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1 Oct 2008 - 12:26pm
Caroline Jarrett

Entry for huge amounts of data

Carl Simpson
> I'm working on project that I think is somewhat unique, and
> unfortunately, I can only describe it in very general terms.
> It's a data entry system for items that contain rather large amounts of
> data. There are about 20 categories of data associated with each item.
> Each category will contain roughly 5 to 10 pieces of actual information
> (numbers, dates, short strings, etc), and many of the categories will
> be used several times for each item.

16 Feb 2010 - 8:12pm
4 years ago
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Stephen Holmes

/- impacts of 'address verification systems' on online forms

>From a user point of view, yes, complexity will always increase
abandonment rates, however one of your stakeholders is the business
and if it keeps the data "clean" and data maintenance costs down
then that benefit has to come into the pro and con equation.

Validation and verification CAN help a user fix simple typos and
assure the User that the address has been entered correctly.

13 Sep 2004 - 8:34pm
10 years ago
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Greg Petroff

ixd curriculum

Anyone in the list interested in discussing what an
interaction design curriculum would look like, rather
then where we have all come from?

I am an ex-architect so I know that route and there
are some pieces there that work well.

28 Aug 2006 - 9:14am
Lim, Nam Ee

JOB:Intuit-User Interface Design Manager(Full time position, Sad Diego)

Intuit -- User Interface Design Manager
Location: San Diego, CA
Salary: Market Leading Salary Package with generous bonuses and benefits
Intuit is a multi-billion dollar company, which transforms business and
financial management by creating profoundly simple ways for people and
businesses to manage their finances. Their products - including QuickBooks,
Quicken, and TurboTax -- are the "brand name" financial management products
of their type.

30 Sep 2009 - 10:17am
5 years ago
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Oleh Kovalchuke

Tab order - how to escape from a grid that uses tabs

Limit new row creation to one empty row.

Oleh Kovalchuke
Interaction Design is design of time

On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 4:12 AM, Chris Collingridge <
ccollingridge at googlemail.com> wrote:

> An interesting question has come up on one of our products, and I'd
> be interested to hear if anyone has (a) come across this before, (b)

2 Jul 2007 - 8:18am
7 years ago
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URLs without 'www' - having them work anyway


Just noticed on one of our major web properties (1 of our 2 most important
in fact) the site gives an IIS "under construction" notice instead of
resolving to the site proper at the www space. I sent this in as a problem,
that the site should still work correctly (and should not be hard with a
.Net site, I don't think). While not common, people do tend to key urls in
sometimes that way (especially geeks).

I have a feeling I may get some pushback on this, I'm wondering if anyone
has any statistics or articles or whatever that might help me back up the

17 Mar 2009 - 1:09pm
Thomas Daly

[Job] Interaction Designer, Irvington NY, House Party, Inc., Full Time

Houseparty.com is a unique word-of-mouth in-home marketing platform that
organizes nation-wide events in partnership with Fortune 500 companies
around TV shows, products and services.

Do you have an unhealthy obsession with the way things work? Do you yell at
websites and web applications that are poorly designed, like some sports
nuts yell at their television when their favorite team messes up? Are you
passionate about creating compelling, intuitive online experiences?

15 Jun 2004 - 9:09am
10 years ago
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an interface vocabulary

I'm developing a taxonomy with several vocabularies for a client. One
vocabulary is interface objects/GUI for web and software, so it crosses web
content, web application and client application terms. I was wondering if
folks would mind commenting. It's quite rough (and perhaps you might enjoy

I'd love:

new terms I don't yet have
comments on relationships (I.e. that's not a control, it's a X)
and anything else you have to say.

the notation is traditional LIS..

BT = Broader Term (I.e. parent)
NT = Narrower Term (I.e.

21 Jun 2007 - 10:34am

Market Research and User Experience domain

Hi All,

The Market Research and User Research essentially try to achieve
greater customer insight. I am wondering how different these two
domain really are.

Does anyone have an experience in which the worked with the Market
research agency as a part of the UX process. Also what kind Market
research industry related products are applied in UX domain?

Best Regards
Alok Jain

2 Dec 2009 - 9:34am
4 years ago
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aya karpinska

Standard message display time

hello, all,

is there a standard formula for determining length of time a message
overlay should display, e.g. 1 sec/word?

so that if you have a message overlay that automatically shows up on
screen load:
"Click on the green play button to start reading"
how long should you wait to fade it out?

thanks for your advice,