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19 Feb 2009 - 12:16pm
Wunderlich, Judith

Event: How the Social Web and Mobile are shaking up e-commerce; March 18 in Chicago

How the Social Web and Mobile are Shaking up E-Commerce

What: Presentation, Discussion, Networking
When: Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 5:30 to 8:00pm
Where: AQUENT, 500 W.

6 Sep 2007 - 6:28pm
25 Jan 2005 - 7:50am
Peter Boersma

the big persona > site personas and the dialogueprocess

Ben Hunt wrote:
> I think it makes more sense to combine the motives behind the
> site/software into a single persona, for a few reasons:

To mangle an old quote:
"Don't anthropomorphise sites, they just hate that!"

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2 Jan 2008 - 4:54pm
7 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Interaction08 has over 315 attenees and at current rates will sell out soon.

Hey there gang,

Energy is buzzing about Interaction08 and our only real down side is that
all 6000 of you can't come to Savannah and be a part of it.
We have been really inspired by all that is going on with Interaction08 and
with just about a month before the conference, we are very excited that we
are well on our way to selling out way in advance of the conference itself.
Here are some of the energy makers going on:

* Our tremendous program of keynotes, invited speakers and lightning round
sessions: http://interaction08.ixda.org/program.p

20 Jul 2010 - 11:40am
5 years ago
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useful too for seeing mouse activity

Hi, maybe you guys already know about this, but we found this great tool. It's positioned as an "art" tool, but it's been great for us to quickly view mouse and click activity. It's free and available here: http://iographica.com/

[Actually, it IS nice art as well...]

We have no connection to this company - hope you like it.



31 Oct 2008 - 8:40am
6 years ago
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Vishal Subraman...

Omnigraffle question- Masters

How do folks handle Masters (elements that repeat) in Omnigraffle? I'm using
v5.02. Yes there are shared layers, but its not very useful because the xy
coordinates of shared layer are defined in the layer property as well. As a
result of that I can't have Master elements that appear in different
positions on the screen. I now create a new shared layer for each position
of the master- this works ok for smaller projects, but is very frustrating
for larger ones.
Wondering if anyone has come up with a better workaround?


28 Jul 2008 - 3:43am
7 years ago
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A new clustering search engine? Wall Street Journal article here: *

http://www.cuil.com/ launches today.

It was a little quirky this morning. Even though it comes from three
architects at google, how is it different?
"*Popularity is useful, but has dominated search results so heavily that it
gets harder and harder to find the page you want, especially if your search
is a complex one.

28 Sep 2009 - 4:02pm
5 years ago
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Amy Jones

Is there a good reason to require people to id their credit card?

Hi all,

Given that it's fairly easy to identify what kind of credit card someone
is using (Visa/MC/Discover/etc), is there a good reason to require
people to select the flavor they're using? I can imagine that people
might get confused if they're not asked, but I'm curious as to whether
there's any research for or against.

Amy Jones

3 May 2005 - 6:35am
10 years ago
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Petteri Hiisilä

"Military Mistake Caused Data Leak"

Shouldn't the US Army document management software have a _working_
black ink button instead of the disappearing black ink button?

I wonder how many millions of $$$ will be spent to prevent this kind of
"human error" in the future.

17 Jul 2007 - 4:56pm
8 years ago
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Daniel Chiu

UI Requirements for Mobile Devices

Hi all,

I am looking for some guidance on where to find some good UI Requirments
for Mobile Devices (PDA, phones, etc.). Specifically looking for
recommended font sizes (in pixels) on a 240 x 320 screen, minimum button
sizes, etc. I've found some stuff from ANSI and some military specs,
but a lot of that stuff is very outdated.