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29 Mar 2010 - 8:16pm
5 years ago
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Hired a recent undergrad? If so, which school/program?

I'm trying to figure out which schools are churning out good candidates to fill junior IxD positions, and what these schools are calling the degree undergraduates receive (our HR department needs a better understanding). Schools in Southern California would be of particular interest since that's where we're located.

That said, if anyone steers clear of hiring recent undergrads (favoring instead graduate students or only those with a minimum level of real-world experience---regardless of education), I'd love to hear your thoughts.


17 Feb 2008 - 7:25am
thomas lissajoux

what are the effects of your organizational culture on you ?


I previously posted about that : we're investigating the effects of
culture on stress, burnout, etc. and wish to thank everyone who
already filled the
online survey.

The deadline for completing the survey is nearing, so thanks for filling it :

We're still looking for people to answer, whatever the job or field, specially
for those working in big companies and we need more women to answer.

29 Apr 2010 - 6:42pm
5 years ago
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lisa herrod

AB testing non-public low-fi prototypes

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has conducted AB testing on prototypes? As we're reviewing low-fi prototypes they can't be linked to the client domain.

My personal preference is to do one-to-one interviews but I need to review this as an option.

I'm aware of Ethnio but the client does not want to take this approach of recruiting directly from the site.

22 Mar 2009 - 10:50pm
Melvin Jay Kumar

JOB POSTING : Looking for Senior User Experience professionals based in Singapore

Hello All,

Apologies for the cross posting.

Hi, I am looking for senior user experience professionals based in Singapore :

You should have an education in any of the user experience fields such as :

a) Information Architecture,
b) Human Factors,
c) HCI,
d) Interaction Design
e) related others....

You should also have experience and knowledge in any or all of the following :

a) Usability and user-centered design techniques for gathering user
needs, identifying usability problems, and collecting feedback
inclusive of accessibility.

b) Principles and best practices for designing user int

13 Mar 2009 - 4:46pm

Using FB, MySpace,.. for persona development

Taking the persona discussion in a different direction. I have been
thinking lately, along the lines of how we can take advantage of the
social networking sites to develop a more realistic persona.
While this is not intended to replace the one-on-one interview to
observe and gather goals, it can be an effective
tool when it comes to humanizing the users.

17 Aug 2008 - 3:45am
Murli Nagasundaram

NYT:Digital Designers Rediscover Their Hands

"Some people thought we were crazy to do this," says Michael Gough, a
vice president for design at Adobe. "But for others, the experience
has started to inform how they work," giving them a better
appreciation of how customers experience Adobe's programs.

My son has never dismantled a bicycle. For me, it used to be an
annual ritual to take the whole thing apart, lovingly clean off the
dirt and grime and make the parts shine, and then put the thing back
together again.

27 Jul 2009 - 6:30pm
6 years ago
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People who learnt wikipedia syntax

Hi All,

Wikipedia has had such wide-spread acceptance despite the fact the it
expects the user to learn a new syntax. Of course one needs to learn
that only if one wants to do some formatting, add images etc.. but
one would quickly need those tools when writing articles.

I am wondering if there is any material available on how this new
language was adopted. Was it that the early adopters were much more
tech savvy and quickly learnt? was the help content great? is the
syntax itself very natural? Something else?

Alok Jain (AJ)

12 Mar 2010 - 6:37pm
5 years ago
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Fred Celestino

Visual design association


I would like to ask if anyone could point out a visual design association well organized as IxDA. I am aware of some of them like AIGA, Core 77 and a couple of others, but I feel all of those I know lack the type of resourceful discussion list and engaged community found here.

Needless to say that nothing prevents visual design threads being cast on IxDA as we notice from time to time, but I am after something more specific about that discipline of design.

Thank you.
12 Mar 2007 - 9:46pm
8 years ago
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iPhone Pinch Interaction - useful?

Dear All,

When the pinch interaction was demo-ed with iPhone, I had a pretty
positive response, but as I thought more about it and discussed with a
few colleagues around, I am not sure if that kind of interaction would
be very useful in a small device, or any other device where only one
hand is used.

I see interactions like sliders, scrollbars, light switches, joysticks
etc.. where people control the "degree" of something.. These are what
people are used to, where one end is fixed and other can be dragged to
control the value.

20 Nov 2009 - 5:10pm
Lindsey Berdan

[EVENT] IDSA Northwest 2009 Winter Social on 12/3 at BoConcept in Seattle

The Northwest Chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America
cordially invites IxDA Seattle to join our Winter Social at
BoConcept, Thursday, December 3rd from 7:00 to 11:00. Come party and
play with industrial designers, interaction designers and experience
designers from around the Puget Sound. Register today at