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25 Apr 2007 - 12:46pm

A List Apart Survey

I didn't see this come across the wire yet, but if you have time, go take
the survey at http://alistapart.com/articles/webdesignsurvey . Hopefully
this will give a better picture of our industry.



w: http://www.davidshaw.info

20 May 2010 - 6:46am
4 years ago
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10 Mar 2010 - 7:32pm
5 years ago
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Hilary Bienstock

Godigi or other mobile usability testing solutions

Does anyone have any experience with Godigi?  We received a solicitation email from them.


It looks like they sell a camera for doing usability tests on mobile devices -- has anyone used it?  Or any other products or services from them?

13 Jan 2010 - 9:02pm
Brandon Satanek

JOB :: Visual Interaction Designer :: Southwest MI :: Whirlpool :: Full-Time

Looking for a way to make a difference in the daily lives of millions
of people? Would you like to directly influence the design of the
next generation of products used by your friends and family? Join the
Global Consumer Design organization at Whirlpool Corporation!
Contribute to the impact being delivered by its world-class visual
interaction design team.

At Global Consumer Design, we are charged with assuring design and
usability excellence for appliance user experiences.

7 Jan 2004 - 3:15pm
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: Rick is taking over for 2 weeks ... Be gentle!

Hey there folks,

I'm going on vacation ... well I'm getting married and going on my honeymoon
for the next two weeks ... Yea! that's great! ... Anyway, while I'm gone
you're new moderator will be on duty, Rick Hesketh is your man!

For most of us since this list is basically unmoderated it will be no
problem. For first time posters, your posts might take a tad longer to get
approved and it might not only be for your first post, so be patient.

24 Feb 2004 - 10:49am
Todd Warfel

IA Summit informal dinner update

Just wanted to send an update to those of you who will be attending the
IA Summit informal dinner, as I know most of us will be traveling over
the next couple of days.

One of the attendees, thank you Richard, made a brilliant suggestion -
meet somewhere before the dinner. Since most of us will be at the
conference before hand, we can meet in the hotel lobby of the
conference. We'll meet there at 7:10pm. Otherwise, see you at Manuel's.

So far we have a group of 25 people.

13 Dec 2005 - 12:36am
Navneet Nair

Sparkle [Was: Re: Adobe & Macromedia deal in the NY Times]

BTW, Sparkle is exactly Flash. Both Mano (the designer) and Sam Wan
(the PM) were old Flash community buddies...

Not sure if the Flash is 99% evil will now also apply to sparkle :)


Navneet Nair
Interaction Architect
onClipEvent: form follows function();
Website: http://www.onclipevent.com
Blog: http://www.onclipevent.com/enterframe/

23 Oct 2009 - 4:10am

[hciidc] USID2010 : CALL FOR PAPERS


Nice to see such user experience initiatives in India, but I couldn't find
what does "USID" stands for ?

Thank you,
Zinal Patel

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 1:51 PM, USID Team <usid at usidfoundation.org> wrote:

> *USID*2010
> *India’s 4th International conference on UX & Design
> **
> Designing Customer Experience for Emerging Markets & Beyond...**
> *
> **

23 Mar 2004 - 1:14pm
11 years ago
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David Clarke

Issues raised at London meet


Firstly let me say I very much enjoyed last nights London meeting.

Two issues were raised by various people that I would like to hear more

1) Who in the group is interested in software and who is interested in
all kinds of interaction, including washing machines?

2) Secondly, are people in the group looking for a project to produce,
for example, some product or research / practice insights? Or / And are
people looking for a community that supports one another and provides a
forum for discussion?

25 Oct 2004 - 7:03pm
10 years ago
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research: music and memory

Marcos Weskamp and I are currently working on a project that links
music and memory, at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. At this point
we are collecting data to populate the database that will be used for
the visualization.

In a form we have put online we ask you to mention a specific song that
you relate to a memory. Do you have a specific song that reminds you of
your first girlfriend; that cool wedding of your best friend; a summer
vacation? We are sure that you can find plenty examples! You can even
sketch out your memory, among other things!