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26 Jan 2009 - 6:01pm
7 years ago
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Angel Marquez

Information through sound.

Theatre has been doing it for centuries.
On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 7:06 AM, Leonardo Parra Agudelo <
lparra at uniandes.edu.co> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I just started working with sound as a source of information, among other
> things, and my starting point was Gestalt, and basic design principles to
> study sound pieces, from sound artists to raw pop, it seems to me there's a
> need to put together some sort of docu

16 Oct 2004 - 9:55pm
Juhan Sonin

Open Position: Sr. Interaction Designer @ MITRE

The Senior Interaction Designer will be a key player in a talented
creative and engineering team dedicated to developing world-class web,
PDA, and Open Source-based products.

They will use their skills in user interface engineering, enterprise
engineering, conceptual design and information architecture in
partnership with MITRE and AF designers to create new products for
advancing the government's technology frontier. This individual will be
a leader in user interface design for new product development efforts
critical to the success of the product line.

26 Feb 2008 - 3:38pm

[JOB] Going.com Web/UI Designer - Boston, MA. Full or part time.

Please apply directly if you are interested (I'm just the messenger here,
don't know anything about the position!). Info at the bottom of the listing.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Web/UI Designer (full-time or 20+ hours part-time)Are you a multi-talented
designer looking to have a real impact? Going.com <http://going.com/>, the
site that connects people with cool things going on in their local city and
with like-minded others, is seeking a designer to help us realize the full
vision of helping people enjoy life in their city.

17 Feb 2009 - 7:10pm
Los Angeles IxDA

[EVENT] Interaction &#8217;09 recap presented by IxDA Los Angeles, RAPP, and Artisan Creative, Wednesday February 25th, 7-9pm

The Interaction Design Association (IxDA) recently held its second annual
conference: Interaction'09|Vancouver. Several IxDA Los Angeles members
attended, and we are holding an event to recap the conference and share what
we learned.

This re-cap will feature exclusive video highlights of the best moments from
the conference.

7 Sep 2009 - 6:25pm
6 years ago
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Windows Photo Gallery for user testing?

Hello fellow IxDers,
I am getting ready for some user testing for a web site upgrade. I'm
working with a company who is mostly interested in feedback on the
taxonomy and general look and feel of each page of their web site. I
am using .jpgs for this test.

However, I prefer scenario based testing whenever possible to add a
dose of reality to how they see the page, ("See if you can find
information on plant nurseries in your area"). This test will likely
be a combination since you cannot actively "click through".

31 Oct 2004 - 9:01pm
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

ADMIN: RE: Academic research and design

Ok, I'm not pointing fingers ... But you, you, you, and oh you! ... Lets be
nice ok. I think there is actually something that is really worth discussing

I think kevin Cheng responded with some good thoughts, I'll repeat them
here, as I think they got burried in the later conversations.

<< So summarizing:
1) nobody can separate info/visual/interaction from a product.

21 Dec 2004 - 4:25pm
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

ADMIN: Going on Vacation ????? ( was RE: Anthony Quinn is on leave )

Let me take this moment during the winter solstice holiday season to remind
people that it is very inappropriate to have your out-of-office setting set
on, and still have your subscriptions for email lists set to receive.

Most lists have a function that allow you to suspend delivery. For sure,
ours does have such a setting and it is called mail delivery. If you go to
http://discuss.ixdg.org/ you can see our guidelines and instructions
regarding this particular setting.

9 Mar 2009 - 10:53am
7 years ago
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Favorite tool for sitemapping?


It's been quite awhile since I've had to actually do any sitemaps. I'm
wondering what your tool of choice is these days. I've got one to create
myself and I'm faced with a myriad of tools at my disposal: Axure,
Illustrator, InDesign and even Visio (ugh) to name four.

I like Axure, but I don't have the wireframes in that tool. Sitemaps have
always been such a manual labor type thing and hard to update.

24 Feb 2009 - 9:38am
7 years ago
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Michael Angeles

[PLUG] OmniGraffle Sketch Stencils

If you're an OmniGraffle user you may be interested in the sketch
stencils I've posted to Konigi. The sketch kit contains all of the UI
elements you'll find in the free Wireframe Stencils I provide at
Konigi and urlgreyhot, plus additional shapes and elements to make it
easier for you to adjust to this style of wireframing. The set of user
interface sketch stencils is designed for OmniGraffle 5.x, but OG4
users are also able to use by changing the .gstencil extensions to

I'm providing the stencils for $10 with free lifetime upgrades.

12 Jan 2008 - 8:24pm
8 years ago
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Helen Killingbeck

Web 2 and enterprise strategy with regards to Usability/User Centered Design

I've been doing research in order to provide input as to Enterprise Strategy
(from an IT infrastruturec perspective) on implementing Web 2 technologies.

There is sufficient research on the impact of Web 2 technologies from the
perpspective of a company's external facing audience (aka customers) however
I am looking for research and impact on how implementing Web 2 technologies
impacts internal audiences and corporate processes..

Some of the topics that come to mind are:

- how do you document design when implementing AJAX...for example in
GUI design specifications?
- how do you