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30 Apr 2004 - 4:34pm
Dave Malouf

Visual aspects of interaction design -combative, dismissive, and hostile

Ok, I'll bit.
In the rsparch vs. hga competition. ;)
I didn't like RSParch either as a site or visually. I felt very silly trying
to figure out how to use it.
The HGA site however I liked much better. I think it had one major flaw
though in that some of the transitions felt unnecessarily slow, though I did
like what they led to. The basic structure was good and I never really felt
all that lost. OH! And it was clean and beautful. I doubt this was done by
an inhouse team.
-- dave

19 Apr 2006 - 1:12pm

HCI courses in NYC?


I want to recommend to a friend of mine to take some HCI courses that
focuses on the basic principles of interface design, guidelines, heuristics
etc. Not one that is about methods or usability testing, but one that helps
her familiarize herself with design guidelines.

15 Aug 2007 - 7:05pm
8 years ago
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Shaun Bergmann

Building an iPod remote, navigation limitations

I've got the rather enjoyable task of designing a new interface for remote
control of the iPod.

The hand held remote has the capability for 2 way communication, a full
colour 240 x 320 LCD touchscreen, and the typical up/down/left/right/enter
navigation pad found on just about every remote.

The ability presented to us from the communication protocol gives us the
exact same level of control as one is used to with their actual iPod, so I
originally planned to emulate the exact same functionality the user is used
to, but the hardware of this remote doesn't have a scroll wheel.
The user is there

29 Jan 2008 - 1:53am
Chicago IxDA4

[Event] Chicago IxDA - Feb. 13th - Recap of Interaction08

Hello fellow Chicagoans,

Even though IxDA's Interaction08 conference has yet to occur, we here in
Chicago are certain there will be much to bring home and discuss. Please
join us on Wednesday, February 13th as we bring the topics back to life.
Your participation is integral to this!

Many thanks to our good friends at Roundarch for graciously opening their
doors for February's meeting.

February 13th
350 North LaSalle Street, 12th floor (Kinzie and LaSalle Street)
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Please RSVP to this email by Monday, February 11th.

26 Jun 2008 - 3:36pm
7 years ago
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Tori Breitling

registration download flow

I'm working on a product (toolbar) for a client that requires a download.
Has anyone done any research or have anecdotal evidence regarding
registration and download order? Are folks more likely to download if they
register (one short form) first, or more likely to register if they download

- Tori

13 Jun 2008 - 12:06pm
visual hokie

Relationship of Number of Form Fields to Completion Rate

Does anyone have (or can point me to) any data, research, or articles that
demonstrate the relationship between number of form fields and completion


2 Jul 2004 - 9:15am
Larry Tesler

Menu bar on Macintoshes

Apple's menu bar first appeared on the Lisa.

The mechanics of the Lisa menu bar are described, without design
justification, in an Apple internal memo by Bill Atkinson dated
September 20, 1980. Visit
http://www.applefritter.com/lisa/texts.html. Find "Lisa User
Interface Standards Document". Download the PDF (27 pages, 2.6 MB).

6 Feb 2010 - 4:11pm

Drop By at Bestica's Booth at ixd10 to win Morae Software, HP Digital Camera and Strength Finder Book. ( Lots of Exciting UX Openings Too)

If you guys are at ixd10 please drop by at Bestica's booth to win Morae
Software, HP Digital Camera and Strength Finder Book. There are also a lot
of UX openings.
Harvinder Singh

28 Jan 2009 - 2:12pm
6 years ago
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Web Directions North - and other web conferences

This looks like a really great conference in Denver on Feb 2.


I hope to go!

Are there any other good webby or general IxD get togethers in the area?

Mike Caskey

Jared Spool wrote:
> On Jan 27, 2009, at 11:22 PM, Jim Leftwich wrote:
>> I'm in extremely strong disagreement with Jarod in a number of things
>> he states.
> I'm assuming you're talking about me (JarEd).

24 Feb 2004 - 1:33pm
Todd Warfel

IA Summit Dinner on Saturday...

Okay, one last update... I forgot to include the date.

Since most of us will be at the conference before hand, we can meet in
the hotel lobby of the conference. We'll meet there at 7:10pm.
Otherwise, see you at Manuel's.

So far we have a group of 25 people.