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16 Oct 2011 - 3:46pm
3 years ago
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Career Advice for a Failed Print Designer

I graduated from college in 2009 with a dual Degree in Art and Communications with an emphasis in Graphic Design. After school, I moved back to my hometown and couldn't find a job. Looking back now it actually makes me laugh that I thought those skills would actually land me a job.

11 Apr 2006 - 12:21pm
Vijay Venkatraman

[Help] Interaction Design Summer Internship

Hi all,

I am looking for a summer internship in Interaction Design. Is anybody on this forum looking for interns or aware of any available positions? I'd be very grateful for any help in this regard.

Thank you,


13 Mar 2009 - 4:46pm

Using FB, MySpace,.. for persona development

Taking the persona discussion in a different direction. I have been
thinking lately, along the lines of how we can take advantage of the
social networking sites to develop a more realistic persona.
While this is not intended to replace the one-on-one interview to
observe and gather goals, it can be an effective
tool when it comes to humanizing the users.

31 Jan 2008 - 12:40pm

[Iai-Members] navigation structures and mouseover vs click triggers


I'm sorry I don't have any research to support these comments, but on
a gut instinct level, I don't think clicking in the top navigation to
activate the drop-down menus is good usability. Especially if
sometimes when you click, you get taken to another page.

I assume that on the pages with the drop-down, you'd have to repeat
the parent page name if there is one, so that users can then click to
go there. This sounds confusing.

12 Oct 2007 - 11:44pm
Itamar Medeiros

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Survey

Hello, everyone! I need some help with my dissertation, and I wish I
took take a minute of your time to help me collect some information
about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), specially regarding the
INTERACTION DESIGN PROCESS in different countries:

1- Does your company/office have any specific practice to protect
(IPR), including Copyright, Design Right, Design Registration,

2- If YES, how does your company/office disseminate such practices?
(eg. Training? Employee Hand Book?)

3- Are you familiar with how such practices are regulated in your
country? (eg. Legislation?

15 Apr 2008 - 2:17pm
6 years ago
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Pawson, Mark

Examples of complex checkbox treeviews

We have a thick desktop app that uses a checkbox treeview to show data
layers that are available to display in a separate window. However,
although Checkboxes look nice and consistent in this display they are
the wrong control to use in some cases. A checkbox implies that more
than one data layer can be chosen, however some data layers are mutually
exclusive, others are not. On first pass it struck me that either the
checkboxes should only appear next to those data layers that are
inclusive and disappear when a mutually exclusive one is chosen.

27 Feb 2008 - 7:42am
Paul Reijnierse

Curriculum changes for Interaction Design program

Hello everyone, I am a graduate student Interaction Design at the
Utrecht School for the Arts in The Netherlands. Today I've been asked to
attend a seminar on the way the pre-graduate curriculum for Interaction
Design should evolve in the coming years. Currently the curriculum is
mainly focused on a practical form of Interaction Design and design of
multimedia in particular. The last years the theoretical approach has
been scaled down dramatically, for example a course into Cognitive
Psychology has been pulled from the curriculum.

31 Dec 2008 - 3:20pm
6 years ago
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Scott Berkun

Tog on Gestures will force the mouse intoretirement

I agree Jakub - but this sort of thing is so much fun and gets people easy
kudos for being iconoclasts and revolutionaries its irresistible. Happens
all the time. I've probably done it myself as have half the people on this

We can find much in the world to make the same rallying cry about. "The
wheel should die! It's time for mag-lev cars!" or "Light switches should
die! Their binary tyranny must be crushed by the freedom of dimmer knobs!".
Every few years someone cries about how criminal it is software *still* is
only 2D.

27 Aug 2013 - 4:15am
1 year ago
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Can anybody please suggest good schools/universities for MS in HCI.

1 Nov 2007 - 7:03am
oliver green

CFP - FLOSS Usability Sprint V

- What: Sprint #5 for improving the usability of FLOSS
- When: Friday Nov 2nd - Sunday Nov 4th, 2007
- Where: Google<http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&time=&date=&ttype=&q=google&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=33.160552,62.5