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15 Jun 2004 - 10:09am
12 years ago
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an interface vocabulary

I'm developing a taxonomy with several vocabularies for a client. One
vocabulary is interface objects/GUI for web and software, so it crosses web
content, web application and client application terms. I was wondering if
folks would mind commenting. It's quite rough (and perhaps you might enjoy

I'd love:

new terms I don't yet have
comments on relationships (I.e. that's not a control, it's a X)
and anything else you have to say.

the notation is traditional LIS..

BT = Broader Term (I.e. parent)
NT = Narrower Term (I.e.

9 Nov 2006 - 5:55pm
Nancy Falkenburg

Job: Senior UI Designer, Central Technology Office, Mountain View (FTE)

This is a newly-opened position in our Central Technology Office (CTO):
Contact: nancy at falken.net or nancy_falkenburg at intuit.com



JOB LOCATION: Mountain View, CA

JOB TITLE: Senior UI Designer (61912)


5 Sep 2006 - 8:51am
Joy Zigo

NYC-UPA meeting Tues., 9/19, Designing for Diverse Audiences (+job posting)

(scroll down for job posting)

NYC Usability Professionals Association presents:

Designing for Diverse Audiences: Are We More Alike Than We Think?

Speaker: Whitney Quesenbery, principal consultant, Whitney Interactive

Sponsored by: Sachs Insights http://www.sachsinsights.com

Join us as Whitney Quesenbery, past president of the national UPA, presents
a case study of the design of a web site for The Open University that would
appeal to and be usable by more than one audience.

Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Registration: 6:00pm (refresh

9 Aug 2006 - 8:00pm

Fw: When to display grid in list view

In the previous post, the sentence should have read:

9 Jan 2008 - 3:02pm
8 years ago
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Arena Reed

Directory of People and Companies (Request for Design Inspiration)

I'm creating a basic (but beautiful and easy to use) web-based directory of
companies and contacts.

Any favorite designs that I might look at to see how other people have
elegantly presented this type of information?

A couple of my favorites:

Get Satisfaction's Company Directory
easy to search and see what's fresh...

8 Jul 2009 - 10:06am
7 years ago
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Mayur Karnik

Nokia Music Store

Has anyone checked out the Nokia Music Store?

I found it beautiful on first glance, in fact very beautiful! Simplicity
Comments / reviews?

Mayur Karnik

22 Aug 2007 - 12:12pm
8 years ago
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keyur sorathia

Agenda of next meet of IXDA in Mumbai (India)

Hi all,

After some discussion about the agenda of next meet of IXDA in Mumbai, we
decided some topic on which we can have a small workshop/discussion.

*Social Networking*
*Building Multilingual websites - Dos and Donts *
*Usability in India
World Usability Day*
*Latest trends*
*Methods of user centred design*
*Future of physical computing/tangible interaction in India.*
*Work of Usman Haque and Adam Somlai Fischer (the scope of their sort of
work in India)*

Some of us will be giving small presentation on these topics.
If anybody wants to give presentation of any other related topic

22 Jun 2007 - 5:24pm

Job Senior User Experience Designer For World's Leading Company with 500 Strong Usability and Design Community Seattle. Recruiter

Bestica Inc is helping World's leading company with their need of Sr User
Experience Designer. This person should have great experience with designing
Desktop Applications in a very technical environment. Experience with any
integration tool like Biztalk, Tibco, Websphere, Webmethods is a plus.
Position is based in Seattle. Please take a look at the job description and
send me your resume if this position is a good fit for you.

20 Oct 2008 - 8:37am
Janna DeVylder

[JOB] Jr & Sr Interaction Designers, Arc Worldwide Chicago

Arc Worldwide in Chicago is currently looking for talented junior- and
senior-level interaction designers for fulltime opportunities.

Our mission at Arc is to make Interactive marketing more relevant, more
compelling and more entertaining. We start with a belief that the Web is
just one arena for digital content. From interactive games to content
created specifically for mobile devices to personalized content delivered
via kiosks in stores, Arc continually pursues new forms of consumer
experiences around content.

7 Dec 2008 - 5:32pm
Ryan Lum

(JOB) Contract Mobile UX Designer, Bellevue, WA, Recruiter

6 Month Contract, ONSITE

This position gives you the chance to innovate and design new products and services for my mobile client in Bellevue, WA

It is critical for candidates to work well in teams.

Candidates must be able to understand the balance of user experience, business case, and time-to-market, and make trade-offs where appropriate.
Define the customer experience for existing and new product applications, and handset experiences, that establish and adhere to established conventions and standards.

Understand customer needs, as well as business and functional requirements.