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25 Sep 2009 - 12:14pm
Julie Perkins

Austin Texas - User Experience Designer opportunity

User Experience Designer in Austin, Texas
6 + month contract with potential for extension

The User experience designer will design, develop and support large
enterprise-level applications.
The successful candidate must possess a high degree of skill in the
areas of front-end design and development.
Must take a creative approach to problem-solving; be able to work
independently as well as in a team environment; work under tight
deadlines on multiple projects at once; manage individual workload
efficiently and effectively; and must have excellent communication

19 Aug 2010 - 7:46pm
Hilary Bienstock

Re: [IxDA] Decrypt a forever neutral rating from a usability test

Although we frequently ask users to think aloud during usability testing, the main purpose is to observe what they are doing.  If you observed that he flawlessly completed all tasks, then obviously the site was usable for him.  He won't help you get at thinks like satisfaction and emotional affect, but you can certainly comment on what you observed him doing -- and this should probably be your main focus of testing anyway, since users ca

17 Jul 2010 - 2:36pm
4 years ago
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William Hudson

RE: [IxDA] Right-hand navigation

I wrote an article on this a while back - it's not a definitive answer but addresses the suggestion that right-hand navigation might be more efficient.

However, I have to say that 'people usually figure things out' is not good evidence in favour.

24 Oct 2008 - 3:35pm
John Zimmerman

cfp: CHI WS on Experience Design | Deadline Extended to November 6

FYI ... sorry for the spam...

Deadline Extended to November 6, 2008!!!!

Call for participation | CHI 2009 Workshop
Building a unified framework for the practice of eXperience Design

For the last several years there has been a growing interest in the
ideas and issues around experience design. Many researchers have
developed theories and methods related experience design; however,
there seems to be little agreement on what it means to practice
experience design.

26 Jun 2007 - 8:48am
7 years ago
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Mental Model question restated

Maybe my earlier question didn't make much sense, so let me restate my
question. Here you can see a mental model of movie goers:


They call this an alignment diagram. Once they modeled the users thoughts
about movie going up top, they then aligned the proposed functionality of
the system to those models.

So the question(s) are:

1. Do any of you actually do this? If so, how helpful was it?

29 Jul 2010 - 6:07pm
4 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

telecommuting and work/life balance

All:   So as a full time user experience designer and a mother of a toddler, I find that very few companies allow designers to work from home a couple of days a week, or allow flexibility in schedules. I am lucky because I have a great boss and company that allows that - I live in the Bay area and find that my commute RT is about 56 miles each day.

20 Jul 2004 - 12:18pm
Gerard Torenvliet

Does usability hinder innovation? (Was RE: ADMIN:)

Dan quoted Nico Macdonald who wrote:

> "Usability can be used to improve an innovation, but
> it can't drive innovation...Usability has come to dominate
> thinking about the design process...Too much user focus
> may be a barrier to innovation. Research is likely to tell us
> that users desire an improvement on something they
> already understand. Ask them if they would use a
> proposed innovation and they will say no - and then adopt
> it when they have seen its utility demonstrated.

20 Feb 2008 - 10:45am
Joy Zigo

NYC-UPA 2/26 - Wayfinding: Real World Signage & Online Design

*NYC Usability Professionals Association presents:

*Wayfinding: a real world signage system & its implications for online

Think it's important to know how to get around a website? How about a
hospital? Find out how Sylvia Harris, a leading Information Design
Strategist, was able to create a new vision for visitor information delivery
at the New York area's largest hospital.

21 Jun 2005 - 7:48pm
9 years ago
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Omri Eliav


As an ignorant I'll ask it broad:

What do people have to say about us as a discipline/professionals and UML?
Is it something to do with as?
Do we integrate?


23 Feb 2011 - 5:20am
Jonas Löwgren

Open position as doctoral student in interaction design, Malmö University

Malmö University, Sweden, announces a position as doctoral student in interaction design. In the Swedish system, this is a salaried employment for up to four years of PhD studies. The general direction of the position is "New media, public spheres and forms of expression."

Last day to apply is March 21. The announcement with all relevant information can be found at