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28 Jul 2010 - 12:23am
4 years ago
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RE: [IxDA] Annotations template (or UI components) for PowerPoint

Thanks Paul. Great help since I am an avid powerpoint wireframer.



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12 Jun 2009 - 11:31am
5 years ago
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Stew Dean

Simple and effective navigation for retail?

I thought I'd call upon the experience of the wide audience for this one.

I'm looking for views and examples of what people consider good solid retail
experiences for sites that sell a range of products.

30 Sep 2010 - 4:24pm
Helen Killingbeck

Re: [IxDA] PEGA Limitations

I fully agree ::-)

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minimalist wrote:

>Know this is an older thread but will add my thoughts for the record as i was
>looking for more opinions. > >Completely agree with yoni and mahua. > >Pega is useful if your organization is willing to accept very subpar
>usability and user experience, and are willing to take on all the negatives
>of dealing with everything as a training issue. > >Trying to solve simple problems is hard, and trying to solve challenging
>problems is nearly impossible since the level of customization required would

11 Mar 2009 - 3:30pm
5 years ago
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Amy Silvers

Lightbox modal dialog boxes, your feeling about them?

My sense is that as long as it isn't overused, the lightbox dialog
works well for providing essential information and/or interaction
without taking a user out of their primary flow. There are some good
examples in Designing Web Interfaces by Bill Scott and Theresa Neil,
and I've seen additional examples in the wild recently. I think it's a
familiar enough pattern that users understand it right away and know
how to interact with it, though I haven't yet tested it myself.

I'm designing a process at the moment that uses a lightbox dialog at a
critical point in the sign-in/registration process.

12 Mar 2007 - 9:46pm
7 years ago
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iPhone Pinch Interaction - useful?

Dear All,

When the pinch interaction was demo-ed with iPhone, I had a pretty
positive response, but as I thought more about it and discussed with a
few colleagues around, I am not sure if that kind of interaction would
be very useful in a small device, or any other device where only one
hand is used.

I see interactions like sliders, scrollbars, light switches, joysticks
etc.. where people control the "degree" of something.. These are what
people are used to, where one end is fixed and other can be dragged to
control the value.

14 Jul 2005 - 3:45pm
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: Job Posting Requirements

It seems that it is necessary to remind everyone of our Job Posting
requirements (before non-Admins start doing it for me).

The link to all our requirements is at http://listguide.ixdg.org/

I'm copying here the Job Posting guidelines below.

Thank you for posting jobs ...

23 Jun 2004 - 3:04pm
Christian Simon

[Discuss] tree structure

> on 6/23/04 12:01, wrote:
> okay. i will get a bit more concrete. in the cms im working on i'm going
> to have a list of pages. its possible that pages have subpages, which
> again have subpages and so on.

>From a programming standpoint, I would be inclined to agree with others here
who feel that the best solution is the simplest, a list with tabbed
sub-categories and checkboxes.

4 Aug 2008 - 1:33pm
Erin St. Pierre

UX Designer (Software) - Redmond, WA - Erin St. Pierre (RECRUITER) - Full time - Contract, 6months

UX DESIGNER - Software

We are looking for a strong application UX designer for an internal
software application. Are you ready to challenge yourself and take your
design to the next level? Some designers think that software UI is
boring and dry, but those are just the ones who don't understand the
true meaning of pushing the limits. Creating an aesthetically pleasing,
yet functional and smart UI is the hardest, but most rewarding

24 Nov 2005 - 1:29pm

First IxDA F2F in Stockholm

We had our first face to face meet in Stockholm on the 17th and it
turned out to be quite successful. About 20 people turned up and we
had a great exchange of ideas and experiences.

The place (http://ag925.se) was just right for the event with a nice
atmosphere so we'll continue to go there.

1 Jul 2010 - 7:22pm
4 years ago
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Jared M. Spool

[PLUG] We're Breaking Up The Band - Last Stop on the UIE Web App Masters Tour

[Sorry for any duplication in your inbox.]


We're breaking up the band.

With one stop to go, attendees are telling us the UIE Web App Masters Tour is one of our best events ever. Hundreds of web application designers have found inspiration from our world-class experts. Fortunately, there's one more stop on the tour and you can be there too.