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4 Oct 2008 - 11:42pm
Joy Zigo

Event:10/28 NYC UPA - Will Website Usability Decide the 2008 Presidential Election?

NYC Usability Professionals Association presents:

*Usability Research on Undecided Voters:
Will Website Usability Decide the 2008 Presidential Election?*

In an age of media overload, how do undecided voters make up their minds in
the upcoming election? Do Web savvy Americans turn to the Web for answers
and if so, how much influence do the candidates' Websites have? Could the
usability of the Obama & McCain sites have a significant impact on the way
people perceive each candidate?

22 Nov 2006 - 11:45am
8 years ago
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Lorne Trudeau

Game patterns in mundane applications

I'm a big fan of pattern libraries. In particular, I really enjoy taking
patterns that appear primarily in gaming environments and applying them
through my work (web application development). Things such as:

- Keeping Score

- Customization/Personalization

- Progress Indication

- Item Collection

- Random Discovery

Does anyone out there have any thoughts or interesting stories/examples
of applying game theory to traditionally more "mundane" contexts?

24 Feb 2012 - 4:28am
Hitoshi Enjoji

Several Services' Account Unification

I would like to know whether there are good practices to unify several services' account.

6 Feb 2004 - 11:20am
Dave Malouf

ANNOUNCE: NYC Face 2 Face for IxDers

Hi folks,

If you live in New York City and are interested, please come to a face
to face meeting for Interaction Designers.

When: Feb. 10th @ 6:30p (duration: ~ 2hrs)
Where: BAR JAMÓN (212) 253-2773; 125 East 17th Street (near Irving Place)
Socialize, network, eat, drink, be merry

Face to face with people who are on the workgroup and steering
committee sponsoring this e-mail list
and working towards the creation of a group for the discipline of
interaction design.

16 Mar 2012 - 4:34am
2 years ago
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Prashant Dixit

How to Gather Emotional Response of Users

I'm currently involved in a research project in which I attempt to capture the 'wow', the 'good', the 'bad' and the 'ugly' moments of users' emotional response to application interfaces. I have been brainstorming around the possible ways of reaching out to our users who are mostly dispersed across the globe. The commonalities in terms of user persona, day to day tasks that are carried out using software applications, depends upon the context of use.

27 Apr 2011 - 3:58pm
3 years ago
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Tools for organizing Faceted Navigation ideas

I am running cardsorts, brainstorming, researching, using post it notes etc etc in order to develop a better IA schema on an internal knowledge base app. Any recommendations on tools that allow you to take those ahah moments or "maybe this will work" ideas and get them down on something better than scrawled notes and whiteboards.

29 Sep 2009 - 10:12pm
5 years ago
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sreeramen ramaswamy

recommendation for good websites-about discount sales and offers

hello folks,

Please let me know if you guys have come across or designed a website
that provides information on discounted sales and offers in USA and
Europe. Would like to use them for a comparative study.


30 Apr 2005 - 12:34am
Kevin Cheng

Lotus Notes S*cks! ... I know that is almostubiquitous, but here is definitive proof!

I submit http://www.ok-cancel.com/comic/11.html

At CHI2004, Tom ran into some people who work on Notes and they told
him what a huge fan of OK/Cancel they were. Tom's response,

"hey, that's cool ... ... uh, sorry we implied you guys don't do

David Heller wrote:
> I hope you all find it as funny as me and if anyone on this list
> for the Notes Client design team ...

12 Dec 2007 - 8:40am

article on interactive identity

I wrote an article on the future of Corporate Design and how this
discipline relates to Enterprise IT, Intranet Design, Software User
Interfaces, and the expected rise of the consolidated Information


Since my thoughts on those topics are very much inspired by some
discussions on this list, please let me know what you think.

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milan guenther * interaction design
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28 Jul 2010 - 11:58pm
Gloria Petron

NYC Entrepeneurs Want IxDA'ers for Aug. 5th Event!

I'd like to promote an event next Thursday night Aug 5, "Web Design For Startups", where I'll be a panelist along with Christopher Fahey of Behavior Design, Seth Giammanco of Minds On Design Lab,  and Dan Maccarone of Hard Candy Shell. The event is hosted by NYC-based entrepeneur meetup group UltraLightStartups.