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22 Mar 2006 - 5:01pm
9 years ago
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Maintaining data concurrency in an "Ajax" environment

I'm working on a thin client application which will be used by
multiple users concurrently and I'm having problems wrapping my head
around how we'll address overwriting of data that's being edited by
another user. Since this application will be using a lot of Ajax-type
interactions it will allow users to change individual attributes of
objects. In this case, the objects are financial data, so making sure
the user knows what the most up-to-date value (OR correct value --
these are two distinct options) is is of very high importance.

10 Jul 2009 - 10:29am
Lindsey Berdan

IDSA + IxDA in Seattle on July 22nd at frog design.

IDSA + IxDA = Whole product design.

Industrial Designers and User Interaction Designers will tell the
story of the products they designed, together. ID and IxD teams from
Artefact, Fluke, frog design and Microsoft discuss the intersection of
industrial design and interaction design, describing the process and
dynamics of collaborating with one another on the design of hardware
products, environments and experiences.

When: Wednesday, July 22nd. Doors open at 6:30, event starts at
Where: frog design at 5th and Pine in Seattle - 413 Pine Street,
Seattle, WA 98101

20 Jul 2006 - 4:59pm
Nathan Moody

[JOB] IxD Lead (full-time): Fluid, San Francisco, CA [USA]

Fluid, Inc. (http://www.fluid.com/) is looking for a full-time
interaction design lead in the San Francisco Bay Area, with commerce,
retail or other online transactional experience. This role combines
creative leadership, creative direction and conceptual design of the
next generation of online consumer experiences.

We’re looking for those hard-to-describe cross-disciplinary designers
between information architecture, interaction design and visual design.

23 Sep 2008 - 4:28am
7 years ago
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Sachin Ghodke

Popup window or not?

I have been working on this new website and I am uncertain if I should pass
the control from a .NET page to FLASH one by using a pop-up window.

15 Mar 2006 - 9:20am

How to manage a large control library? (Visual Design)

Hi All,

I work as a Visual Designer for a large software firm. We have a rather
bloated library of controls to manage. (Buttons, Table, Input fields,
Progress trackers, Toolbars, Tree etc etc) and no clear system in place.

We need to view and often design these controls alongside each other so
to maintain visual consistency (so we have a master control sheet of all
of these in a PSD)
, yet we also have various versions of each control that continues to
evolve and go through a series of iterations and changes single psds).

28 Nov 2007 - 9:23pm
8 years ago
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Robert Hoekman, Jr.

Some form fun, to lighten the mood

This one cracks me up.


Choose Yes for all the three radio button options, then check each of the
checkboxes that appear as a result. (No need to type anything.) Have fun!

-Robert Hoekman, Jr.-
CEO / Principal Experience Designer
Miskeeto, LLC — www.miskeeto.com

22 Jun 2010 - 2:06pm
Traci Lepore
15 Dec 2007 - 9:52pm
8 years ago
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Is "By invitation only" a better way to get converts to your service in a marketplace with an established player?

I guess the trend was started by Gmail ...you couldn't just sign up
and start using, you had to have an invitation. The same concept is
being used by "Jaiku" and "Pownce".

Does this feeling of exclusivity drive more converts to a new service
in a marketplace with an already established player?


1 Nov 2004 - 9:46am
11 years ago
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ji kim

Don't forget to vote

Ok, not interaction design related. Just wanted to remind everybody in U.S. - don't forget to vote tomorrow. :)


15 Aug 2007 - 6:55pm


BarCampEarth (formerly BarCampWorldwide) is a simultaneous compendium of
Barcamps around the world to commemorate the anniversary of the first-ever
BarCamp. This year's event will take place Aug 17-19 around the world.

In Silicon Valley, the local event is BarCampBlock in Palo Alto, on August
18-19, 10 am to 4 pm. Although the details are still being finalized, the
goal for this year is to have a multi-office party starting at
SocialText's offices, then at nearby neighbors like Facebook, iMeem, IDEO,
Edgeio, and so on.