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6 May 2010 - 9:33am
Gino Rodrigues

Re: [IxDA] Username vs. Screen Name

Are you asking about the concept or the labeling?

For the concept, there are valuable "identity" consideratinos from social design patterns at http://habitatchronicles.com/2008/10/the-tripartite-identity-pattern/.

For the labeling, I understand "username" as authentication, and "screenname" as display, which despite bound to the same person, must be kept separate for many reasons you can read on that link above.

Good luck!



[Event] Call for Particpation: Prototype Sprint in Berlin on Sunday!

Hi! we want to build a game that helps people learn from each other as they explore how to build collaborative and resilient futures. On Sunday August 28 we're hosting a prototype sprint to explore these ideas and we'd like you to help us out. We're looking for educational and social futurists, game designers, developers and interaction designers who are interested in collaborating on game concepts that will make it easier to shape our lives and learn from each other.

10 Nov 2011 - 12:27am
4 years ago
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Jeremy Yuille

2012 Student Design Challenge is open for entries

Thomson Reuters and the IxDA are very pleased to announce the launch of our 2012 Student Design Challenge!

Entries are open now, and close on December 5, 2011. Be in the running to win a scholarship to Interaction 12 in Dublin, and take part in an exciting design challenge around the future of news.

29 Aug 2011 - 3:51pm
4 years ago
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Paginating a categorized list


I have a list on a mobile screen that is organized into categories that does not fall into a continum. Let's just say that it is 'North', 'East', 'South' and 'West'. The list is loaded remotely and everytime only 10 can be retrieved from the server. Is there any good example of an UI that work for such a list? The regular stream that the Facebook and Google+ won't work. I don't want to show all the North entries, have him scroll down and wait for entries for 'East', 'South' and 'West'.

Thanks for your advice in advance!

19 Oct 2006 - 3:50pm
Robert Hoekman, Jr.

Designing the Obvious, coming to a bookshelf near you

If you're interested in finding new sources of debate and lively
conversation, you might pick up a copy of my new book, released today,
called Designing the Obvious. It discusses guiding principles of web
application design, but does so by pointing out concrete examples and
talking about how to reproduce the qualities that make web apps great.

The term "interaction design" is mentioned exactly once, on the second to
last page of the book ... I think.

4 Aug 2005 - 7:36pm
Margaret Motamed

"Sr Interaction designer" job opening, EFI, Foster City, CA, Contract

EFI is the world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for
commercial and enterprise printing.

EFI is looking for a talented user interface designer for its Product Design
group. As a UI designer, you will be working closely with product managers,
engineers and other designers to design and prototype highly usable, sensible
and elegant interface solutions for a wide range of EFI software products
through user-centered design process.

5 Feb 2010 - 2:51pm
Daylan White

JOB; Sr. Interaction Designer; San Francisco, CA; Hotwire.com; Full Time

Company Overview
If you are interested in working with extraordinary people in one of the fastest growing e-commerce categories, join The Hotwire Group, which includes Hotwire.com, Travel-Ticker.com, and CarRentals.com. As a travel provider laser-focused on low prices, our business has not been impacted negatively by the current recession - in fact, we are growing faster than ever. At The Hotwire Group, we mix creativity, analytics, and a casual (albeit driven) environment in order to get new products and services to market quickly.

3 Nov 2005 - 3:03pm
10 years ago
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Any Ixder's working on physical products inthegroup?

In answer to the original question, I am working on the design of some
physical phone related products and am happy to start a dialogue about that.

In terms of the ipod discussion below...I have an ipod and I love it *in
spite* of the interaction which frankly I often find confusing. Very
frequently, I am hitting the menu button at the wrong time instead of select
and I find the term "Menu" which really means "Back" on an iPod (sometimes)
to be very confusing and difficult to use. Having spoke with others, I know
that I am not alone in this observation.

25 Apr 2008 - 8:45am
8 years ago
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REMINDER: [EVENT] IxDA DC Social: Monday April 28

IxDA D.C. Face-2-Face Social: April 28, Cafe Citron, Dupont Circle

IxDA D.C. is throwing a Face-2-Face Social so we can meet in person for
drinks, socializing, and planning upcoming events based on user (you—the
community) research. As such, we will be gathering both qualitative and
quantitative data on the interests of the local IxDA & IA communities. We
might even craft some personas (using pictures from later in the evening) to
bring our archetypes to life.

So — come one, come all to this April IxDA D.C. social event.

15 Jan 2008 - 4:04pm
8 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Really interesting article on IxD on Core77

Check out this article by an "outsider" trying to let the ID world know what
IxD is all about and why they should care:

I really like it!

-- dave

David Malouf