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24 Apr 2007 - 8:57am
Susie Robson

Boston UPA Conference

On behalf of the UPA Boston Advisory Board it is my sincere pleasure to
invite you to UPA-Boston's Sixth Annual Mini UPA Conference!

Join us at Bentley College in Waltham, MA on May 23rd to hear and
discuss critical topics in usability and user-centered design with
practitioners, students, and experts in the field. Whether a newcomer, a
seasoned usability professional, or member of a product team interested
in usability, this conference offers unique content and one-of-a-kind
networking and learning opportunities!

27 Jan 2005 - 2:42pm
Dave Malouf

Workshop in Interplay between usability and interaction design

I came across this. Found it relevant to recent discussions.

-- dave

6 Sep 2006 - 9:54pm
Gabriel White

Design games

I've been running design games with my team over the last few months,
and wanted to share my experiences and find out what other things
people are doing.

The objectives of the games have been:

- Help better understand design process
- Improve design criticism skills
- Get better at designing under pressure
- Get better at designing collaboratively
- Mode switch - focus on something that's not related to our daily work
- Have fun!

The games are structured around a 20/20 rule - 20 minutes working in
pairs, then 20 minutes together as a group (six people total plus me).

The structure is a van

26 Jun 2008 - 12:09pm
6 years ago
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Diego Baca

Banks and the homepage

I'm currently working on the re-design of a bank. When visiting their
website it currently defaults to the Personal Banking section, which is the
case with many other banks. On the other hand, other sites do have a
dedicated homepage that highlight the main entry points (i.e.

21 Sep 2007 - 2:43pm
Jarod Tang

gimp begin the ui redesign brain storming

GIMP UI Redesign Project <http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/GIMP_UI_Redesign>
It looks a quit interesting issues happens in open source domain. AFAIK,
some other project like blender or some uml modeling tools experience the
same kind of issues.
The things here interesting is;

1. there's a concrete project with concrete domain, also user there

2 Feb 2010 - 5:49pm
Andy Bright

Glasgow UX book club, 4th March

I'm busting at the seams with excitement about the BIGGEST GLASGOW UX

For our 4th meeting we're discussing Don Norman's The design of
everyday things.

Be there, 6pm on the 4th of March at the Saltire Centre.

Full details (and a shareable poster) on the wiki page -

7 Dec 2009 - 11:00am

Re-cap of November Event Steve Portigal presents &#8220;Yes, My Iguana Loves to Cha-Cha: Improv, Creativity and Collaboration.&#8221;

On November 19 Steve Portigal presented “Yes, My Iguana Loves to Cha-Cha:
Improv, Creativity and Collaboration.” We’d like to thank our special guest
speaker for engaging us in a relaxed, informative, and truly interactive
evening of improv games that gave us fresh ways of thinking about our
creative work. Steve did a fantastic job facilitating a nicely-paced mix of
slide presentation, exercises with audience members, and subsequent group
discussion in which the room was openly engaged.

16 May 2008 - 10:53am
6 years ago
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Ideas Worth Stealing [Plug]

I just wanted to point out Robert H's blog - and specifically his article
about reinventing the About Us section of a corporate site.

30 Nov 2011 - 6:46pm
2 years ago
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Implementing limited voice commands - feasibility and usability

Hi everyone,

I'm redesigning a software tool for doctors, and am considering including voice commands in the section where doctors need their hands and eyes on the patient, not the keyboard and screen. However, I've never designed for voice commands before, so I'm trying to understand feasibility and usability. Here are some details:

21 Mar 2013 - 4:42pm
1 year ago
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IXD 2013 > Slide decks for the speaker's presentation

At the conference this year, the speakers said not to worry about taking pictures b/c the conference would make the presentations available after then conference. So, I didn't take any slide photos, just notes. Now, I haven't received any follow-up information on where to get access. Where can attendees get the slides?!

Also, I heard that IXD would be offering videos of each of the presentations. So attendees could also see presentations they may have missed due to scheduling conflicts.