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Eric Manke

JOB: Lead Interaction Designer, San Francisco, Recruiter, Full Time

Title: Lead Interaction Designer
Location: San Francisco
Salary: 90's + bonus + stock options + outstanding vacation and benefits

An innovative, global financial institution is seeking a Lead
Interaction Designer with experience in Web applications, interaction
design, product development and usability. This is a unique opportunity
to join a small creative group with enormous influence in shaping one of
the most commonly used financial sites globally.

28 Mar 2006 - 10:13pm
Oleh Kovalchuke

"The Brain" and "MindManager" and Post-it notes

Mind mapping tools

I wonder if anyone used the low tech approach: mind mapping,
brainstorming and categorizing with Post-it notes. How does it compare
to the software?

On positive side Post-it notes seem to be more collaborative, to have
lower participation threshold by virtue of being low tech (similar to
paper prototypes) and because people get a chance to physically move
around, play with their hands while pasting notes on white board. Is
this correct assumption about ease of collaboration?

The setbacks I see: 1. No remote participation, 2. Archiving results
for reference and 3.

25 Apr 2008 - 3:49pm
8 years ago
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Meredith Noble

how to position a new "beta" feature -- examples?

I imagine this might be a tough one, but you IxDAers never fail me, so
here goes.

Can anyone think of any sites that are currently offering two versions
of a particular *feature*, classic and beta?

To be clear, I'm NOT looking for:
- brand new sites that are still in beta testing mode
- existing sites that have an entire beta replacement site to try out
(e.g. Gmail's Older Version / Newer Version)

Instead I'm looking for sites that have, say, two different searches
available - their old search, and a new search that they're testing.

9 Apr 2010 - 7:02am
6 years ago
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Matt Nish-Lapidus

list SPAM last night

Hi Everybody.

It looks like we somehow got a bout of spam in the discussions last night.  I've deleted it all and blocked the user, and I'm looking into how that could have happened so that we can fix whatever hole they used to get in.

Really sorry that happened, stay tuned for an update and a fix for this issue.


19 Jan 2011 - 6:35pm
5 years ago
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heidi newell

Best Small Business Platform?

I am looking to launch a boutique business website, which will initially offer sales for a single design product (hopefully more products will be offered in the future). Is Yahoo Small Business still considered the best platform for this kind of business? Does anyone have recommendations for how I seek out a great programmer, who can stick with me as a consultant as the business grows? 
Many thanks for your thoughts.


14 Dec 2004 - 6:23am
Narey, Kevin

Google Groups - When Interaction Design goes wro ng.

>This is a way we get pushed as designers and quite honestly if someone has
to ask you about a
>decision it actually means the decision itself is probably not
communicating what you want on its
>own accord. Isn't that what good design should do?

I've found myself (on my own work) using the "If you can't justify a design
decision with two clear reasons, then it *could* be superfluous" adage -
although I'm not dogmatic about it. I also try and use this 'rule' when
critiquing other's work.

15 Jan 2009 - 2:35pm
7 years ago
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Vishal Subraman...

Whats in a name, my fellow Usability Experience Specialists?


Needless to say I'm hesitant to bring this up, but 'Usability Experience
Specialist' made me cringe, not to mention they start out by saying that
'This profession has a hard time agreeing on a name for itself.

9 Sep 2009 - 5:45am
Itamar Medeiros

[EVENT] "A Fine Line: How Design Strategies Can Shape the Future of Businesses" Book Reading with Hartmut Esslinger, SEPTEMBER 26th, 2009/12:30PM - 2:30PM

Founder of global design and innovation firm frog design, Hartmut Esslinger,
will discuss his new book, "A Fine Line--How Design Strategies Can Shape the
Future of Businesses." Esslinger's hugely influential 40-year career and
portfolio includes revolutionary products like Apple's Mac computer,
Lufthansa's brand and fleet image, LV's brand aesthetic and much more.

1 Dec 2010 - 1:08am
5 years ago
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Best UI you ever used

Hi everyone,

today I happened to find a thread on UXExchange titled "The best UI you have ever used...?"

While the thread isn't as insightful as I hoped, I thought to throw that question at you guys. Guess we agree that this is mostly about sentiment and not quite measurable :-)

Since we want to maybe learn something, it would be nice to submit some rationale, too. And to further narrow it down, please stick to web-based UIs.


7 Aug 2006 - 9:16am
9 years ago
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Modeling the users


My collegue and I have used Cooper's Interaction Design method in order to
model our Intranet users. Our objective was only to model them.
Now, we are writing our report and some people ask us why we choose this
method and not another one. However, I did some search on Google and I
didn't find other methods that allow to model the users.
So, could you help us to find other methods? And why these methods are
different from Cooper's one?