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30 Mar 2011 - 9:23am
3 years ago
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Debra Herschmann5

Good sources for online UX training material that can be purchased?

I'm interested in finding good virtual training material that can be purchased and used in house by a large organization of technologists. We've been using the virtual seminars from UIE and like them very much. Can anyone point me to other material? Thanks,


3 May 2006 - 7:42am
Sean Lawrence

RFP templates

I was wondering if anyone on list has standard RFP templates they'd be
willing to share or know of any resources that would be useful in
assisting in the construction of an RFP document.

Thank you,


13 Apr 2006 - 2:04am
8 years ago
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Mike Beltzner

Design and Open Source Projects

Has anyone here contribtued to an open source project? One of my goals
for this year is to try and attract more participation in Mozilla
projects form members of the design communities (UX, HCI, IDX, IA,
Visual Design, I'm not choosy!)

As someone's who's only recently started working with OSS community
processes, tools and techniques, I know that a lot of the entry points
can be incredibly daunting, and it can be hard to determine where one
would *start* to contribute should one be inclined to do so.

3 May 2013 - 10:41am

Switching through multiple "primary" phones for testing

Hi All,

I'm a User Experience Designer. While my primary phone is an iPhone 5, I'm curious to really understand the user behaviors consistent with some android devices (perhaps even extend to windows and blackberry as well). I've been able to test various apps on these devices through my company but I know to truly understand what the user goes through, I should adopt an adroid phone as my primary phone for a month and treat it as real users do.

21 Mar 2008 - 6:03pm
6 years ago
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Matt Nish-Lapidus



So, I've heard a lot about using Fireworks for working through a
design from wireframe to prototype, even to finish visual design.. For
the people who use/love Fireworks I have a few questions:

- how do you integrate with the standard graphic design workflow
involving Photoshop/Illustrator. Photoshop files import as bitmaps,
so it's hard to convert things into symbols etc...

- on the other side.. what if you have to work with other designers
not using Fireworks?

1 May 2006 - 9:00pm
8 years ago
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Oleh Kovalchuke

[Please voluntarily trim replies to include only relevant quoted material.]

Gmail provides preview of the first line of email listed in Inbox.
Unfortunately this preview is rendered useless for messages coming from IxD
list since all I can see is "[Please voluntarily trim...]" line, which is
attached at the top of the messages sent to the list.

1 Sep 2004 - 11:03am
10 years ago
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Narey, Kevin

Publicly available video resource?

Does anyone know of any publicly available user video resource?
I'm looking to include a clip of an animated user using a poorly designed
application in a presentation I'm hoping to give to my business.

Any assistance will be gratefully received.



gedas united kingdom limited
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6 Jan 2009 - 7:01pm
5 years ago
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Angel Marquez
20 Jun 2006 - 5:22pm
8 years ago
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Interactive Maps

Hi all,

Just curious if you could help me find some examples of interactive maps.
Google mash ups are nice but I'm thinking more of interactive maps created
in Flash.

Particularly anything with a lot of layered interaction. I.e. you point to a
specific city and a layered event occurs etc.

Thanks so much!


9 Feb 2009 - 2:33pm
Bobby Morgan

JOB: Java Developer Mobile Devices, Seattle, FILTER, Contract

FILTER is currently working with a world-class downtown Seattle design
agency, seeking a Java developer with mobile or device experience. This
is a three month or longer contract, working closely with developers, UX
designers and PMs, on next-generation mobile products.

Hourly rate negotiable.