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17 Feb 2011 - 1:34pm

Qualitative Recruitment

I've been tasked with finding a vendor to conduct recruitment on behalf of a client for an un-moderated, online card sort. Vendor and card sort participants can be from anywhere in the country. Any suggestions or recommendations as to which firm(s) to contact? Thanks in advance!

23 Nov 2009 - 1:57pm
Julie Blitzer

[JOB] Senior Interactive Designer at Fenton Communications - New York, NY

Just the messenger!

Senior Interactive Designer (New York)

We're searching for a Senior Interactive Designer who wants to change the world by creating engaging online experiences for some of the leading nonprofits, foundations and socially responsible businesses.

22 May 2010 - 6:12am
William Hudson

UCD, UX and Usability Courses in London (3 for 2)

(Apologies if you receive more than one of these.)

Thanks to everyone who completed our courses survey questionnaire. Oliver Pink at SAP was the lucky winner of the Amazon voucher.

Based on the feedback from the survey, we've set up a regular programme of UCD, UX, usability and related soft skills courses in London. We may extend this to other locations if demand dictates, but we are always willing to run courses in-house or in specific locations if requested.

15 Feb 2005 - 10:35pm
Dave Malouf

Fwd: JOB: RCA Head of Interaction Design Post(RoyalCollege of Art; London)

> Unfortunately, it's accompanied by the all-too-common pathetically low
> salary for an IxD H-o-D.
> > Salary: £46,000 pa

First off, is that really that low? I don't know my exchange rates off-hand
but the pound at it's lowest is 1.5 dollars to the pound which would put
that at some $70k, no? Considering that teaching usually has "supplemental"
income at this level, I'm not so sure that I think that is so bad.

Also, I bet in the UK the bennies are a heck of a lot better than they are
in the states. Just the # of bank holidays alone.

15 Sep 2009 - 6:06am
Sean Pook

JOB:Lead Mobile UI Solution Designer; Scandinavia; Recruiter; Full Time

£Neg + benefits

I'm specifically looking for talented professionals outside of Europe. Visa and sponsorship are not an issue for this forward-thinking client.

An exciting opportunity has arisen to work with market leading and innovative creative design agency. My client in this instance are specifically looking for candidates with experience in leading mobile UI design teams and excellent business acumen to add value in terms of building efficient and business enhancing UX solutions for clients of multiple sizes/domains.

5 May 2004 - 7:26pm

san francisco Bay area folks! first friday!

In memory of the fine cocktail hours that once graced our bay area, Frank Ramirez and I are starting First Fridays! The first Friday of the month those who wish to talk about "what we do" be it ID, IA Ed, or usability, will gather at 6:30 for social debate and beverage consumption.

14 Jul 2011 - 5:56pm

Need recommendation for Ethnographic Research vendors

I am looking for recommendations for vendors who have conducted ethnographic research. What was your overall experience? Was the documentation helpful?

I appreciate your feedback.

27 Feb 2008 - 7:42am
Paul Reijnierse

Curriculum changes for Interaction Design program

Hello everyone, I am a graduate student Interaction Design at the
Utrecht School for the Arts in The Netherlands. Today I've been asked to
attend a seminar on the way the pre-graduate curriculum for Interaction
Design should evolve in the coming years. Currently the curriculum is
mainly focused on a practical form of Interaction Design and design of
multimedia in particular. The last years the theoretical approach has
been scaled down dramatically, for example a course into Cognitive
Psychology has been pulled from the curriculum.

20 Feb 2008 - 8:10am
6 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Mind controller?

A company called Emotiv has a mind controller device. Think something and
that something becomes correlated to an action.
it isn't as easy as say the movie "Firefox" ("think in Russian!"), but it is
a start of calibrating brain waves to then say whenever this pattern occurs
do "this" action.

I doubt it is ready for firing missiles, yet.

20 Mar 2007 - 3:27pm
7 years ago
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Valerie Gomez d...

comments on comments on comments...

I am working with a client who would like to provide nested comments - about
6 levels deep.
Thoughts on nested comment threads?