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25 Jun 2012 - 8:41pm
2 years ago
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Working on a web application prototype.

How effective is placeholder text, assuming that the user can actually see it  (re:IE). Any material on the subject?

Thanks ahead of time.

10 Jul 2006 - 3:27pm
8 years ago
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Peter Boersma

IxD and related roles - is it about naming or type

Adler said:
> Does anyone know of a diagram or scheme that situates IxD and other
> related (or somewhat) positions?

Like this:
http://www.peterboersma.com/blog/2004/11/t-model-big-ia-is-now-ux.html ?

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19 Sep 2010 - 4:16pm
Brian Forte

[IxDA] Re: [IxDA] Capitalization in username


>>We're currently having a debate around capitalization in usernames (not >>display names). > >I think the best policy is the one originally prescribed for browsers >in dealing with HTML: Be generous in what you accept; be strict in >what you emit.

Although Berners-Lee did include this notion in his [Axioms of Web architecture][0], the Robustness Principle is a lot older than HTML.

It's commonly credited to [Jon Postel's][1] 1980 RFC on the Transmission Control Protocol: [RFC 761][2].

13 Apr 2005 - 9:54am
9 years ago
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Anjali Arora, NYU

Quick tools for 2D Visualizations of data?


Towards my thesis, I need to create quick visualizations on the basis of simple datasets relating to project files. The point I hope to make is how the visualization afford more intuitive grasp of the data as compared to text descriptions. This attached view is of files of one particular author, over a certain period of time, & divided along projects.I'd like to create alternate views based on varying parameters such as 'Show most-viewed files' or 'most-edited'.

3 Aug 2004 - 11:41am
10 years ago
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nspraker at com...

Windows Control - Status indicator

I am working on a development project for a Windows application (not web-based). The target audience is an average Windows user that will be using the application for 6-8 hours everyday. The application allows the user to perform many different business tasks. Each business task could contain several steps. I am looking for a Windows control that will allow the user to quickly see what step they are in within the business task. However, I do not want to go with a Wizard approach since it will slow down the user and speed is critical.

4 Mar 2009 - 1:44pm
Josh Seiden

[JOB] Principal Designer, NYC, USA; Liquidnet; FT

Hello All,

We have an immediate opening for a Principal Designer in Liquidnet's
UX group in NYC.

The Principal Designer is a leader in Liquidnet’s User Experience
Group. The Principal Designer works closely with the head of the User
Experience Group to lead the creation of innovative products and
services that differentiate Liquidnet in the marketplace and create
customer delight. The Principal Designer is also a key contributor in
the development and maturation of the Group’s practices, processes and

23 Mar 2009 - 5:30am

Job - Interaction Designer - Park City, Utah - Full time - Recruiter

Interaction Designer with Ecommerce Experience. Web 2.0 or Social Networking
a Plus , Park City Utah

Our client is a rapidly growing company located in beautiful Park City Utah.

3 plus years of industry experience, portfolio required, e-commerce
experience preferred. Culture is very sport oriented and out door loving so
if you like being out door and sports it might be the best fit for you.
Experience with social networking or Web 2.0 would be a plus.

10 Apr 2007 - 9:27am
7 years ago
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jetBlue kiosk

As an example of what I feel is absolutely *perfect* interaction design,
I'd like to nominate the jetBlue kiosk for self check-in.

18 Jun 2007 - 3:21pm
Jon Bruck

JOB: Lead Interaction Designer, Bay Area - TrialPay, Inc.

I have been working with this startup for several months and they are
growing quickly and intelligently with real customers and revenues.
The job is great for someone who wants to get their hands dirty with
some cool consumer interfaces while building a design team around

Details about the job...

TrialPay (www.trialpay.com) is changing the online payment landscape
with our unique approach to consumer advocacy and online advertising.
We enable consumers to pay online for goods and services by trying
something new from our trusted advertising partners.

We are dynamic team of

6 Sep 2011 - 3:08pm
3 years ago
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Pixel Perfect ppi

Fellow Designers,

What is the best way to design icons for multiple devices? Different devices (Andriod, Windows Phone 7) have different screen specs - each phone has a different pixel-per-inch resolution.

By what method would one ensure that icons look crisp across devices with different ppi?