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2 Nov 2006 - 2:15pm
Michelle DeChen...

JOB: UX Design Lead Puget Sound, Washington Recruiter, Full Time

:: UX Design Lead - Puget Sound, Washington ::

The UX Design Lead career opportunity is for an internal Design Center and will be responsible for leading a talented team of visual designers to deliver compelling art direction, comprehensive visual identity, and overall design thought-leadership in an area of strategic importance for a suite of online services. You and your team will be the primary interface between (1) the design organization, usability, and editorial leads, (2) product teams, and (3) marketing and branding teams (and their external agencies).

4 Jul 2011 - 1:21am
3 years ago
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Mobile usability testing

Hello All,

I have been asked to work on capability for mobile usability testing, being from Graphics area i have learned a lot about usability in this forum and use my learnings in my organisation, needless to say my employer is happy with my perfomance and the reward came with another responsibility.

I would highly appreciate if someone can put a light on below:

6 Nov 2007 - 9:14am
7 years ago
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Call for Proposals - CHI 2008 Workshop: Optimizing Agile UCD (date extended)

(Posted on behalf of Desirée Sy)
We have extended the date for acceptance of proposals for this workshop to
November 9, 2007.

Call for Proposals
CHI 2008 Workshop: Optimizing Agile UCD
Sat 5-April-2008, Florence, Italy

Submissions deadline: 9-Nov-07 Notification date: 28-Nov-07
Workshop website: http://agileucd.editme.com/

The goal of this workshop is to improve future Agile user‑centered design
(UCD) experiences for User Experience (UX) practitioners (such as
interaction designers, usability professionals, UI designers, et

6 May 2011 - 9:49am
Sam Ladner

Mobile research project: seeking participants and followers!

Hi folks,

Any of you designing for mobile right now and have no research to base it on? We're trying to fill that gap! Here's a brief intro to the project, based at Ryerson University in beautiful Toronto:

Introducing Mobile Work Life

I'm specifically talking to UXers for two reasons:

1. We need participants! Do you live in Ontario? Help us -- $100 incentive!

17 Aug 2004 - 8:58pm

Re: Reset Button Icon

RE: Reset Button Icon

If you're stuck in finding an icon do revisit the task flow and
the task goal, see if you can find alternate routes or solutions.

Also, consider an On-screen button.


22 Oct 2008 - 5:02am
6 years ago
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Designing Installer for the Mac


I'm currently designing a Visio flow regarding a MPKG installer for Macs, and am wondering how I can make the experience more visually compelling and clearer for the user.

When I look at how to install Firefox on a Mac (http://tinyurl.com/4lt6cy), particularly the third image (http://tinyurl.com/5vp6ll), it looks really cool, simple and straightforward: drag icon 1 onto icon 2, following the instructions on the background graphics.

My installer works differently: you insert the disc, double-icon the disc

8 Jan 2009 - 11:59am
6 years ago
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John Gibbard

Beautiful Concept Modelling/Visualisation

http://vimeo.com/2696386 uses iconography and monochromatic design elements
to explain the history of the web. Beautiful work which is inspiring for
Ix/Ux documentation.


25 Jan 2013 - 3:27pm
Jonathan Warner

Last Minute Discount: Interaction '13 ticket $750

Hey all:

Really trying to get rid of my ticket now. If you're able to make Interaction '13 in Toronto, starting in a few days, and don't have a ticket, here's your chance. The full registration is $950, but I'm offering it for $750. All offers accepted. 




24 Aug 2008 - 6:05pm
Dave Malouf

1 week left to submit a lightning round proposal for Interaction09


The above URL will take you to the submission form to propose a
lightning round-25 min-presentation to be given at Interaction09 |
Vancouver (Feb 5-8, 2009) hosted by Simon Fraser University (SFU).

We'd love to hear from any one of you, your thoughts regarding any
aspect of interaction design.

For more information about the conference you can also go to http://ixda.org/.

The deadline for submissions is Midnight

21 Feb 2005 - 10:52am
10 years ago
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Narey, Kevin

Estimating for iterative design

I currently give time/cost estimates for iterative design based on a minimum
of two iterations of a prototype and then demonstrations to the project team
and customer. Historically I've found that this has been a problem in more
than one project area, as two iterations is usually not enough to get the
product design licked, due to unforeseen technical complexity. Costs
inevitably become an irreconcilable issue.