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23 Nov 2011 - 7:13am
2 years ago
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Raelynn OLeary

Seeking speakers [designers, urban planners, architects] who are working in community design...

During the Interaction 12 Local Leaders workshop in Dublin we are going to explore how we can design richer interaction design communities in our localities. It is the aim of many local groups to be more than event planning organizations. We hope to foster community and dialogue outside of events and serve as hubs for knowledge around our discipline. As such, we are looking for urban planners, Design Council members or other designers applying design thinking and methodologies in their communities to speak to the group about their approach to communitybuilding.
23 May 2008 - 9:45am
6 years ago
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Alexander Baxevanis

Designing Visual Interfaces

Hi all,

many of you may have read or just come across the book "Designing
Visual Interfaces" by Mullet & Sano
(http://www.librarything.com/work/5737/book/29957655). I think it's a
very interesting book and many of the principles described in the book
still hold today. However, most of the examples are very outdated and
also the technology has moved on in some areas (e.g.

28 Jun 2010 - 3:11am
4 years ago
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Silvia Di Gianf...

Your inspirational ideas

Hello list,

I would like to ask you a question: if you would have today the chance to write a University Thesis about IxD, what would be the topic you would love to deepen?

Thanks in advance for your time,
I wish you all a wonderful day!

17 Aug 2009 - 7:53pm
4 years ago
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Richard Howard

Any interest in a Collaboration & Distributed Design Team topic for Interaction10?

My associate and I are planning to submit a proposal on ‘Collaboration
& Distributed Design Teams’ for the Interaction10 conference in
Savannah. We think we have enough material for a Presentation-style
of session, but we wonder if there is sufficient interest in a Group
Discussion-style session instead.

Do you work in a geographically dispersed design organization? Is
part of your team composed of external contractors? Are you
separated by more than just time zones and telephones? How do
language, culture, and technology affect our ability to collaborate?

4 Jan 2009 - 7:50pm
Dave Malouf

TriUPA's 2009 Professional Training workshop series (For North Carolinians, and others near NC)

[I'm really excited to be part of this series of speakers and
workshops that the fine folks at TriUPA (North Carolina Research
Triangle) were able to put together. If you are in the Triangle, I
hope I'll be able to get to see you there, then. -- dave]

= What's TriUPA?

12 Nov 2005 - 8:42am
8 years ago
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Ethics of using MS icons

Perhaps this is too off-topic, but let's see.

We all know that the icons for open (folder), save (diskette), and print are widely duplicated from either MS Office or Windows, in innumerable systems. Files such as C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll show typical Windows icons when you set the properties of a file and click Change Icon.

3 Feb 2006 - 9:59am
Dave Malouf

IPod ecosystem (NYTimes) - changes in all aspects of design

(registration/login required)

This NY Times article highlights the growing speed at which design and
implementation needs to occur in all aspects of product development,
especially when said product development is completely dependent on other
people's work.

The story is about iPod, but it could be about anything where someone is
taking advantage of someone else's success.

I think the mash-up phenomena needs to be cautious

12 Nov 2010 - 12:27pm
3 years ago
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Scott McDaniel

Kinect provides Minority Report-like interactions

Since we've often discussed the appearance and relevance of sci-fi movie interactions, and Minority Report gets brought up for various points: http://gizmodo.com/5688319/minority-report-courtesy-of-kinect

It's the future, everybody! Welcome to Costco, I love you!


-- ´Jesus and I agreed to see other people, but that don´t mean we still don´t talk time to time´

6 Nov 2011 - 3:53pm

Finding the right fit?


Perhaps slightly of topic and considering its my first ever post to ixda I apologies if it is.

4 Nov 2006 - 1:08pm
7 years ago
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Ted Booth

Create winning HW/SW designs (was Re: Bill Moggridge talk at Ideo tonight)

On Saturday, November 04, 2006, at 09:03AM, "Jared M. Spool" <jspool at uie.com> wrote:
>Can we get a good night's rest, snap out of this bickering about whose
>personal name tag has better foundations, and focus on how we get our
>entire community to know what they need to know to create winning designs?
>That's the question I'm most interested in.

Excellent point Jared!