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7 Mar 2004 - 5:27pm
erin malone

[JOB] AOL is looking for several UI designers (Dulles, Va and Mountain View, CA)

The AOL Product Design group has a need to fill several UI design
positions at different levels, including fulltime, contract and project

14 Oct 2008 - 1:59pm
5 years ago
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Melissa Sherman

7 habits of highly effective...

(I’m sure this has been asked countless times before but I can’t help myself.)
I’m looking for the habits of effective designers.   Not necessarily hard or soft skills.
Collaboration, communication, documentation, and investigation techniques all play a part but I'm looking for other, more specialized (or peculiar) routines and habits common to effective designers.The more specialized and peculiar the better!

4 Dec 2007 - 4:41pm
7 years ago
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Matt Nish-Lapidus



I just registered for Interaction08... for anybody else who is
attending it would be great to plan some sort of IxDA list meetup ..

Are people staying in the Sheraton mentioned on the website? Anybody
have any other recommendations for a hotel?

Also, I've got to say it....

15 Jun 2009 - 7:51am
yannis vasmatzidis

Job: Information architect/UX Designer position, Wells Fargo, Edison, NJ

Hi Everybody,

Wells Fargo has an opening for an Infronation Architect/UX Designer (see details below). The position is in Edison/North Brunswick, NJ.

3 Sep 2008 - 12:36pm
7 years ago
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Steve Schang

Wholesale banking experience research

So, the questions are:

>> 1. if you are a rich man, looking for a financial institution to
manage &
>> help your business grow, what key information would you look on their
Wholesale banking is a relationship driven business, there is very little
to no self-service in the sales process. There are two types of people
involved one is the decision maker who buys the product/service and the
other person is someone who does the actual day to day transactions. The
decision maker is a senior executive like the CEO, CFO, or Treasurer.

5 Jul 2007 - 8:56pm
Dave Malouf

[iai-members] 2007 IA Summit Redux in New York City, July 19th

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(Apologies for duplicate postings)

Couldn't make it to the IA Summit in Las Vegas?

24 Aug 2009 - 1:44am
6 years ago
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shopping.rediff.com - too much simplicity?

Rediff, one of the leading portals in India recently underwent an entire
redesign focusing on simplicity. But I guess it did the worse thing to their
online shopping site.

Can anyone locate "Womens ear rings" in their categories page?

The old site was way better compared to the new site. The old site had the
traditional approach and it was reasonably easy to navigate and shop around.

- Rajesh

29 Jan 2004 - 12:11pm
a h andrew

Re: Menu caption design (Sandeep Jain)

Another option is to have a history window similar to
Photoshop's. Keep the menu name short (Either "Undo"
or "Undo Move"), but in the history window have a
longer description "Undo Move Zone A", using the
guidelines Jim outline below for the best terminology.

To "argue this with your engineering manager", you
might try to pointing to existing applications. Remind
them of how they don't like to see non-standard menu
names, or how unwieldy (or helpful!) a particular name
might be. Try to point to specific resources that back
you up.

3 Nov 2006 - 11:21am
Lim, Nam Ee

Apply for User Experience Director position - Cisco

User Experience Director - Cisco

Title: User Experience Director Cisco Systems
Location: Silicon Valley
Salary: $175,000+ base plus generous bonus

Job Description:

The User Experience Architect supports both the tactical and strategic
goals of the Company website, with an emphasis on creating a superior
user experience and improving customer satisfaction. The position will
play a leading role in refining and improving the overall information
architecture, usability and visual design of the website and some
customer facing applications.

19 Dec 2006 - 8:29am
8 years ago
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Dave Malouf

up/down; forward/back; right/left

Hi gang,

I'm working on a project where we are trying to figure out in a horizontal
layout for physical buttons that are used for navigating a list of options
(primarily) that are layed out vertically how would you layout these

So you have a button on the left and another one on the right.
while button goes up the list and which button goes down?

Here are some cursory thoughts.
#1 Forward = add = up
Based on that a "volume control" seems to be the most used example and
adding volume (going up) is always on the right.

#2 If we look though at the same metaphor which is a k