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16 Dec 2008 - 3:00pm
Dave Robertson

Agile & User Experience: What are the common denominators?


First - apologies to subscribers of SIGIA and IxD for cross-posting...

My name is Dave Robertson, and although you can't see him, this is my
partner, John (JJ) Johnston. We've been asked to deliver a presentation
for friends of ThoughtWorks Canada in January (to which all of you are
welcome to come, but more later). JJ is an agile guy who's interested in
user experience and I'm the user experience guy who's interested in Agile.

18 Mar 2009 - 10:25am
6 years ago
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James Haliburton

Examples of UI fading in and out over content?

I'm a bit curious about the emergence of a pattern in recent years.

In embedded Flash movie players it has become pretty common to see
player controls (play, ff, rw, etc.) fade out after some time of
inactivity or mouse out, and fade back in on action, mousein, etc.
We can also see this when you use a quicktime player in full screen

The benefits of creating a seamless way to shift focus are obvious.

I was wondering if anyone could add a few more examples of when a UI
changes opacity to shift focus from control to consume? Or for any
other reason? Other examples than web?


16 Sep 2009 - 1:41pm
6 years ago
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Jonathan Cohen

Google Fast Flip

"Fast Flip is a new reading experience that combines the best
elements of print and online articles. Like a print magazine, Fast
Flip lets you browse sequentially through bundles of recent news,
headlines and popular topics, as well as feeds from individual top

I like the addition of recommended and popularity filters, which I
hope spread to other Google products.

8 May 2012 - 7:34am
3 years ago
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Matt Nish-Lapidus

Email notification issues

Hi Everybody,

Over the last few days we have been experiencing email sending issues due to our SMTP server. I hope it will be resolved quickly, but until then there could be a long delay in receiving email notifications of new discussion posts.

Matt & IxDA

13 Apr 2007 - 7:31am
Dave Malouf

Value of Design FactFinder

I thought people who are always trying to put value to design on this
list would like this effort by the Design Council of the UK:


-- dave

David Malouf

8 May 2006 - 10:37am
9 years ago
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Simon Asselbergs

IxDa-er: 1st interview with Marketing..

Hi everybody,

I am now defining my function as an Interaction Designer of a medium sized (300+ employees) company. I have now my first conversation with Marketing. I think I want to hear how they are confronted with the need for an improved presentation and usability. I am curious to hear how the house style is developped to what it is now, what the design rationale is behind the current housestyle and where they think all products should go to (how much integration between products, how users should experience a software-suite etc).

12 Dec 2006 - 10:36am
Jay Morgan

pattern or feature inventory (as in content inventory)

I appreciate the responses so far.

Allow me to reframe this question: I am looking for a method to capture and
present interactive elements on a competitor's site.
I'm thinking of an interaction designer's version of the IA's content
inventory. I want to inventory interactive features, rather than content
and links. Any ideas?

For example, in a previous job I had TechSmith's Morae(R) which would allow
me to capture dynamic aspects of an interaction, or an entire experience. I
do not have Morae now.

13 Aug 2007 - 9:09pm
8 years ago
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Markus Grupp-TM

Top firms take on the impossible. Re-designing theBloomberg interface

Interesting makeovers... aesthetically, at least.

Functionally, however, I would expect it to be a different story.

It is difficult to tell who these designs are actually targetted at. The functionality displayed in these design concepts, and how they are visually executed, appear targeted at first-time or ocassional users of Bloomberg terminals, as well as individual investors (who would not be paying the $1800
per month subscription fee). For new or ocassional users, these interfaces would definitely seem more intuitive, less uncluttered and easier to learn.

21 May 2010 - 7:52am
5 years ago
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Jerome Covington

Sports Illustrated HTML5 Prototype

Who watched the Day One Keynote of Google I/O this past Wednesday? As a developer very committed to effective UX/IxDA I'd love to hear the community's response to the Sport Illustrated HTML5 prototype premiered there.




23 Jul 2007 - 11:28am
8 years ago
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Karen Graham

Outlook 2007 - Any problems with backwards compatibility?

I'm thinking of installing Office 2007.

I'm wondering if anyone has hit any backward compatibly issues either with
their own files or files from co-workers.

Did anyone upgrade and wish they had not?

Karen Graham


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karen at uidesign.com

kgrahamim (aol)