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11 Dec 2006 - 11:14pm
8 years ago
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Jay Morgan

pattern or feature inventory

ia/IAs and d/Designers,
<no apologies for the cross-post>

Has any of you ever created a graphical inventory of features, design
patterns, or functional elements? If so, please share learnings or
examples. I'd like to hear what format you used, how you presented it, and
what worked or didn't?

I'm specifically considering an inventory of competitors websites. In this
case, if I cataloged patterns, I wouldn't be listing the explanation found
on a usual pattern library, but showing how they visually accomplish
something or behaviorally execute a transition.

Thank you.
Jay A.

24 Apr 2007 - 12:23pm

Job Senior User Experience Designer For World's Leading Company Seattle. Recruiter

This is a full time position.
Bestica Inc is helping World's leading company with their need of Sr User
Experience Designer. This person should have great experience with designing
Desktop Applications in a very technical environment. Experience with any
integration tool like Biztalk, Tibco, Websphere, Webmethods is a plus.
Position is based in Seattle. Please take a look at the job description and
send me your resume if this position is a good fit for you.

13 Dec 2006 - 9:03am
Meghna Bhatt

[iai-members] pattern or feature inventory (as in content inventory)

Jay, if you are looking at a complete software solution which does both
'capture' and 'present', Adobe Captivate (formerly RoboDemo) will be a very
good option (disclaimer: I haven't used it yet).

* Capture: it can record mouse movements and keyboard activity, audio
* Store: You can store the multimedia captured in a library and drag and
drop it into your slides
* Present: publishing options include SWF; standalone files for Windows, Mac
OS, and Linux; Microsoft Word, HTML pages, PPT (with the embedded flash

You can find more info on the product here:

23 Jul 2009 - 2:01pm
Joy Zigo

[JOB] Senior Web Designer, NYC, Posted for Recruiter, Full Time

Please respond to kmaloneyATflaggstaff.net

Our client is seeking an experienced Senior Web Designer to contribute to
the creative direction of COMPANY North America*s websites.

23 Feb 2005 - 7:57pm
10 years ago
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Austin Govella

Defining the mental model

(I hope this isn't a duplicate message, but I didn't see the first one
go through.)

I'm fleshing out a structural definition of "mental model," and I've
posted what I have so far:
* http://thinkingandmaking.com/entry/48/

If any of you are particularly interested in the subject, I'd love to
hear some feedback on whether you think I'm dead-on, dead-wrong,
crazy, or have muddled things when I was trying to make them clear.

Austin Govella
Thinking & Making: IA, UX, and IxD

6 May 2011 - 9:49am
Sam Ladner

Mobile research project: seeking participants and followers!

Hi folks,

Any of you designing for mobile right now and have no research to base it on? We're trying to fill that gap! Here's a brief intro to the project, based at Ryerson University in beautiful Toronto:

Introducing Mobile Work Life

I'm specifically talking to UXers for two reasons:

1. We need participants! Do you live in Ontario? Help us -- $100 incentive!

11 Sep 2008 - 2:06am
Jeremy Yuille

[Scholarship] IxD + Visualization = UX

Dear IxDA colleagues<
please feel free to pass this on to interested and relevant people.

The Loupe project, based at the Australasian CRC for Interaction Design
(ACID) is researching the intersection of interaction design and
visualization, with an aim to enhance the experience of working with complex
and large sets of financial data.

30 Jun 2011 - 4:40am
4 years ago
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Livestreaming my UX research

Hi there!

I want to start UX research sessions on a mac, using Silverback. Is there any way of livestreaming these sessions to my collegues? Do I need seperate software to do this and if so, what software?

Has anybody got any experience with ScreenFlow?

Then, I want to do the same kind of research (screen capturing, video, audio & streaming) on a windows based laptop. Is there any relatively cheap windows equivalent? I've heard of Morae, but licenses for the Observer tool are far too expensive.

13 Sep 2007 - 11:43pm
7 years ago
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Dave Malouf

open discussion vs. community of practice?

Hey there,

In a bar w/ two blokes and one of them says, "I don't think you can
have both an open discussion list and a community of practice."

I've been scratching my head ever since.
Yes, first we need to figure out what a CoP REALLY means, so maybe the
discussion in this thread could start there. It is also a thread about
what do we want IxDA to become.

on your mark, get set, go!

-- dave

David Malouf

2 Jul 2007 - 12:49pm
Hamilton, Heather

Job: Human Factors Design Engineer

Company: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

Location: Sylmar, CA (25 miles north of Los Angeles)

Position title: Human Factors Design Engineer

Duration: Full-time

Job description: Here is an opportunity for the motivated and creative
thinker to research and design novel user interaction concepts for a
suite of sophisticated and lifesaving medical products. You will be
asked to research, design and test solutions that utilize advanced
technologies across multiple platforms, such as wireless handhelds,
touch-screen tablets, web applications and IVR systems.