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29 Jan 2008 - 5:33am
7 years ago
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Jostein Magnussen

Bad Usability Calendar 2008


A new edition of the (in)famous Norwegian Bad Usability Calendar is
here. Check out the fresh examples of exaggerated use fancy of Web 2.0
design, cover flow, personalization, pull-down menus and more..

Download PDF here: www.badusability.com

20 000 downloads so far. This year you can also upload a picture of the
calendar hanging in your office or over your bed.

Anyone want to translate it? So far we have English, French, Norwegian,
Swedish, Danish, Portugese and Chinese on the way.

29 Feb 2008 - 6:14pm
Chad Jennings

[Job] Senior Designer at Blurb

Senior Designer - Interface & Web
Do you love books and fiend over pixels? Looking to team up with a
tight-knit crew of designers, engineers and product gurus to lead the
design of our website and collaborate to conceptualize and build
brilliant solutions for Web 2.0 applications?
Check out Blurb (www.blurb.com).

Blurb is a company and a community passionate about books – reading,
making, sharing, and selling them. Blurb’s creative publishing service
is simple and smart enough to make anyone a bookmaker.

26 Apr 2012 - 6:23pm
2 years ago
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Project Management Tools for Design

Hey Everyone,

I'd love to get some feedback on tools for staying organized during the design phase of BIG projects.

27 Aug 2008 - 5:31pm
david grubman

Seeking Recommendation for Silicon Valley usability test lab

Can anyone recommend a usability test lab in the Silicon Valley area that
has good facilities and reliable recruiting?


- david

david grubman
david.grubman at gmail.com

9 Jun 2010 - 12:49am
24 Jun 2010 - 4:51pm
4 years ago
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Moses Wolfenstein

Re: [IxDA] RE: [IxDA] ATM interaction design

First off I just wanted to mention it's nice to have the excuse to talk about ATMs in terms of usability. Like the microwave discussion, this sort of thing makes me really happy I joined this listserv.

5 Feb 2009 - 9:43am
6 years ago
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Virtual Smart Agents increase conversions?

This came up this morning while chatting with a content manager friend
of mine. She's installing one of those "virtual smart agent"
things on her customer's web site.

It's one of those little in-page chat windows that pops up and asks
if you'd like to talk to an agent and get help.

She says they "increase conversions 10%".

I think they're one of the more annoying, and misused bits of fluff
to appear in the past few years.

8 Dec 2009 - 8:04am
5 years ago
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IxDA Board of D...

Reviewing nominations for the 2010-2012 IxDA Board of Directors

I'm happy to let the community know that 20 people (which includes 2 current
board members) have put their names forth for consideration for the IxDA
Board of Directors.

IxDA relies on the leadership that emerges from the community, so we are
very thankful for this show of support.

Next steps:

We plan on notifying the nominees of the Board's decision no later than
December 18th, 2009. After acceptance of the position, we will then
announce the 2010-2012 Board to the community.

10 Feb 2008 - 3:34pm
Karen Pascoe

JOB: FT, New York City, Instructional Design Manager, JPMorgan Chase

Instructional Design Manager
Full-time, New York City
JPMorgan Chase – Worldwide Securities Services, Client Access

The global deployment team is growing as we continue to deliver a
broad range of improvements to customer facing technology projects for
the securities servicing division of JPMorgan Chase.

We have managed extensive improvements in the user experience of
client facing technology.

14 Sep 2007 - 12:47pm
7 years ago
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Jack L. Moffett

IxD definition WAS Interaction Design forESLTextbooks?

On Sep 14, 2007, at 1:13 PM, Jeff White wrote:

> That is way different than saying that every possible human
> interaction is the province of interaction designers.

Perhaps this statement encapsulates our disagreement. Just because I
believe that an Interaction Designer can be of value in most cases of
human interaction, doesn't mean that I think I am king of that