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29 Aug 2005 - 5:55pm
Lada Gorlenko

UPA'06 call for submissions


UPA'06 conference committee invites you to submit you narratives to
the next year's conference "Usability through storytelling".

As user experience professionals, we weave stories that have been
harvested from user communities. While using products we help to
develop, they tell us stories of frustrations and joyous discoveries.
Observing and analyzing users and their tasks creates stories that
will bring the user community alive in the minds of others.

Join us June 12-16, 2006, to tell your story in Broomfield, Colorado,
located just outside Boulder and Denver.

23 Mar 2006 - 5:42pm
Jean Hand

JOB SF,CA - Director of IA/User Experienced

A strong stable company is looking for a Director of Information
Architecture for the Bay Area. This is a new position in their User
Experience Department that will have a strong impact on the company and
its products.

This is a great opportunity to grow a department and set strategy for
the interaction experience of users online.

20 Apr 2009 - 12:52pm
6 years ago
7 replies

Streamlined sign up flow

Does anyone have any examples of articles discussing the cons of having a
sign-up process before using an application that requires personal
information (i.e. your address). I remember reading articles a while back on
how asking for personal info when someone just wants to try out your app is
a huge turn off to users (for obvious reasons) and you really want to reduce
all barriers to entry.

Have you written or read something like this recently?

8 Mar 2009 - 12:25pm
6 years ago
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Scott Berkun

Your First UX / ID Job -- Q from the HCI Class of\'09.

My first UX job was doing usability work on Windows 95 and Internet Explorer
1.0 back in 1994.

Looking backwards I wish I could have given myself the following advice:

1) Pick your manager. Early in my career I made choices that put the role
and the project ahead of who I'd be working for. It took years for me to
figure out I was happier, more effective, and grew more only when my boss
was a good manager. A good manager will hire good people, will set clear
goals, will teach you what they know, and will set you up to be happy (e.g.
kick ass).

31 Jul 2008 - 4:53pm
6 years ago
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Brian Herzfeldt

Single Search Field v.s. Modal Searchbox? Research?

Hi all,
Designing a search component for a travel site that requires you to search.
Can search by city/state, address, point of interest, airport . . . the
usual stuff.

Some travel sites default to a searchbox defaulted to the fields for city.
If the user wants to search by airport or by point of interest they have to
select another mode or tab on the searchbox to get those fields. My
contention is that people get a lot of error messages because they put in
say a point of interest without seeing the mode tab (we know they get a lot
of error messages at this step).

15 Sep 2005 - 2:46pm
Dave Malouf

FW: [IxDG SC] FW: invitation: 2-Day Conference by Games For Change -- Oct 21+22

I can't answer that as co-workers of mine are on this list.
- dave


26 Sep 2004 - 12:57am
10 years ago
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"Narcissism of small difference"

So what's the idea behind ''Massive Change'' [1]?

Bruce Mau: There's a design revolution coming out of North America. It dares
to imagine the welfare of the entire human race.

You mean, like the iPod?

Bruce Mau: No. It's not interesting to me. One of the most important things
we did was take the visual out of design.


Let's hear it from the Canadians, anyone seen it yet? Posturing?

25 Mar 2010 - 10:06pm
5 years ago
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Does User Experience Save/Make Money?

So, try as I might, being a new UX developer, I'm trying to find reputable data about reputable companies who saved/made [insert actual dollar figure], and how usability testing was responsible. I was actually told at work today that "there is no way you can prove that usability testing makes money." It's a personal challenge now. Smile

16 Jun 2009 - 1:20pm
6 years ago
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Any latest Radio Button interactions with accordion combined??

Hi Folks,

I have a design dilemma and wanted to get thoughts from folks here:

The challenge is that I have 2 radio button and one of the button
when selected has a list that drops down and it is a mini datatable
with 2 columns and a dropdown. This would be okay if the number of
rows remained constant but it changes all the time and can be very
long for a drop down and almost feels like some optical illusion

Any ideas on what is the best/optimal way to address this issue?


12 Oct 2009 - 10:12am
5 years ago
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Mashhoor Aldubayan

How do you avoid canned designs?


When you work on two sites that that share the same goals, top tasks
and audience; would try to come up with THE optimal architecture and
interactions for both and just play around with their
aesthetics/branding to make them look different? or would you
experiment with each of them until they end up with different layouts
that work?

This is becoming an issue with some of my projects, since I keep
reusing layouts that worked.