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15 Oct 2007 - 9:15am
6 years ago
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Yang Zhenyi

Should a usability engineer have the knowledge about the professional area related to his products?

I'm working for a software company which provides ERP application. And i
have a question : Should a usability engineer have the knowledge about the
professional area( such as accounting, supply chain management,
manufacture and so on)?

My major is cognitive psychology. When i started my job 2 years before, i
got so frustrated that i even can't understand what users talking.
Because i don't know what exact task they would do with our application. My
education background don't contain those knowledge. Fortunately, I have
some colleagues who are expert in thoese areas.

28 Nov 2007 - 6:36pm
6 years ago
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Oleh Kovalchuke

persona is a tool to "feel the pain" of the activity

What is the goal of persona creation?

To a large extent it's a framing tool. Persona creation is a tool to "feel
the pain" of the activity, to empathize with the users. The research, which
goes into creation of personas does not contradict, and actually may
complement the activity centered design process.

Creation of personas are not necessary (or "useful"), when
*everyone*involved in the design already feels the pain of the
activity for which the
product is designed.

1 Sep 2011 - 9:50am

Interaction South America'11: Call for interactive art

Last days to submit your work.


INTERACTIVE ART Call for Papers for Art and Demos Interactive Exhibition

The Committee of Art and Demos Interactive Exhibition invites you to submit to this event, interactive and performative artwork.

Objectives The Art and Demos Interactive Exhibition makes room for works of art, conceptual projects and functional prototypes.

19 May 2006 - 6:47pm
uijobs at aim.com

JOB: Sr. UI Designer - Full Time at AOL in Mountain View, CA (USA)

The AOL Experience Design Team is looking for a Senior UI designer for our Mountain View, California Development office.
You will help drive the user interface design for our web based mail & calendar products including AOL and AIM Mail. You will create flow diagrams, wireframes, and detailed interaction specifications for use by Engineering and Quality Assurance.

5 Feb 2008 - 7:32am
April Abel

JOB:User Experience Architect, Orlando, FL; "Recruiter", Permanent Full-time

Veredus is working with an established company seeking a User Experience
Architect for the following PERMANENT opportunity:

Position Summary

The User Experience Architect designs and develops the user interface
layout, organization and hierarchy for complex Web sites and Web
applications within Information Technology.

Detailed Responsibilities

* Tasks include user needs analysis and user interface design.

* Analyzes highly complex business requirements and designs
for interfaces within the recommended timeframe, architecture, standards
and budget.

20 Dec 2006 - 2:05pm
bcopello at ari...

Job: Information Architect /NYC /Ariel Partners/ Fulltime/ or long term contract

Ariel Partners LLC; has an immediate opening in NYC for a Sr.
Information Architect. This can be a full time position with Ariel
Partners; but long term consulting will be equally considered.


The focus is designing for leading edge interactive *Ajax* web (thin
client, rich GUI or RIA), developing screens to help a large client and
its sub-agencies manage critical resources - The IA will work closely
with business analysts, clients, and the UI development team.

6 Jul 2009 - 4:19pm
4 years ago
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Niklas Mortensen

IxDA Local Oslo

Dear IxDA's

We have taken the first steps in starting a local group in Oslo,
Norway. We are aiming to have our first event this fall and would
like to hear from anyone interested in attending or contributing.

Initially we are aiming to arrange an informal gathering to meet
other members, talk shop, client horror-stories, and share
suggestions about activities and topics for future IxDA Oslo events.

We welcome all practitioners and look forward to this great
opportunity to get to know other Interaction Designers in Oslo.

Thanks in advance for all your support.


11 Aug 2009 - 12:09pm
4 years ago
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Meredith Noble

How To Host an IxDA Speed Mentorship Night!

IxDA Toronto recently had a very successful event centred around
creating a culture of mentorship in our local community. Since it went
so well, we thought we'd share our experiences with everyone else... so
you can host your own!

The event was based on the model of a speed dating night, except with
the goal of establishing mentoring relationships instead of romantic

The idea was for 15 potential mentees and 15 potential mentors to meet
at a pub, where we'd reserved a private room. We set up 15 small tables
around the outside of the room.

16 Oct 2008 - 11:03am
5 years ago
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Dave Cortright

Designing with Vision presentation

I posted my Designing with Vision presentation to SlideShare yesterday, and
they decided to feature it on the home page today. I thought you all might
find it interesting.

Thanks for checking it out! I'd love your feedback.


2 Feb 2008 - 7:45pm
6 years ago
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Charlie Kreitzberg

My View of Interaction Design

Hi Everyone:

I've been an interaction designer for 30 years. It has been an interesting
experience to read all the posts on this discussion list about IxD and its
definitions. Some of the positions people take are interesting and mind
expanding while there are others that I disagree with.

I was recently involved in a discussion regarding the definition of UCD.
While that discussion did not converge as well as I had hoped, it did
inspire me to put down some of my thoughts about interaction design. I am
not attempting to create the definition of IxD - just to set forth my