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6 Sep 2006 - 9:54pm
Gabriel White

Design games

I've been running design games with my team over the last few months,
and wanted to share my experiences and find out what other things
people are doing.

The objectives of the games have been:

- Help better understand design process
- Improve design criticism skills
- Get better at designing under pressure
- Get better at designing collaboratively
- Mode switch - focus on something that's not related to our daily work
- Have fun!

The games are structured around a 20/20 rule - 20 minutes working in
pairs, then 20 minutes together as a group (six people total plus me).

The structure is a van

18 Jan 2006 - 5:30pm
Beau Gould

JOB: UI Design Architect, NY, NY

JOB: UI Design Architect, NY, NY

A fresh start, a clean slate, and an opportunity to make a significant impact on a new web application - all while working with a team that will hang on your every word.

22 Jan 2014 - 3:02pm
Jonathan Barker

Where Does Someone New to the UX/UI Industry Learn?

Hello IXDA Forums I am a recent graduate of Illustration at Sheridan College in Ontario Canada. I am interested in the field of user experience and user interface design. It seems to combine art and technology really well. I am not sure where to begin my journey though. Where does one learn the software, theory and get the experience necessary to start a career? Specifically in Ontario, but Distance Education could work as well. Thanks everyone! Jonathan Barker
16 Apr 2007 - 4:58pm

INTERNSHIP: for me...

Hello fellow interaction Designers,

I have read this list for some time now, and I thought it to be the
perfect place to ask this question.

I am a interaction Design student at the Utrecht School of the Arts in
The Netherlands and
I am looking for an interaction Design internship.

6 Sep 2011 - 3:08pm
4 years ago
4 replies

Pixel Perfect ppi

Fellow Designers,

What is the best way to design icons for multiple devices? Different devices (Andriod, Windows Phone 7) have different screen specs - each phone has a different pixel-per-inch resolution.

By what method would one ensure that icons look crisp across devices with different ppi?


9 Apr 2005 - 11:44am
Caryn Josephson

UPA 2005 Conference June 27-July 1 in Montreal

The 2005 UPA Annual Conference - BridgingCultures will be held at the
Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, Canada from June 27 - July 1,

UPA 2005 will begin with a Plenary address from Farès Chmait entitled,
Building Bridges and Reducing Misconceptions and will end with a Plenary
address from Aaron Marcus entitled, Cross-Cultural User-Experience
Design. Between these two addresses, UPA 2005 will offer 32 Tutorials &
Workshops, 48 Presentations, 8 Invited Speakers, Idea Markets, a French
Track and much more.

26 Jan 2009 - 5:46pm
7 years ago
2 replies
Jason Berumen

JOB: Lead Experience Architect - Design, Denver, CO, Full-time Employment

Lead Experience Architect

We are looking for a senior level Lead Experience Architect with strong
interests and capabilities in the rapid development of Rich Internet
Applications. The ideal candidate will thrive in a work environment that
requires strong problem solving skills and independent self-direction,
coupled with an aptitude for team collaboration and open communication. The
candidate will also have extensive experience in a fast-paced and innovative
development environment.

3 Oct 2008 - 8:31pm
7 years ago
1 reply
Teresa Lee

Design / IA opportunities in Asia

I am wondering what the job market is like in Southeast Asia, especially Taiwan, Shanghai, and HK, in terms of interactive design and/or new media. And if there are particular types of positions or skillset that they are willing to recruit overseas for? Thanks!Teresa

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2 Oct 2010 - 1:26am
5 years ago
1 reply
heidi newell

Who Are the Consultancies for Design Project Managers in the Bay Area?

I recently moved to San Francisco from New York with 10 years of experience in project management for interaction / industrial design, and have a Master of Industrial Design from Pratt. I am looking for more experience in design consultancies or client-based design businesses in the Bay Area, but do not really have the lay of the land out here yet. If anyone has suggestions beyond Frog, Smart and IDEO, I would be enormously grateful.
Thanks for all of your recent posts as well.

14 May 2007 - 10:53pm
Peter Merholz

Reminder: Scott Berkun, Wednesday May 16, San Francisco

Please RSVP (by selecting "attending" or "watching"):

Wednesday, May 16
Adaptive Path offices
363 Brannan Street
Doors open at 6p; Presentation at 7pm

From the description:
Much of what we know about innovation history is wrong. That's the
bet this talk takes, as it romps through the history of innovation,
dispelling the mythologies we've constructed about how we got here.