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9 Mar 2009 - 10:09am
5 years ago
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Louis Rosenfeld

PLUG: Nathan Shedroff's webinar and book on sustainable design

(apologies for duplicate postings)

Hi all, I'm happy to report that *Nathan Shedroff's* *Design Is the
Problem: The Future of Design Must Be Sustainable *will go on sale
approximately *March 20.* Much that's been written about the topic pertains
to "green" construction; in this book, Nathan has taken sustainability to
the world of product design, providing a series of frameworks and lots of
practical advice.

6 Nov 2007 - 6:57am
7 years ago
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People who really OUGHT to have done user testing

"A LOTTERY scratchcard has been withdrawn from sale by Camelot -
because players couldn't understand it."

It's mostly a story about confusing math and such, and I think the
writer is making the point that people don't get negative numbers.
But I can't help thinking "if they'd just run a few sample games with
random volunteers they'd've found that problem..."

--Alan Wexelblat

2 Feb 2008 - 5:47am
thomas lissajoux


Hi everyone,

I want to point you to an international survey studying the effects of
cooperation on work conditions, and discriminating agile teams/companies.

Here it is :

The results will be very interesting for the community, gaining some insight
on how cooperative really are agile teams (vs non agile organizations).

Thanks for helping to promote this study.
(sorry if you receive duplicates as I crossposted to several groups)


28 Oct 2005 - 3:26pm
frog design rec...

JOB - Design Analyst - frog design - Palo Alto, CA

Megan Greig, PHR

Human Resources

frog design, inc.

1327 Chesapeake Terrace

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Tel. (1) 408 734 5800

Fax (1) 408 752 1180


25 Aug 2007 - 8:45pm
7 years ago
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Prioritizing design in successful, legacy applications

A good friend of mine and product manager at our company asked
if he could post an entry on my new blog. I said "sure", and then he
smiled and said "can I write about anything?" And I said "as long as
it relates to design and isn't R-rated".

So his post came to my email tonight and I posted it.

9 Jan 2009 - 5:14am
6 years ago
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Sam Menter

address from postcode / zip code


Lots of UK sites find the user's full address from their postcode (zipcode).
This saves the user typing a full address, but I'm not convinced it makes
the form completion any easier. When there are lots of houses on the same
postcode, the user still has to scroll through a long list of addreses to
select the correct address, whereas their home address is an easy thing to
type - they've typed it a million times...

Has anyone got any examples of best practice for this design pattern? Has
anyone done research into this functionality?


15 Jun 2009 - 5:40pm
Jay Ambler

Job: Senior Interaction Design Opportunity - Web 2.0 Experience - San Jose, CA - Must be Onsite


We are looking for a candidate to join our clients team for the below
referenced role and I'm wondering if you might be available / interested or
know of anyone in your network who might be interested?

If you could reply and let me know either way, I'd very much appreciate it.

We are open to straight contractors or contract-to-perm candidates for this
on W2, 1099 or C2C basis.

Rates are open at this point and dependant on experience.

If you could attach your resume with your response, I'll review it and give
you a call to discuss.

Role: Sr.

30 Aug 2005 - 11:46am
9 years ago
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Pradyot Rai

Stategic benefits of "Web 2.0"

Folks, I heard about "web 2.0" enough times in recent past to start
wondering what this is all about. I have heard people advocating it as if
this will solve everything. I have heard otherside arguing that people even
don't understand web 1.0, so why bother. I am wondering what you all think.
1. What is "strategic benefit" of adopting Web 2.0?
2. For what kind of firms/industry/business is this "mission critical"? And
who shall not bother to get in the race?
3. Example of firms who have done it and have taken comparative advantage in
the market place.

21 Dec 2010 - 4:17pm
4 years ago
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Rhonda Ranney

Re: [IxDA] Why Left Search Buttons Perform Faster Than Right

I come in piece with a twist of humor...

Innovation is key and nowhere have I read in this string anyone frowning on it. Actually just the opposite.

However.... When someone portrays an article as fact, refers to their own site for reference and starts an email off with "Research has shown....", its logical for readers simply ask, what research? Show us, inquiring minds want to know.

And if you have NONE, ZIPPO, ZERO... that by far exceeds tapping on the glass for a response. That's pretty much sticking your hand in the cage...OUCH!

23 Jun 2008 - 11:19am
Gretchen Denton

IxDA Curriculum (Was: Importance of MastersDegree for IxD Professionals)

After reading the thread on higher education, I went to the HFES.org
website to find a local University and inquire about their Human Factors

I thought you might be interested in the response I received from the

I think it is a great idea to pursue an advanced HF degree. Our program
was a very good one and would have been a good fit for you. But because
of the state budget cuts, FIU has decided to terminate our entire
department. So the program will not exist after next year.