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16 Feb 2009 - 1:58pm
kelly kowatch

Seeking ID professionals in non-profits

I'm a Career Counselor at the University of Michigan School of
Information. I'm doing a research project on people who work in
fields related to human-computer interaction. I'm looking to
interview a couple people for my research.

24 Feb 2010 - 4:42pm

JOB multiple UI jobs at TiVo Inc, Alviso, CA

Rather than send out a bunch of individual messages...

We have four positions open at our San Jose, CA office.

20 Feb 2005 - 11:48am
Shelley Wood

Interaction Designer, Concord, MA, USA, InContext Enterprises, Full-Time

Do you want to design applications and systems that really meet the needs of
users? Are you tired feeling like you are "making it up" because you don't
really know what users need? Design from customer data by joining InContext
- the company that created Contextual Design, the full front-end,
customer-centered design process.

27 Jul 2010 - 12:40pm

*Searching for Director/VP, Business Development or Client Services role*

Hi Everyone,I am looking to make a career move in the SF Bay Area. I have 4+ years of Design (frog design, Native Design) Consulting/BD and Operational experience plus 12 years of Software and Technology Sales/Marketing success. I am very interested in finding a design firm/consultancy that is in need of my skill-set to help them get to the next level.

30 Aug 2007 - 6:29pm
7 years ago
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True or False: In a perfect world we'd all createhtml clickable wireframes after the static ones have been done

True. For relatively sized fonts, legibility, localization, above-the-fold
positioning, and reality-checking, it's the best step before moving to

15 Jun 2005 - 10:47pm
9 years ago
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Re: Professional development; employer expectations (was RE: book recommendation for everyone)

> I'd be curious how others feel about this relationship between
> employer and designer. I would imagine this would be really
> different at the consultancies than at the product development shops.

Recently I've become responsible for a team of designers who had had no
leadership for a period of almost six months. My first questions to them
was what their current problems were and where they wanted to be. It was
interesting how the issues of creativity and engagement were the first
ones to appear.

13 Aug 2010 - 5:20pm
4 years ago
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IxDA Board of D...

Why does IxDA exist?

Why does IxDA exist?

This was the question the IxDA Board of Directors began with as we gathered this past weekend for our annual retreat. It was an important place to start for two reasons: Clarification of what we are, and even more importantly what we are not; and reminding ourselves why we are a part of IxDA.

1. Clarification of what we are, and even more importantly what we are not

14 Apr 2010 - 1:57am
4 years ago
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UI Standards within the organization

Hi All,

I've been reading this post on UI Trends about questioning the use of UI standards with the organization. http://uitrends.com/2010/04/13/are-user-interface-standards-any-good/

Personally I do believe that UI standards are needed within a company but they need to leave room for creativity and change.

What's your feeling?


23 Jul 2010 - 4:58pm
4 years ago
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19 Jan 2005 - 3:29pm
10 years ago
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Josh Seiden