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16 Oct 2008 - 9:37am
7 years ago
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Michael Micheletti

Joe the Plumber as Persona

In the US Presidential debate last night, there was considerable discussion
about "Joe the Plumber". Turns out he's a real person, but nevertheless I
heard him used as a sort of proxy or persona. Anybody else flash on this
too? Is he the right persona to be designing an economic turnaround for?
Other secondary personas to consider? Just wondering what you wise and witty
folks will come up with...

Michael Micheletti

16 Aug 2010 - 10:32am

RE: [IxDA] Pro bono work for SF non-profit needed ASAP

Thanks for the idea. I have received several possible responses to date.

> To: kmillersf@hotmail.com
> Subject: Re: [IxDA] Pro bono work for SF non-profit needed ASAP
> From: johnzurowski@hotmail.com
> Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 05:43:32 -0500
> Not sure if you have had a response to this. If not I would recommend you

27 Mar 2008 - 9:15am
7 years ago
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zack Frazier

At what point does a mailing list become counter-productive?

Here goes ...

First, I admit that I am not an IA but rather a developer who believes
in creating a synergy with IAs and designers to help solve our common

That being said, this list has become unmanageable.

There are great discussions happening here but it is becoming
increasingly hard to find them amongst the job postings, event
announcements, feel-good off-topic questions, and especially the
numerous snarky replies. I mean there were 15 replies to the Nannybot
etiquette post ...

18 Jul 2007 - 5:28pm
David Polinchock

Breaking News from the Onion News Network

A friend of mine sent me this link and I'd thought you'd all get a kick out
of it! Love the part about bloggers and Nigeria! http://tinyurl.com/2jsod4

David B.

24 Jul 2009 - 1:45pm
6 years ago
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Phillip Hunter

Usability of pre-filled versus empty in content capture software

(No semantic or grammar debates, I promise)

I'm researching a number of health care software packages. Many of
them have some way of short-cutting data entry, such as pre-selection
indicating the absence of unlikely conditions.

One tool, however, leans heavily on progressively, and supposedly
intelligently, filling in data based on answers given as the user
moves through the queries for content.

15 Sep 2006 - 6:28am
9 years ago
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Vinay Rao

Website content management and publishing tools

Have any of you used Open Source Content Management Systems such as Joomla for
building scaleable websites?

Recently I've noticed the popularity of web publishing tools such as Wordpress,
conventionally associated with blogs, being used to create full websites.
Scalability is achieved by treating every new entry as a new 'post'.

I'm curious to know which method works best in which situation.

Vinay Rao

19 Nov 2010 - 3:59am

Event: MEX, 30 Nov - 01 Dec, London


The next MEX on the future of mobile user experience is in London in 10 days time (30 Nov - 01 Dec).


The title for this 8th international edition of MEX is '6 pathways to the mobile UX horizon'.

100 of the deepest thinkers from mobile, media and design will work together to create new ideas in response the 6 Pathways through expert presentations and in-depth working groups.  Pathways include:


19 Apr 2004 - 7:40am
Robert Reimann

Interaction design web design

Hi Ash,

I (and my colleague Jodi Forlizzi at CMU) like to describe
interaction design in this way:

Interaction Design is a design discipline dedicated to:

Defining the *behavior* of artifacts, environments, and systems;
and therefore also concerned with:

- Defining the form of these things as it relates to their
behavior and use
- Anticipating how the use of these things will mediate human
relationships and affect human understanding
- Exploring the dialogue between products, people, and contexts
(physical, cultural, historical)

Interaction design is also a perspective that

2 Apr 2009 - 2:00pm

UX-User Experience Designer-San Jose, CA-Recruiter-FT, Contract

UX-User Experience Designer-San Jose, CA-Recruiter-FT

Do you believe that the best work comes out of a collaborative process? Is
your preference to work on consumer facing products? If your answer is yes
so far, please read on...

29 May 2006 - 5:51am
9 years ago
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auto completion menus

Hello every body
I am working on a completion menu (you type the beginning of the word, the
system proposes you a list of items, like the outlook contacts)
Does anyone have or know usability guidelines for completion menu? The only
thing I found on the Web was: