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22 Dec 2006 - 2:38pm
8 years ago
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Dan Saffer

One Final Controversy for 2006!

One last one before the end of the year:

Donna Mauer's OzCHI Keynote: User-Centered Design: Is it working?


Some quotes:

"We have to stop selling usability. It doesn’t have a value
proposition. Usability is a quality aspect of something – it is not a
process, an artefact, a deliverable or anything that anyone cares
about what you are going to give them.

23 Sep 2008 - 9:07am
6 years ago
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Scott Cobban

Adobe's CS multi-product highlighting

It's my first time starting a discussion thread. I hope I get this right.

I was visiting Adobe's website just now, checking out the newly released
Creative Suite 4 offerings. On hovered over one of the Creative Suite names
- http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite - displaying the full list of
packages and the applications that they included.

6 Sep 2006 - 6:37pm
Rob Tannen

Survey of Technologies for User Research

Following-up on an earlier post, here's a link to a BRIEF survey to collect input on what technologies are being utilized for user research. For the purposes of this survey, please respond only if you are a practicing professional (not primarily conducting academic research). Thank you.


This e-mail is intended solely for the above-mentioned recipient and it may contain confidential or privileged information.

19 Nov 2007 - 6:58pm
7 years ago
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Juan Ruiz

OK/Cancel [wrong heading - Jaiku ]


This has been a conversation that has been posted in the IxDA and SIGLIA
mailing lists many times, and it has come to this: "it depends".

6 Oct 2006 - 1:54am
8 years ago
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johan.dermaut a...

Question related to "IKEA-manual".

Hi All,

I was asked to create a user manual based on the "IKEA-manuals" (all
pictograms and drawings and NO text).

* Where do I start and who has any experience (good or bad) with
* Do you recommend this type of manual or not?
* Do you know any good web sites related to the subject?

Thanks in advance.


**** DISCLAIMER ****

5 Oct 2009 - 5:18am
Joel Flom

[EVENT] Next IxDA Brisbane event, 27 Oct 2009


What made the Sopranos finale one of the most-talked-about events in
television history? Why is sudoku so addictive and the iPhone so
irresistible? What do Jackson Pollock and Lance Armstrong have in common
with theoretical physicists and Buddhist monks?

This month IxDA Brisbane is teaming up with UX Book Club Brisbane (
http://uxbookclub.org/doku.php?id=brisbane) to host a friendly and no doubt
lively discussion around E.

25 Apr 2011 - 10:49pm
Pankaj Chawla

Usefulness of "Tip of the Day" window on application startup?


Just wondering if there is any research/findings on how effective are Tip Of The Day dialogs on application startup. They got popularised by MS long back but MS left it out later though I see lot of applications stiil having them.



PS: Its been a long time since I posted on ixda and its good to be back.

21 Jul 2008 - 7:07pm
MJ Broadbent

[EVENT REMINDER] NYC IxDA: Thursday, July 24 -- Luke Williams of frog design

- – - – - – - – -
RSVP to: nyc-rsvp (at) ixda (dot) org
- – - – - – - – -

Please join the NYC IxDA community for our July event:

“The Naked Interface—Liberating Brain, Body, and Digital Interactions”

Throughout the electronic age, people have become accustomed to
interacting with digital media indirectly, mediated through screens
and peripheral devices.

3 Nov 2008 - 6:18pm
6 years ago
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question for tablet pros -- where do you use it?

Other than, "On the computer".

Where do you use it relative to your keyboard -- which I'm (incorrectly)
assuming is directly in front of you. Do you hold it on your lap? Put
it where your mouse pad would go? Prop it on the keyboard?

I'm just getting around to learning to use an Intous3 6x9 with photoshop
and I have it where I'd normally have my mouse pad (I use the Intous
mouse as my regular mouse much of the time).

But it feels really awkward, as I normally draw with a sketchbook or pad
in my lap or on a drawing table.

23 Jan 2006 - 6:07pm
Nancy Falkenburg

Job:UI leader/ Manager -- Intuit, Mt.View, CA (Relocation benefit )

Job title: User Interface Leader/ Manager
Location: Mountain View, CA
Please reply to: nancy_falkenburg at intuit.com

Some reasons to consider Intuit:

.....you'll have the opportunity to work on products used by millions of
people (we have an enormous user base ) ....... think of how many lives your
designs will touch !

.....finally tell us ideas about a product you use every day

.....you've always wanted to make it easier for your mom to do her taxes ;-)

Intuit Inc.