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12 Jul 2006 - 9:07am
8 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Eyetracking article on UXMatters

So, I know I said I don't find eye-tracking useful in my own work, but a
study like the recent one printed on UXMatters.com I found to be useful
and I'd be interested in other people's thoughts:


I asked the question about scaling the context. Does the gain achieved
by using a more vertical layout of a form degrade as a form scales below
the fold?

20 Apr 2008 - 7:44pm
Dan Zlotnikov

Form Validation Messages - How much is needed? [Off-topic:funny]

Matthew Loff wrote:
> *** naive developer: "the form already validated itself-- I should be able
> to trust its contents!"
> *** paranoid devleper: "what if they have javascript turned off, and their
> ZIP code happens to be 'DROP TABLE users' ... ?"

A webcomic to that effect:


13 Nov 2007 - 5:16pm

IxDA SF: In The Moment: UX research about life instead of just interfaces - Tomorrow Night!

In The Moment: UX research about life instead of just interfaces

IxDA SF returns with its third event in our design tools series. This
month we present Nate Bolt, CEO of Bolt | Peters, as he presents UX
research about life.

Not all UX research is about the interface. It’s about the habits,
moods, location, and motivations of the people using your interface.
Unfortunately, that junk is unpredictable and difficult to measure,
but can make or break the accuracy of your research.

11 Feb 2009 - 4:28am
Mike Padgett

Is using JavaScript to submit a form WCAG 2.0compliant?

Hi Marcus,

You're on the right track! What I think is happening here is that you're looking at that silly WCAG wording and thinking there's something else in there you haven't seen. It reads like a standard pre-nuptial agreement for Donald Trump, doesn't it?

The statement: "any information or functionality that is implemented in technologies that are not accessibility supported are also be available via technologies that are accessibility supported" means in practical terms that you cannot do anything in JS that you can't be done when JS is disabled or unavailable.

8 Mar 2008 - 7:25pm
Dave Malouf

Nice NY Times article on interface design changes

Hi Gang,

I thought people might be interested in this NY Times article on interface
design. It actually made the front page under technology.

-- dave

David Malouf

18 Sep 2006 - 7:05pm
8 years ago
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gretchen anderson

Interactive Newspaper Demo

For those who were asking about online newspapers here¹s a blog entry about
the demo I mention for the NYT. It¹s using WPF (Windows Presentation Format,
formerly Avalon, I think) to deliver a richer experience.

Only screen shots for the moment, but it says it¹s launching soon...

28 Oct 2005 - 10:05pm
Bernie Monette

Left Nav, Right Nav. What Nav, Should It Have? [signed]

> Subject: Re: [IxDA Discuss] Left Nav, Right Nav. What Nav, Should It Have?
> [Please voluntarily trim replies to include only relevant quoted material.]
> At 07:57 PM 10/27/2005, David Hatch wrote:
>> What do you think?
>> In terms of overall user experience, what side do you like for
>> navigation?

23 Mar 2008 - 6:50am
6 years ago
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Godin & Interaction Design

Every once in a while the great bald one posts to his blog about an
interaction design issue - this one is good and illustrates that there are
always places to improve the user experience:

The world's worst toaster
*http://tinyurl.com/2t9p4a* We recently acquired what might be the worst
toaster in the history of the world. It's pretty fancy and shiny and
microprocessor controlled. And it makes toast.

But here's what I have to do to use it:

1. Choose the number of slices, and bagel or bread.

29 Aug 2005 - 5:55pm
Lada Gorlenko

UPA'06 call for submissions


UPA'06 conference committee invites you to submit you narratives to
the next year's conference "Usability through storytelling".

As user experience professionals, we weave stories that have been
harvested from user communities. While using products we help to
develop, they tell us stories of frustrations and joyous discoveries.
Observing and analyzing users and their tasks creates stories that
will bring the user community alive in the minds of others.

Join us June 12-16, 2006, to tell your story in Broomfield, Colorado,
located just outside Boulder and Denver.

23 Oct 2007 - 12:40pm
6 years ago
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Chris Borokowski