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10 Sep 2008 - 12:47am
Harshada Deshpande

JOB: Usability Analyst at SAS R&D Pune, India - Full Time

Job Description for the Position of Software Specialist – Usability


As a member of the R&D Usability team, this person will design, prototype,
and document SAS Platform user interfaces.

15 Dec 2007 - 10:52pm
8 years ago
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Is "By invitation only" a better way to get converts to your service in a marketplace with an established player?

I guess the trend was started by Gmail ...you couldn't just sign up
and start using, you had to have an invitation. The same concept is
being used by "Jaiku" and "Pownce".

Does this feeling of exclusivity drive more converts to a new service
in a marketplace with an already established player?


22 Sep 2004 - 3:57am
11 years ago
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Barry Day

Sorting methodology

Hi IxDers

Has anybody used the Q-sort methodology in a usability/interaction
design context?


26 Oct 2004 - 1:01am
11 years ago
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Interesting Flash interface


What do you think?

Nullius in Verba

17 Oct 2004 - 8:51am
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Hiring woes, searching for the best

This might be just a NYC thing ... but I think I'm seeing signs elsewhere
Is it my imagination or is it getting really hard to get top-tier talent to
work in-house?

It just seems to me that everyone (almost everyone) is moving to create
their own consultancy. I can't think of a single "guru" in the field who is
in-house (not working for a consultancy theirs or a big name) anymore.
What's w/ dat?! Many of them have recently made the switch from in-house to
consultancy in what could be perceived as a mass evacuation.

I can see a few things that may be causing this:

19 Nov 2008 - 10:56am
7 years ago
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Tomas Garcia Ferrari

Moderation queue


Knowing that this is maybe inapropiated, I couldn't find another way
of asking.

I am subscribed to the IxDA Digest. Therefore, I receive threads of

16 Sep 2008 - 7:34pm
Aaron Louie

Join the InfoCamp revolution!

What's so revolutionary about InfoCamp?

InfoCamp gives the power to the people!

23 Jul 2007 - 4:48am
8 years ago
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Morten Hjerde

Portfolio questions

I have a couple of questions. Say, in the hypotethical, a-hem, case that I
were to prepare a IxD portfolio that could be presented to a US employer.
There would be some cultural differences (I'm european) and I would want to
steer clear of the worst mess-ups.

1. Where I am from, its expected that you are somewhat modest and you expect
that the reader "reads between the lines". This is of course just a social
contract. Same or different in the US?

2. What about tone of voice? I'm not going to be flippant, but how dry do I
have to be?

3. How big?

3 Nov 2010 - 4:09am
William Hudson

November Update - UX and UCD Courses in London, Hamburg and Vancouver

(With apologies for any duplication.)

I will be giving a talk tomorrow evening for the Hamburg chapter of the Interaction Design Association on 'The Psychology of Nerdiness and Its Impact on User-Centred Design' (similar to the one I gave at the UPA in London earlier this year).

15 Nov 2009 - 10:12am
6 years ago
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Weston Thompson

Representing visually the reasoning behind the sitemap.

This might be a good time to use a storyboard or comic representation of key
use scenarios. Those can embody all of the UX research/rationale and also
how that translates into pathways in the site. You could also try site path
diagramming (see Wodtke p.