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3 Oct 2006 - 8:20pm
beth koloski

Results are in (polar bear book surveys)

Results of all five surveys conducted as input to the next edition of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (the polar bear book) are now available on the IA Institute web site.

Thanks to all of you who participated, and to the IA Institute for making results available on their site.

The survey topics were:
- IA Trends (93 responses)
- Suggestions for the Third Edition (14 responses)
- Software for IA (119 responses)
- Input from IA Educators (48 responses)
- IA Education: Practitioners’ Perspectives (327 responses)

For full results visit:

22 Aug 2005 - 2:58am
10 years ago
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Donna Maurer

IxD basic questions

Hi guys

I'm currently writing a one-day workshop on interaction design (to premier at OZCHI -

3 Mar 2006 - 9:35pm
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf

ADMIN: AOL is getting complaints about our list, so I must remove you.

I don't know who you are, or why there have been complaints about our list,
but I am being requested by my host to remove all aol.com e-mail addresses
from our lists. I will do that search and remove people this evening. Sorry
for the short notice, but this has to be done.

I'm sorry that someone felt it necessary to say that we were spam, but alas
that is the new world we live in.
Gmail is a great alternative for anyone who would like to keep receiving
these messages.

I do hope you figure out to stay apart of our community.

-- dave

David Heller

9 Dec 2010 - 5:35am
4 years ago
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ID-test regarding recruitment process

Hi gul and boys!

Im wondering how the design applications test look like?

Ususally when you are applying for jobs sometimes  after the interview is done; the second phase is about to do a design test right?  Now my question is:

How does it look like?

Does it happen that we need to sketch-visualize concepts-interactions? Sealed

11 Jan 2008 - 8:58am
Adrian Howard

Agile/UX conference info (was Prototyping with Adobe CS3)

On 10 Jan 2008, at 14:38, Michael Tuminello wrote:

> For me, I can't say that it does very much. That's part of the
> reason I'm headed down to interaction 08 - for the agile/uxd workshop.

On the subject of conferences...

The Agile 2008 Conference <www.agile2008.org> (Toronto, Aug 4-8) this
year has a User Experience stage.

8 Jun 2007 - 6:24pm
Tina Kim1

JOB; Interaction Designer; San Mateo, California; AGIS Network; Full-time

Job Summary:

We are an early stage, well funded company operating in the largest and
fastest growing segment in the health space. We are looking for a well
rounded interaction designer with innovative style, and creative
excellence. The candidate must be energetic, creative and resourceful,
organized and possess an exceptionally high capacity for work. The
candidate should have a demonstrable record of success as a designer in
an entrepreneurial culture.

16 Apr 2008 - 12:36pm
San Francisco IxDA

EVENT: Matt Jones on Playfulness in Design, Wednesday April 23, 6:30p at Odopod

Hello friends!

This month IxDA SF welcomes Matt Jones, co-founder and lead designer
at Dopplr, a service for frequent travelers. Matt will talk about 3
recent projects: (Nokia Play Research, Howies Instorematic,
Dopplr.com) and theme of “playfulness” that connects them.


This event is free and open to everyone!

Greg Burkett

Exposed: A Design Research Conference

Apologies for any cross posting:

IxDA Members who are ready to brave another conference will likely be
interested in a Design Research event we are holding here at Arizona
State University on March 6th and 7th. The info follows:

EXPOSED: A Design Research Exchange


Dates: March 6th-7th
Location: Tempe, Arizona

What mysteries lie beneath the surface of Design Research practice?
What catalyzing forces will shift future paradigms of Design

10 May 2011 - 11:27am
4 years ago
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Sub process within main process?

Does anyone know of any good examples of a progress bar that also shows sub-processes? So let's say it's a typical cart/checkout process (login > shipping > payment > ...), for each of those steps, for example... payment, there could be multiple steps within that (e.g. applying for credit). If anyone has some examples to show, please share.

Thank you!

13 Jan 2005 - 3:53pm
Juan Ramón Sánc...