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Microsites: Globally Connecting the User to Various Properties

I am designing a website, which links off to many microsites (e.g., product, promotional, etc.) that the client would like to keep intact. Many of these microsites can be assessed through contextual navigation on an appropriate page, but some warrant global access. Would it be appropriate to link these within extra site navigation? The only problem is that extra site navigation seems to work best when it links to other properties/companies (ex: sears.com, att.com, google.com) as opposed to product/promotional microsites.

10 Feb 2009 - 8:04pm
Elena Melendy

[Event] NYC UPA 2/17: User Experience and Analytics by Marko Hurst

The New York City Usability Professionals' Association invites you to

Designing Outcomes for Usability: The Future of User Experience &

a presentation by Marko Hurst, Director of User Experience at

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Networking: 6:00 pm, Presentation: 6:30 pm
JPMorgan Chase - Park Avenue

Please scroll down for event and registration details.

25 Jan 2010 - 7:39pm
4 years ago
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Cindy Lu

Web application design references?

I would like to compile a list of web application design references
including books, articles, blogs and podcasts. They need to be easily
accessible by anyone.

What are your frequently used references?

Thanks in advance!

- Cindy

27 Jan 2006 - 1:58pm
Ashley LaFrenais

February IxDA NYC Event: Marc Rettig Presents "Interaction Design is Language Design"

Don't miss this special IxDA NYC Monthly Gathering on February 14!
Come share your passion for interaction design!

Marc Rettig Presents “Interaction Design is Language Design”

In this seminar Marc Rettig will explore the idea that when people
use an interface, they are engaging in an act of language use.
Designing an interface, therefore, amounts to designing a new
language. Designers associate symbols with meanings. They create ways
for people to use symbols in sequence to express complicated
meanings. But what meanings? What symbols? What sequences?

13 Dec 2007 - 12:56pm
7 years ago
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Greg Petroff

Board Positions

As a current board member and our treasurer I want to encourage everyone
to consider joining the board, especially colleagues from outside the
US. Board membership is a great experience.

With the help of this growing community we are trying to build a home
for the development of the discipline and a place for each of us to
grow, network and learn.

9 Jun 2005 - 6:26am
Josh Seiden

JOB: UI Designer, El Segundo, CA; Rochester, NY; Xerox; FT

I'm posting this opening for a recruiter. Please DO
NOT reply to me. See contact info below.


Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX) is a $15.7 billion
technology and services enterprise that helps
businesses deploy smart document management strategies
and find better ways to work.

30 Mar 2007 - 8:09am
Jackson Fox

Announcing DCampSouth 2007

Triangle UPA (http://triupa.org) is excited to announce that planning
has begun for DCampSouth 2007, an unconference for anyone interested
in design and user experience.

When: May 2007
Where: Some in Research Triangle Park, NC

Learn more at the DCampSouth 2007 Wiki: http://dcampsouth.pbwiki.com

In May 2006 I had the good fortune to attend DCamp
(http://www.socialtext.net/dcamp/) at the SocialText headquarters in
Palo Alto, CA.

6 Mar 2007 - 6:29pm
8 years ago
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Cecily Walker

Affordances in interface design

Hi Everyone,

I have a question that I'll preface with statement. I work for a
company that builds accounting software for the desktop. Screens for
data entry (i.e., paying bills, creating invoices) were designed to
look like the paper forms they were based on, and have looked like
this since the Windows 3.1 version of the software.

Research has shown us that new users frequently find this design

20 Nov 2009 - 9:12am
5 years ago
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William Hudson

EXTREMELY interesting e-commerce site (sort of)

Apologies if you've already seen this, but if you have a minute spare
(or need cheering up) have a look at

(I have no interests in this site other than it is interesting<g>.)


William Hudson
Syntagm Ltd
Design for Usability
UK 01235-522859
World +44-1235-522859
US Toll Free 1-866-SYNTAGM
mailto:william.hudson at syntagm.co.uk

29 Nov 2004 - 9:01am
10 years ago
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Elizabeth Buie

RE: Ease-of-use: Efficiency vs Intuitiveness

Dan Saffer writes:

>As Lada pointed out, a
>system can be effective without being efficient.

And it *cannot* be efficient without being effective.

If you're doing the wrong thing, it doesn't matter how fast you're doing
it. You're not efficient.

Elizabeth, who maintains that the only intuitive interface is the nipple
Elizabeth Buie
Computer Sciences Corporation
Rockville, Maryland, USA

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