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20 Feb 2010 - 11:26am
4 years ago
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Jason Richardson

UX Field trips

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to take our UX team on a few "field trips" this year
in Northeast Ohio to visit other organization's UX teams and share
methods, deliverables and anything else related to UX in a half day

14 Aug 2009 - 1:20pm
5 years ago
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Audrey Crane

Examples of pre-login \"soft personalization\"?

I'm looking for examples of personalization that happens when a user
has not yet logged in, either via cookies, geo location by IP
address, or flash cookies ("local shared objects").

Examples I have so far are:
- Amazon's home page, if you've ever logged in before
- Google local results in standard search result page
- ads everywhere

Any other ways to personalize w/o requiring login technically?
Any other names for this? Profiling?
Any other favorite examples?

Thanks in advance...

17 Nov 2003 - 12:07pm
Bennett, Louise

To hide or not to hide - resolution

Hi everyone

Thanks for all of the notes and suggestions. Its great to be able to put these questions out there and get such thoughtful responses! I thought I'd let you know the outcome of this one.

We're at the stage now where final decisions are being made on how to proceed with this, and we're going to go with a fairly informative and interactive approach. We'll have information about the advanced product available via splash screens during the standard installation process, and we'll have a link to upgrade information and purchase procedure (via a HTML page) under the help menu.

24 Jul 2008 - 2:55pm

OSS Design Tools

Since this topic comes up every once in a while, here are two browser-based
applications I recently found. Both are free and open (as in beer and in

Rapid Rabbit
Rapid prototyping tool which allows you to create links between pages. Good
for high level planning and screenflows.

UI mockup tool with stencils for Windows XP, Vista, and GNOME/gtk

Celeste 'seele' Paul

31 Dec 2008 - 12:15pm
Richard I. Anderson

interactions magazine, January+February 2009

Just published:
interactions magazine, January+February 2009

(Welcome) Interactions: Time for Some Change
Richard Anderson, Jon Kolko
Full article for free

Section: The Potential for Technology-Enabled Connections

Social Network Sites and Society: Current Trends and Future Possibilities
Nicole Ellison, Cliff Lampe, Charles Steinfield

90 Mobiles in 90 Days: A Celebration of Ideas for Mobile User Experience
Rachel Hinman

(Under Development) Kids, Education, and Cellular Handsets
Jakkaphan Tangkuampien


5 Feb 2010 - 9:50am
Nina Gilmore

Affinity diagrams with remote participants?

Hi Animesh,
I think I was not entirely clear: we want to do a LIVE session with remote participants, rather than an asynchronous remote session.
Ideally, we'd all work on the same diagram, viewing and modifying simultaneously. To discuss, we'd use a conference call.

It's not so straightforward to find a program that will support this live editing/viewing by multiple users.

13 Feb 2006 - 5:45pm
8 years ago
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Steve Baty

Back to Top links - should these be translated for multi-language sites?!

Dear All,

Sorry to be asking such a basic question, but I don't have any research to
back up my belief so I throw myself on the collective wisdom of this list:

Should 'Back to top' - or equivalent - anchor links be translated into each
language of a multi-language site?

My instinctive reaction is 'yes': it would provide a consistent language
experience throughout the page and sitelet, and avoid any miscommunication
in something that should be a straight-forward navigation element.

1 Feb 2008 - 12:19am
Aaron Louie

Seattle Monthly IA/UX Meetup - February 12th (date change!)

Once a month, we get together to have drinks, chat, network, and geek
out with fellow information architects, librarians, usability experts,
user experience designers, and other like-minded user-centered
professionals and students. It's open to anyone, so bring a friend --
especially those in other local organizations! The format will be
casual, but all are encouraged to bring something to discuss -- recent
work, an interesting topic, or even your resume.

1 Jun 2005 - 4:50pm
9 years ago
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ji kim

re: McAfee UI Design group wins big w/ 90% drop in support calls

I read this article couple of months ago.....first I was glad to seesuch article.

Then I started talking this with my colleagues (more business/marketing folks...).......our conclusion was that 90% seems little high - we felt it was exaggerated. There could be variety of reasons why McAfee didn't receive much support calls - one reason might be people simply didn't really use it.....and list does on.

27 Apr 2009 - 5:47pm
Carl Alviani

[EVENT] Coroflot Creative Confab, NYC, May 15

Coroflot.com and the Core77 Design Network invite you to the New York
City installment of the Creative Confab panel and networking series:

May 15, from 2-5pm

Art Directors Club - 106 W 29th St. @ 6th Avenue, New York City


The Creative Confabs are a series of afternoon events, each featuring
a panel discussion on the current realities and trends in creative