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29 Mar 2007 - 3:23pm
8 years ago
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Tania Schlatter

Usability Lab in LA recommendations?


I am looking for a facility in Los Angeles where we can run paper
prototype tests. Does anyone have a facility to recommend?

Thanks and regards,


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Tania Schlatter, Principal
Nimble Partners, LLC
tania at nimblepartners.com

8 Sep 2007 - 4:01am
7 years ago
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Stefan Wobben [...

Prototyping tools

I am using Microsoft Visual Studio to create wireframes. But i don't think this is the most effecient tool out there for prototyping. What kinda tools do you use to make your wireframes?


3 Apr 2007 - 10:32pm
7 years ago
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Chris Marmo

Online Newspapers as Wikis

Hi guys,

Long time lurker but first time poster. I'm usually a bit too shy to
post but I'd really love to hear people's opinions on a project I'm
working on at the moment.

The main concept of the project is to foster involvement of the
general public in the daily news cycle, and ultimately to improve the
print edition of newspapers through a combination of reader
participation and traditional journalism.

20 Jul 2008 - 5:59pm
Karen Pascoe

JOB: FT, New York City, User Experience - all levels, multiple openings, JPMorgan Chase

User Experience Leads/User Experience Designers/Interaction Designers
Full-time, New York City
JPMorgan Chase – Treasury and Securities Services, Client Access

The user experience team is growing again as we continue to deliver a
broad range of improvements to customer facing technology projects
within the wholesale banking division of JPMorgan Chase.

We are dedicated to best practices in user-centered design as seek to
revamp the way our global client base interacts with us online.

25 Sep 2007 - 7:47am
7 years ago
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Rodrigues Comandolli

Do we like the same books?

I just joined Shelfari to connect with other book lovers. Come see the books I love and see if we have any in common.

25 Nov 2011 - 3:31am
3 years ago
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Hey everyone,

It's been around 3 months that I have been designing infographic. My experience says that infographics help more in getting the content consumed and get more eyeballs. A few days back, I posted an infographic about Analytics optimization on our company blog, and i got 60 retweets in no time. I also got a retweet from Brian Clifton (a well known Analytics Guru). It's a first time that I've got such a response for any of my content. 

3 Dec 2003 - 11:50am
11 years ago
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Robin Good

Seeking Interaction Designers That Can Address The Development of Online Collaboration Tools


I am trying to identify who and where are interface designers that have
specialized themselves or that are looking to focus specifically on the
design of real-time collaboration tools.

I am in the process of helping a few web conferencing companies refine or
completely upgrade their user interface and I have found it terribly
difficult to find designers that had a keen sense of what is needed in these
types of situations.

The main issue for me is that these types of interfaces require a very
minimalist approach, the ability to visually escalate in complexity as more
advanced function

10 Dec 2004 - 10:37am

Event Report :: The Future of Digital Product Design

Dirk Knemeyer is an excellent speaker with a flare for the dramatic and put
together a great presentation on "The Future of Digital Product Design."
Showing a very interesting diagram that illustrated all of the forces at
work in product design--marketing/engineering, the business vision/the
product's functionality and its enabling technology/people and their
experience of a product--Dirk discussed the anatomy of product design. His
talk then touched on the evolution of digital products--including digital
convergence and next-gen digital products.

27 Nov 2008 - 10:33am
Jostein Magnussen

[Event] An Arctic UX conference that will contribute to peace?

Hi there!

We know you are interested in User Experience.

7 Jan 2009 - 11:27am
Robert Skrobe

[EVENT] - UPA-PS - UW LUTE Lab Tours - Thursday, Jan 29, 2009 - Starting 5pm PST

The Puget Sound Chapter of the Usability Professionals Association will be
hosting usability lab tours at the University of Washington's Laboratory for
Usability Testing and Evaluation (LUTE) on Thursday, January 29th, starting
at 5pm PST. (http://uwtc.washington.edu/navresearch/lute.)

LUTE was founded in 1990 as a self-supporting research facility within the
Department of Technical Communication at the University of Washington.