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15 Dec 2005 - 7:19am

IxD F2F on the 15th in GBG-MLM-STHLM\Sweden

Hi All

Today at 6 p.m. interaction designers and alike will meet after work
to have a drink and a chat at three different places in Sweden.

The Swedish 'Third Thursday' franchise for IxDers has now also spread
to include Gothenburg.

2 Jul 2007 - 2:26pm
Bryan Grubaugh

Usability Lab / Observation Facility Rental

Good afternoon,

I am looking for pricing information on usability lab / observation room
rentals in the Midwest (Missouri/Kansas/Illinois). If anyone has pricing
information, or can refer me to specific websites/companies, I would be

Thank you,

30 Jan 2004 - 1:22pm
6 years ago
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The $$$ of Education (was Re: How to Get Into Interaction Design?)

Yo Dan,

As someone who did the grad school thing (from a MOST excellent
program, at Rensselaer Polytechnic) in the same price range as
Carnegie Mellon, I can tell you I would not trade it for the world,
even with the combination of student loans, assistantships, part-time
employment. THAT SAID, you should be aware that the student loan
payments will not be just a few hundred bucks a month. This IS like a
mortgage, so forget ever getting a mortgage.

4 Apr 2006 - 3:48pm

Internship in Australia or USA?

Dear all,

I am an Industrial Design Engineering student at the Technical University of
Delft (in the Netherlands) and I would like to know if any of you know a
company in for example Australia or the USA for an internship in the period
of September 2006 till January 2007.

19 Apr 2006 - 4:55pm
Stephanie Rosenbaum

Overlapping Usability and Market Research - Synergies and Issues

Dear IxDA Discussion people,

A conference that focuses on user experience--the annual Usability
Professionals' Association (UPA) conference--this year is offering a unique
workshop that addresses the integration of usability, branding and the
whole customer experience.

The user experience profession is evolving, and some companies are merging
usability practitioners and market researchers into one unit.

17 Jan 2014 - 1:21am

Data visualization: Playing everything vs. Making user interact

In the context of data visualization what kind of interface is better, one that plays the data upfront or the one that reveals the details progressively as the user interacts with the interface?

Say, in the absence of anything better, we want to show a trend of how certain data changes over time. There are multiple data points, each varying over time. Is it better that when the user reaches the interface we play all the data at once or we just show one trend and then provide a way for the user to see how each data point varies over time.

24 Mar 2006 - 8:59am
Alan Hochman

[JOB] User experience, interaction, interface position for online community

NYC based company looking for a user experience, user
interaction, user interface designer to create
easy-to-use rich media interfaces for an online
commerce community application.

Responsibilities, Skills and Qualities:
o Experience with Web 2.0 capabilities & online
o Strong wireframing and layout skills, task flow
analysis and creation, web Interaction models
o Working, hands on knowledge of Flash, CSS, DHTML &
Javascript (Adobe Flex exp.

18 Feb 2009 - 1:11pm
7 years ago
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Gary Zamchick

...and don't forget to laugh

While in pursuit of the simple, the
clear, the intuitive, the new, I'd like to give whimsy, surprise, and um, the warm embrace of stupidity, their due.

No matter the domain, – virtual or tangible, high tech or high touch,
interfaces or environments, – innovative thinking is accompanied by the opportunity to twist toward one of four emotional
outcomes: the aha! (scientific knowing),
the ah! (aesthetic experience), the ha ha! (humorous relief) and the duh? (what
I’ll call “blessed stupidity”).

17 Dec 2006 - 7:28pm
ritahlko at hsb...

JOB: Various Hong Kong based positions in HSBC User Centered Design (UCD) team


Position: Various Hong Kong based positions in HSBC User
Centered Design (UCD) team

Company: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
Limited (HSBC)

Location: Hong Kong

Type of employment: Permanent

Application method: Please send your CV with the job reference to
itcareer at hsbc.com.hk

29 Jul 2008 - 6:19pm
Christopher Pic...

JOB: Interaction Designer - San Francisco, CA - GreatSchools - Full Time

The Interaction Designer will work in cross-functional teams to create
interactive designs for high-traffic web applications aimed at parents
of K-12 students. Experience with interface design, information
architecture, and interactive content design is required.