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31 Oct 2005 - 6:43am
Dave Malouf

You can now make online donations to IxDA via PayPal (including major credit cards)

It took us a little bit longer than we wanted to, to make our online
donation process official, but now it is.

12 Nov 2004 - 9:16am
9 years ago
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Narey, Kevin

Workflow software

On the back of our recent postings on use-cases, as an accompaniment to
prototypes, I wondered if anyone uses visual workflow software to support
the communication of highly complex prototypes. Does anything out there
exist in this space? Perhaps it is not possible to produce such a piece of
software as it generalises a variable design opportunity?

Thoughts? Ideas?


gedas united kingdom limited
Registered in England no.

8 Apr 2009 - 2:11pm
5 years ago
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Site Review: BibleExperience.com

Hey everyone!

I recently worked on a site with for a client,
http://www.bibleexperience.com. We spent some time going back and forth. I¹d
built a much larger site, but we ended up in this mini-site experience,
which will be reworked into a larger experience over the summer, featuring
all 400 celebrities. The Bible Experience is a product of Zondervan, a bible
manufacturer. It is 400 African American celebrities speaking the Bible over
76 CDs.

8 Sep 2004 - 5:58am
10 years ago
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lopez_r6 at tsm.es

where and how to call an about us link

We're planning a corporate website. We did a card sort test
and people find and "about us" section

We wonder a couple of things

1. Where to place it. We think that´s logical on the left
of the logo

Company´s logo | About us | Corporate Products | Other customers |

Maybe it´s not related to products and logical taxonomy is not with left to
We did a benchmark study. A lot of companies: Amazon, Yahoo! ...don´t use
an about us section at all

2. The second question is if a good title.

14 Mar 2005 - 7:29am
9 years ago
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Chris Kelly


Hi All,

I have a question for all you IxD experts that could really help me. I have just qualified from a degree in HCI, and am aiming to start a job in Interaction Design. I have a good grounding in general usability, but would like to find out more about good, practical IxD that would help me prepare for a career in this field. I know a book alone isn't enough, and experience is the most vital thing, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Are there any good books people can recommend?

Is there an IxD bible?
Is there a good book that describes practical methodologies?

15 Jun 2005 - 2:41am
kalbach at scil...

EURO IA Conference - Call for Papers

European IA Summit - Building Communities
Tulip Inn, Brussels, Belgium
15-16 October 2005
Call for Papers

Scope of the Conference
The first European Information Architecture (IA) Summit's focus is
on building the IA community in Europe. The objective of the event
is to bring together a number of disciplines and practitioner
communities by providing a stimulating environment for debate and an
opportunity for establishing cooperation. This community is not just
limited to language or region, but all encompasses our
specialisations like designing for mobile devices, and multilingual

17 Nov 2009 - 8:27pm

Update :: Location Change :: Silicon Valley IxDA Event :: Persuasion for Designers :: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at Yahoo!

Please join us at our Silicon Valley IxDA event tomorrow! Note the new
location at Yahoo! Kim Goodwin, author of Designing for the Digital
Age, will speak about Persuasion for Designers.

When: Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Socializing: 7:00-7:30 pm

Program: 7:30-9:30 pm

Where: Yahoo!
Room: Building C, Classroom 5
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Note—This is actually the room in which we usually hold our events at
Yahoo! It became available unexpectedly.

Persuasion for Designers
Kim Goodwin
There's a myth that great design is self-evident.

23 Jun 2009 - 4:03pm
3 years ago
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Catherine Murphy

Bentley Program

Hi all --

Has anyone taken any of the UX classes at Bentley? Any feedback is appreciated.

thank you!

Catherine Murphy

13 Jun 2009 - 10:21am
5 years ago
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John Labriola

Design Training

Can anyone recommend a design company that provides training or
consultation for a company looking to improve their design team and

16 Feb 2009 - 5:45am
5 years ago
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Chris McLay

Long / Large forms


I'm looking for examples of very long forms, or forms for gathering
lots of data. Forms that have multiple questions (20+) for gathering
lots of long answers (150 words +).

I'm thinking these would be like Resume Builders, Grant
Applications, Business Plans...

Anyone seen or worked on something like this?



Chris McLay.