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2 May 2006 - 3:49pm
8 years ago
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Javier Cabrera

Presentation and Web Application "Alpha" invitation


I'm Javier Cabrera, owner and web designer of Emaginacion, a small
agency located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I'm reading this list for a while, but you guys reply so fast that
some times I don't get enough time to answer someone's question! ;)

I'm about to launch the Alpha of a new Web App me and some of the
folks on Emaginacion are working on.

16 Mar 2009 - 8:50am
Boston IxDA

[EVENT] Reminder: Boston IxDA: Amy Cueva - Using Comics in the Design Process. This Thursday evening @ Autodesk.

Hey folks, hope you're coming this Thursday evening to hone your skills and
attend this fantastic workshop!

Many of the challenges we face as designers relate not to the quality of our
work, but the communication of our ideas. Boston IxDA is thrilled to host *Amy
Cueva,* Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Mad*Pow, who will be
conducting a “how to” session on getting started with comics from a
strategy, process and tools perspective.

This event is open to all.

14 Jun 2007 - 6:20pm
Dave Malouf

ACM DIS08 cfp

Hi everyone, I thought folks might be interested in this.


-- dave

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Dear Sirs,


13 Feb 2009 - 9:58pm
21 Nov 2003 - 10:46am
Robert Reimann

IxD & ID (was RE: Patriarchs of the Design Famil y)

Beth Mazur wrote:

> Is it that industrial designers focus on form over function? Or is it
> that in their world, the complexity of the associated human behaviors
> is far more simple. Or if it isn't simple, say like for an automobile,
> there are established conventions and/or patterns that designers use
> rather than spending lots of time on designing for them.

These are very good points.

10 May 2010 - 5:45pm
Jay Rogers

[JOB] Sr. Interaction/UX Designer - come to Sydney, Australia!

We're very specifically looking for an interaction designer with document design experience, someone who's worked on collaboration tools, and someone who's ready to lead the UX effort and build a team for a major collaboration product.

Check us out, and please apply at this link:


27 Jan 2010 - 4:26pm
4 years ago
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Could use some eyes on this chart

I've been working on this chart for awhile that has to do with my
comic. It supposed to explain some large events that happened in the
story via time travel. I could really use some more sets of eyes on
this thing, because it's driving me crazy!

It's also an exercise in information design for me, so it's not
just for fun. It's my first real attempt at info design in fact.

Anyway, I'd like to see if people can make heads or tails of it
without any explanation from me. I would love any comments, pro or

10 Feb 2006 - 4:53am
8 years ago
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Lada Gorlenko

iSIC: information through music

I found this very intriguing:

iSIC is short for information music. It is a unique research project
which explores the use of musical rules as a way to convey
information. iSIC is a monitoring system, sort of a baby sitter for
big complex systems. The complex system could be a large network, a
server farm or a nuclear facility. iSIC lets operators mind the
activities of systems through precisely mapped sounds which play
pleasantly in the background. To achieve this the sounds are expressed
as a musical paradigm.

6 Dec 2010 - 11:47am
3 years ago
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Any UX Community in Milwaukee Area

Hi all,

I recently moved to Milwaukee. I would love to network with local UX people and contribute to the community. Is there an IxDA or UPA Milwaukee chapter? Where do I find events and activities information? 

24 Oct 2006 - 10:27am
Gabriel White

UX Search with Google Co-op

I've created a "UX Search" using Google Co-op.

Find it here: http://gabrielwhite.com/uxsearch/ (yes, the HTML is ugly)

On first glance, it looks like it could be very useful: it's very nice
to be able to do a search using a very generic term (e.g. "roi") and
get UX specific results from a wide range of sites.