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Oct 17: iPhone Development for Designers Workshop - San Francisco

*** Only 2 days left! ***

Whether you're a designer with some or no programming skills, this
workshop is for you! Learn to build iPhone applications with a new
and revolutionary tool called Corona, in this 4-hour workshop this
coming Saturday morning October 17, in San Francisco.

Workshop details and registration at

:: What You'll Learn ::

Learn to build a simple iPhone application and install it on your

25 Feb 2008 - 12:05am
6 years ago
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sajid saiyed

Was: What is Graphic Design?

Great idea.
for this I can't wait for interaction'09 :)
Lets do it now.


On Fri, 22 Feb 2008 13:32:45, <dave at ixda.org> wrote:
> Jeff this is awesome! what about running a contest for the
> interaction09 where we challenge designers to use their craft to
> communicate what their practice is?
> -- dave
> . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

5 Feb 2008 - 12:48am
6 years ago
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Pankaj Chawla

The ONE Book!


Which is that one book on Design/UX/IxD/Usability/etc etc that you
will like to gift to your engineering folks in management as a new
year gift that will make them understand its need and value. On
similar lines which is that one book that you will like to gift the
hands-on engineering folks to make them understand that thinking about
user needs is equally important as thinking about the algorithms.

Mind you only one book for each that will create the maximum impact on
their thought process :-)


25 Aug 2008 - 2:10pm
Shannon Caddigan

JOB: Interaction Designer: SF Bay Area: Brook Vanderford: Full Time

Title: Interaction Designer/Senior Interaction Designer
Location: SF Bay Area - 30 minutes from SF
Compensation: 90's to low 100's DOE + stock

A progressive mobile-technology company is searching for an Interaction
Designer/Senior Interactive Designer to join its creative team and focus
on user interface design and usability.

29 Aug 2005 - 4:55pm
Lada Gorlenko

UPA'06 call for submissions


UPA'06 conference committee invites you to submit you narratives to
the next year's conference "Usability through storytelling".

As user experience professionals, we weave stories that have been
harvested from user communities. While using products we help to
develop, they tell us stories of frustrations and joyous discoveries.
Observing and analyzing users and their tasks creates stories that
will bring the user community alive in the minds of others.

Join us June 12-16, 2006, to tell your story in Broomfield, Colorado,
located just outside Boulder and Denver.

9 Jun 2004 - 3:37pm
10 years ago
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Jim Hoekema

interface standards - the CE space

Dave Collins makes an excellent point regarding consumer electronics:
> In the case of stereo equipment, the companies are still jockeying for
> position, and whether they like it or not, the interface to their device
> is still strongly perceived by the user to *be* the device.

12 Aug 2010 - 11:46pm

Re: [IxDA] Font sizers

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 5:25 AM, Scott Noblit <snoblit@scrippsnetworks.com> wrote:

18 Sep 2007 - 5:22pm
7 years ago
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Marcus I

Your Leading Design Consultancies and Design Rich Companies?

What are your top five user experience design consultancies / design rich companies? Not necessarily in any order and from an ID background perspective: 1. frog design 2. Apple 3. IDEO 4. Fitch 5. Yahoo! Enjoy,Marcus Imarcus-i-design AT hotmail

5 Aug 2008 - 6:12am
6 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Adaptive Path's Aurora ... Discuss

I have to say there are so many elements I like about this concept and
it is only part 1 of the video.
Kudos to Jesse James Garrett and the rest of the AP design team on Aurora.

Check out the demo video of their browser concept video.


David Malouf