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Greg Petroff

By Popular Demand: Second workshop by Dan Safer and Bill De Rouchey added to the Interaction'09 Conference

Because the first workshop has sold out we have added a second offering
of Bill DeRouchey and Dan Saffer's workshop on Gestural Interfaces on
Friday Morning from 9-1.

Check it out here:


You can register for the conference and/or workshops at :

10 Aug 2007 - 5:02am
7 years ago
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Suresh JV

First IXDA Bangalore F2F - 11 Aug 07, 3pm.

So the first Banglaore IXDA F2F meeting will be happening at Koshy's on...

- Saturday, 11th Aug 2007 - afternoon 3 pm

Thanks to Sudhindra for starting this thread and Navneet for starting the
collaborative spreadsheet.
Here is the Gmap for those who need it.


28 Jun 2007 - 10:22am
7 years ago
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Jeffrey D. Gimzek

real world screen resolution stats

Since it is a frequently asked question on most web and interaction
design lists, I thought I would forward this from a friend of mine
who is pretty good at research and analysis....

Here's the results of part of review on screen sizes he did for a
client, sanitized for thier protection, but most likely still pretty

Audience size about 20 Million Users, 90 Million Visits

Reporting period covers January 2007-May 2007

Have at it:

7 Dec 2009 - 2:18am

Job - Principal Interaction Designer with complex applications experience- Manhattan, NY - Recruiter

Job Title:Principal Interaction Designer with complex applications
experience, Manhattan, NY

Job Description:

Bestica is anxiously looking for an ideal Interaction Designer with 5 plus
years of industry experience in the Interaction Design field, someone who
has experience creating complex applications preferably desktop
applications. However we will consider some one working on web apps like
dynamic SAAS.

This is an excellent opportunity with competitive salary, great bonuses and
an awesome work environment.

2 Nov 2004 - 9:35am
10 years ago
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Timothy Shey

Sequoia, Diebold Voting Machines

So, when anyone voted today, or in the past weeks, did you use either
the Sequoia or Diebold electronic voting machines?

I voted in D.C. this morning, where each polling place has at least (or
maybe exactly) one Sequoia AVC Edge voting machine (
product=AVC%20Edge&type=Introduction ) and found the user experience
left a lot to be desired; it wasn't even equal to the farecard machines
at the D.C.

11 Jan 2008 - 10:16am
7 years ago
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Jeff Stevenson

live chat best pratices

Is anyone here aware of any research regarding best practices for
implementing live chat on the web? I'm also interested in hearing
well-reasoned opinions and seeing examples.

For example, I've visited several sites that automatically open a live chat
window if the user has been inactive on a page for over a certain length of
time. To me, this seems like a poor experience for a couple of reasons. I
think most users like to research online because it offers time, privacy,
and quietness. On the web, there are no sales people popping up to ask if
you need any help.

20 Feb 2010 - 11:26am
5 years ago
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Jason Richardson

UX Field trips

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to take our UX team on a few "field trips" this year
in Northeast Ohio to visit other organization's UX teams and share
methods, deliverables and anything else related to UX in a half day

5 Mar 2009 - 9:31pm
Boston IxDA

[EVENT] Boston IxDA: Funny Business - Using Comics in the Design Process. Thursday evening, 3/19.

Many of the challenges we face as designers relate not to the quality of our
work, but the communication of our ideas. Boston IxDA is thrilled to host *Amy
Cueva,* Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Mad*Pow, who will be
conducting a “how to” session on getting started with comics from a
strategy, process and tools perspective.

This event is open to all.

29 Apr 2007 - 2:52pm
7 years ago
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Bobby Rettew

Video within the web interface

Hello...I am new to the list and would like to say hello to all.

I have a question about video and it's integration within the web interface.

17 Jul 2007 - 1:49pm
Adlin, Tamara

recording interviews

hi guys! I've been a lurker, but i figured i'd chime in on this.
i did a LOT of research on recording phone interviews. and i finally
got it figured out.

In order to figure this out, i tried the following: skype, jk audio
recording device, paid conference call services.

And here's the best:

1. I used a free conference calling service called
freeconferencecalls.com, but they are now basement ventures. still a
great service and FREE.