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26 Feb 2007 - 12:51pm
7 years ago
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FW: reasons not to do usability retrospectively?

good analogy...but what if that card board happened to be spun from high
tech carbon fiber and the gun is a .22? then, there's a chance you might


On 2/26/07, Dante Murphy <dmurphy at mbcnet.com> wrote:
> I would illustrate this point by handing the client a thin piece of
> cardboard and telling them--
> "I'm testing this bulletproof shield.

14 Jul 2005 - 3:45pm
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: Job Posting Requirements

It seems that it is necessary to remind everyone of our Job Posting
requirements (before non-Admins start doing it for me).

The link to all our requirements is at http://listguide.ixdg.org/

I'm copying here the Job Posting guidelines below.

Thank you for posting jobs ...

20 Dec 2005 - 5:38pm
8 years ago
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Ockler, Sarah

Assumptions about users (blue collar=inexperienced?)

We posted an internal release about not creating paper user guides for
our Web sites, but creating better instructional content/cleaner process
on the actual site pages. Received this from an internal employee today
about a specific member group (we're a health insurance company) using
our member Web site:
"Their [automotive parts manufacturer] blue-collar work force may not
have home access to a PC and when at work, they rarely (if ever) use the

18 Aug 2006 - 12:17pm
Kyle Pero

Joint PHICHI & AIGA Meeting, 9/14, 6pm, the Visual vs. the Usable - How do they cross paths?

*Apologies to those that have received this announcement more than once**

What: Joint PHICHI and AIGA September Meeting: the Visual vs. the Usable -
How do they cross paths?

Thursday, September 14th
Refreshments & Networking: 6-6:30pm – Food and beverages will be provided.
Presentation: 6:30pm – 8ish

GSI Commerce Headquarters
935 First Avenue
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Directions: http://gsicommerce.com/contactus/directions.jsp

Registration: Free!

5 Jan 2008 - 4:58am

Dell (and Others) Trying to Catch Up with Apple's Style

Interesting read: - http://www.macrumors.com/2008/01/04/dell-and-

"At Dell, in 2001, some were even lobbying for the elimination of the
Design Director job as it was seen as "unnecessary". At the time,
Dell only employed 6 designers, but this number has been increasing
in recent years and is up to 90 as of today."

"Design is expected to take center stage at the Consumer Electronics
Show (CES) which kicks off this Sunday in Las Vegas, NV.

19 Mar 2007 - 1:15pm
7 years ago
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carl myhill

Need a pattern - Window models for multiple screens???

Hi All,

I'm working on something where our typical users are evolving. They seem to
be getting 2 screens and even saying that they'd really like 3 screens.
Screens are so cheap that I think that too may be a reality by the time we
release the product .

So, I need some ideas for window models that work well across multiple
screens, and yet still work on systems with just one screen.

I like the idea of tear-off panes but there are some issues with those.

18 Aug 2008 - 4:40pm
6 years ago
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Andrei Herasimchuk

Pandora to possibly shut down?



Andrei Herasimchuk

Principal, Involution Studios
innovating the digital world

e. andrei at involutionstudios.com
c. +1 408 306 6422

6 Nov 2006 - 5:25pm
Trevor G

Physical vs Digital Buttons

I completely agree with you Dan. As someone who has come to user
experience design for the web from an industrial design background, it
seems obvious to me that non-mechanical buttons lack the tactile feedback
which would instill confidence that an action has been completed.

That being said, I think that unless mechanical buttons are very well
implemented in terms of both tactile feel and auditory feedback, they
often feel "cheap". There are both good and bad implementations of
mechanical buttons.

22 Jul 2009 - 4:21pm
5 years ago
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Blogger Conor Friedersdorf disses persona use in car design

>From the New York Times:

And a blog reply from Andrew Sullivan's "Daily Dish" (but not written by him):

(Frankly, a fairly uninspired response: seize on what you think is a wacky thing and blow it way out of proportion, never mind th

24 Feb 2004 - 1:33pm
Todd Warfel

IA Summit Dinner on Saturday...

Okay, one last update... I forgot to include the date.

Since most of us will be at the conference before hand, we can meet in
the hotel lobby of the conference. We'll meet there at 7:10pm.
Otherwise, see you at Manuel's.

So far we have a group of 25 people.