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22 Jan 2009 - 5:22pm
5 years ago
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jeff noyes

JOB: Rock Star designer with superb CSS Javascript chops; Andover Ma, Acquia

We're looking for a top-notch designer, CSS and JQuery guru. The
right candidate will be able to show us some award winning design
concepts and demonstrate how your CSS, JQuery, Javascript expertise
brought the designs to life.

We'd like to know how you can help us build reusable kick-ass themes,
web-applications, and social networking websites. We want people who
want to make a difference. People with the wisdom of experience and a
talent for pushing conventional thinking. People who embrace
challenges, proven skills, innovative ideas, and an entrepreneurial

18 Apr 2009 - 9:44am

JOB User Interface Designer Alviso, CA, TiVo, 6mo contract

[disclaimer: I've worked for TiVo as a security/privacy engineer for ~8
years, am currently on leave to finish my MS Design. I can answer
questions about the general work environment, but don't know details
about this particular opening other than what is in the listing.

30 Nov 2006 - 6:17pm
7 years ago
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Doug Murray

Designing for change (was: JOB: Interaction designer for GoDaddy.com)

Schwab.com has done a pretty good job of managing change on their site. They
announced the pending change on the "positions" page months before they made the
change, complete with a link to see the new page (not a screen shot, but an
actual page with your stocks). Now, months after the change, they still have a
link back to the old page.

The changeover was done in the light of day, not overnight. It was introduced
and explained, and users had plenty of time to get used to it. Personally, I
love the new page and always went right to the new version after it was

18 Oct 2004 - 11:22am
Narey, Kevin

Should iteraction designer produce code... (Form ally: Open Position: Sr. Interaction Designer @ MITRE)

Good point.

Alan Cooper suggests in Inmates that to be an interaction designer you need
to understand the mindsets of the user and programmers of the application
(or something very similar).

25 Jun 2009 - 12:22pm
5 years ago
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Jennifer Richardson

Shared elements in Visio across files

Hi there,

I can't figure out how to share a background across multiple files
in Visio. Our team is using a source control program so we want to
have each wireframe in it's own Visio file. I want to have the
template background in another file, but if I update the background,
I don't want to have to go change every page. It's like a server
side include, or "instance"

Any ideas?


24 Aug 2009 - 9:37am
Kyra Edeker

[EVENT] Reminder: IxDA Austin Tues. August 25th 6:30 - 8:30 -- Abuse to Reuse: Why we hate use cases but shouldn't

Abuse to Reuse: Why we hate use cases but shouldn't
When: August 25, 2009 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
presentation begins at 7:00
Where: projekt202
908 E. 5th St.

29 Apr 2008 - 4:13pm
Stephanie McDonald

Job: Interaction Designer - Charleston, SC - Blackbaud - Full time



Mid level, non-supervisory


A unique blend of artist and technology enthusiast, you have a passion
for how interface and interaction design can help make the world a
better place. Like our customers, you see the world as it can be and use
your creative, analytical, and negotiation skills to drive toward
elegant solutions that help our customers fulfill their non-profit

1 Sep 2010 - 6:07pm
Joe Ortenzi

Looking for great examples for a booking system

My colleague is looking for great UX examples of a booking system. Any one care to share great appointment booking experiences? perferably ones that allow booking before membership but if you feel like sending scrteengrabs, that's great too!

Appreciate it very much, thanks!


30 Aug 2004 - 8:03pm
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: RE: Digest not working yet; RE: The badly shod shoemaker

<< Perhaps there is something we can do to help (other than Visa numbers)?

Hans (and others),

Ok, so after about 4 versions of this e-mail (the power of the iterative
process); I have added a header to all messages (now I'm sure people will
complain about its length; so please send them directly to me ONLY).

10 Apr 2009 - 12:37pm
Boston IxDA

Event announcement: BarCamp Boston 4

It is time once again for BarCamp Boston! This year the organisers are
looking to bring more IxD orientated minds in to the mix that is this very
unique un-conference. See below for details and see you at the event!

BarCamp Boston 4
Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26, 2009
MIT Stata Center

Organized on the fly by attendees for attendees, BarCamp offers excellent
opportunities for networking, learning something new, and discovering some
Boston area technological excitement!