years ago
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17 Mar 2007 - 7:41pm
Jackson Fox

RTP Event, Tue. March 20, "Windows Presentation Foundation & Windows Vista"

Windows Presentation Foundation & Windows Vista
The release of Windows Vista and Microsoft Presentation Foundation
(WPF) provides designers with a powerful set of new tools for
developing Windows user experiences.