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1 Sep 2006 - 9:07am
Patrick Barrett

JOB: Web Design Intern | Austin Texas | Bazaarvoice | Part Time

Welcome back to school! Hopefully you bought your books this weekend and
you're getting settled in to your dorm or apartment. Now, how would you
like to use your design skills to fill the refrigerator?

One of Austin's leading, venture-backed Web startups is looking for a
multi-talented graphic / web design intern who can also do some web
development. We are serving Fortune 50 brands and have experienced
explosive growth in the last 6 months.

1 Feb 2007 - 7:05am
7 years ago
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Current Research on Redundant Links

Has anyone seen fairly current research analyzing the trade-offs redundant
links (e.g., in-line links with text, as well as, the same links in lists
along the margins of a page)? I'm really looking for research instead of
recommendations from non-researchers.

The trade-off revolves around making it easier to FIND a link when it's
located in multiple places versus making it easier to OVERLOOK a link
surrounded by visual clutter (Hick-Hyman Law,

20 Mar 2007 - 2:27pm
7 years ago
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Valerie Gomez d...

comments on comments on comments...

I am working with a client who would like to provide nested comments - about
6 levels deep.
Thoughts on nested comment threads?


11 Aug 2011 - 1:16pm
Hilary Bienstock

Upcoming UX Certificate Course at Cal State Fullerton

Hello, everyone,
Looking for a way to get more background in UX?  Look no farther!

2 Sep 2009 - 11:24pm
5 years ago
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Thomas Stovicek

[JOB] Interaction Designer, Redwood City CA, Research In Motion, Contract

Research In Motion Limited® (RIM)® is a world leader in the mobile
communications market and has a history of developing breakthrough
wireless solutions. RIM's portfolio of award-winning products,
services and embedded technologies is used by thousands of
organizations around the world and includes the BlackBerry® wireless
platform, the RIM Wireless Handheld™ product line, software
development tools and software/hardware licensing agreements. RIM is
seeking driven individuals who can take our wireless data products to
the next level in the global wireless market.

10 Nov 2004 - 11:56pm

Spotlight: Centrality of search

Recently I mentioned here Apple's upcoming Spotlight as a precursor of
technologies that may fundamentally change how we interact with our PCs in
many different areas. Several people wrote me privately to inquire about the
ramifications. I'm tardy with my response, but, on the eve of Microsoft's
response to Google Desktop Search, I'll try to outline briefly here how
Spotlight is different:

1. Pervasive - Unlike third-party apps like GDS, Spotlight is part of the
OS. It's omnipresent as an icon on the OS menu bar.


26 Sep 2008 - 2:50am
Sean Pook

JOB: Principle UX Manager; Hong Kong, Far East; Recruiter; Full Time

£££Superb + Best Benefits Around!!

My global client is undergoing rapid expansion of its substantial Usability group. An opportunity has arisen to lead a developing group of Usability experts in Hong Kong.

You will need previous UX line or product management experience as well as a desire to work within a startup type atmosphere (although with the benefits that come with the stability of working for a large firm) in a slightly alien environment.

21 Nov 2010 - 6:11pm
4 years ago
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Lia Fetterhoff

Tips on selecting icons for web applications?

Hi there,

I'm looking for any resources or tips on selecting good icons for functions unique to a certain web application. I personally don't design icons myself, and think I could be successful using those already out there for purchase.

If anyone could give insight on a couple of things, that'd be great, too:

1) Should icons on a toolbar always be labeled, or will a user be able to learn them after using the application regularly?

17 Jul 2007 - 12:49pm
Adlin, Tamara

recording interviews

hi guys! I've been a lurker, but i figured i'd chime in on this.
i did a LOT of research on recording phone interviews. and i finally
got it figured out.

In order to figure this out, i tried the following: skype, jk audio
recording device, paid conference call services.

And here's the best:

1. I used a free conference calling service called
freeconferencecalls.com, but they are now basement ventures. still a
great service and FREE.

15 Mar 2012 - 3:03pm
2 years ago
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Portfolio Feedback for IXD/UX/Design Strategy Positions

Hello Everyone,

I am a current fourth year student expected to graduate this coming May. I would appreciate any feedback for my portfolio- I am trying to apply for an ixd/ux/design strategy position post graduation.

Thank you!