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13 Dec 2007 - 2:49pm
Vishal Subraman...

[Job] UI Designer, AOL | Washington D.C Metro

We have a UI designer position open up in our group.

8 Jun 2007 - 6:24pm
Tina Kim1

JOB; Interaction Designer; San Mateo, California; AGIS Network; Full-time

Job Summary:

We are an early stage, well funded company operating in the largest and
fastest growing segment in the health space. We are looking for a well
rounded interaction designer with innovative style, and creative
excellence. The candidate must be energetic, creative and resourceful,
organized and possess an exceptionally high capacity for work. The
candidate should have a demonstrable record of success as a designer in
an entrepreneurial culture.

23 Jan 2008 - 5:06pm
8 years ago
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Want feedback: Interface Elements

I have used the following categories to identify all of the elements in a
user interface ³snapshot². This is a static (not dynamic or interactive)
tool that
has served well, and I would love feedback.

Specifically, can you think of any possible
user interface elements that would not fit into one of these categories?

1. Navigation (top-level, sub-level, links, search, etc.)
2. Descriptive Content/Labels (user notifications, headers, titles,
banner/logo, copyright, etc.)
3. Actions (email, print, export, send, product-specific functions, etc.)

29 Apr 2008 - 9:01am
8 years ago
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Sign in/Login a button and Sign Out/ Log Out link?

Anybody conducted research on having Sign in/Login a button and Sign Out/ Log Out link?

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9 Jun 2008 - 5:23pm
7 years ago
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Itamar Medeiros

From Personal Computers to Personal Information Environments: Apple's "MobileMe"?

Just watched the WWDC 2008 (I know, I know, iPhone3D... half the
price.... but that's not the point I want to bring to the table) and I
personally think one of the most interesting services introduced in
the keynote was the new .mac, now called "MobileMe"

"You might have a Mac at home, a PC at work, and an iPhone or iPod
touch. The challenge is keeping multiple devices always in sync.
Enterprises can use a server like Exchange.

22 Feb 2010 - 3:46pm
Claire Rowland

JOB: Research Design Leads at Fjord (Berlin and Helsinki)

> Fjord (www.fjordnet.com) are seeking Research Design Leads for our
> Berlin and Helsinki offices.
> Representing the human perspective in design, the Research Design Lead
> (RDL) plays a key role in the Fjord design process, working
> collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams and with our clients to
> create innovative services and products, spaces, interactions, visuals
> and experiences.

24 Jun 2008 - 1:45pm
7 years ago
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Adlin, Tamara

Looking for a rentable usability lab in chicago

Anyone know of any rentable usability labs in the chicago area? Thanks!


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24 Nov 2003 - 12:31pm
Pete Gordon - U...

Rotary Engines and Trade-Offs (WAS:: Managing Change)

Just a friendly comment about Industry Design Adoption of Automobile
Engines and trade-offs.

The post about rotary engines, made me curious about its accuracy.

11 Sep 2007 - 3:40am
8 years ago
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Henrik Olsen

Examples of fun digital tools wanted

I'm working on an article about produtainment in interactive design,
that is, products that are designed to be useful and playful at the
same time.

Do you know any digital products that combine tool and toy in the very
same product? Please let me know.

I've managed to find these two examples:

- Dabbler (a discontinued drawing application).

19 May 2006 - 6:47pm
uijobs at aim.com

JOB: Sr. UI Designer - Full Time at AOL in Mountain View, CA (USA)

The AOL Experience Design Team is looking for a Senior UI designer for our Mountain View, California Development office.
You will help drive the user interface design for our web based mail & calendar products including AOL and AIM Mail. You will create flow diagrams, wireframes, and detailed interaction specifications for use by Engineering and Quality Assurance.