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18 Mar 2010 - 2:04pm
6 years ago
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Greg Petroff

Bill Buxton at Mix 2010

Nice talk from this weeks MIX conference by Bill Buxton




16 May 2007 - 5:32pm
A.C.Roibas at b...

CALL FOR CHAPTERS (last call): new HCI design challenges in Space

(apologies for crossposting)

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2007

Designing the user experience of future peripatetic users: new HCI design challenges in Space

Travelling to the depths of Space is no longer a privilege of astronauts and scientists. Space Agencies are starting to allow those who have the means to afford it, provided that they fulfil a minimum set of physiological requirements to join the ventures into outer space.

27 Jul 2008 - 10:49pm
7 years ago
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Dave Cortright

The (design) process

"What if there were no stop signs... and a major corporation was charged
with inventing one?"

Fun stuff. Reminds me a bit of the "Microsoft designs the iPod packaging"


29 Jul 2008 - 6:19pm
Christopher Pic...

JOB: Interaction Designer - San Francisco, CA - GreatSchools - Full Time

The Interaction Designer will work in cross-functional teams to create
interactive designs for high-traffic web applications aimed at parents
of K-12 students. Experience with interface design, information
architecture, and interactive content design is required.

2 Jul 2004 - 3:03pm
ji kim

Re: What makes a good prototyping tool?

To me a good prototyping tool consist of following:
1. Does not geneate production quality code ( really ).
2. Provide out of the box basic UI components for several target platforms and devices.
3. Allow me to create custom UI components easily and quickly (hopefully without programming).
4. Also has basic drawing tool features.

2 Mar 2011 - 3:14pm
5 years ago
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Resource Planning in UX Roles?

HI Everyone,

My team and I are trying to figure out how many resources we need for a year. Forecasting our time has proven difficult, because internally to our organization our time is not tracked hourly, but is known as Business As Usual, which usually denotes coming off of a bottom line SOMEWHERE, but it's not specific to a specific project per se.

There in lies the problem.

3 Dec 2007 - 8:25am
Andreza Godoy

JOB: Interaction Designer at LocaWeb, the leader web hoster in Latin America, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Interaction Designer at LocaWeb, the leader web hoster in Latin America

LocaWeb, the leader web hoster in Latin America located in Brazil, is
looking for a strong interaction designer to help build new solutions for
LocaWeb's next generation and existing products.

23 Jun 2008 - 12:19pm
Gretchen Denton

IxDA Curriculum (Was: Importance of MastersDegree for IxD Professionals)

After reading the thread on higher education, I went to the HFES.org
website to find a local University and inquire about their Human Factors

I thought you might be interested in the response I received from the

I think it is a great idea to pursue an advanced HF degree. Our program
was a very good one and would have been a good fit for you. But because
of the state budget cuts, FIU has decided to terminate our entire
department. So the program will not exist after next year.

4 Oct 2010 - 2:26pm
5 years ago
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What is the standard to use: Security Code, CVV, CVV2, CVC etc.

I'd like to hear others thoughts on what the "Standard" labeling is for having users submit the number on the back of their credit cards. I have seen some sites show an image of the back of a card but I'm more wondering about the verbiage. Do you feel there is a standard out there now for what to use or what others are leaning towards as s standard.

"Security Code", "CVV", "CVV2", "CVC"?

22 Jan 2008 - 7:21am
8 years ago
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Marianne Jensen

Online brochure vs. PDF download

Does anyone have any recommendations/ preferences with regard to online
We have the option of providing a downloadable pdf that users can view/print
out for reading later, and/or going with a zmags.com solution that takes the
print brochure(s) and displays it rather sleekly in it's own window (Ikea
applies this solution). There is a link to download the brochure from the
zmag approach, but I don't think it's immediately evident to the user. Are
there any stats/suggestions?