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Job Opening - Senior Experience Planner

Bridge Worldwide in Cincinnati, OH, is hiring a Sr. Experience Planner  Seeking UX experts w/ a passion for UCD & making a difference

12 Mar 2008 - 7:33am
6 years ago
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Joe Lanman

White Void - Usable 3D Interface

I'm not normally one for Flash interfaces, but I thought this was
impressive, smooth and relatively usable:


Sorry if this has already been posted somewhere.




10 Mar 2008 - 4:44pm
6 years ago
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NN/g IxD immersion course

I got a postcard advertising Nielsen Norman Group's Interaction
Design 101 3-day immersion course and I'm wondering if anyone's been
to it and would like to post a review.

Here's the curriculum:


I'm particularly interested in the "gathering requirements" portion,
since I desperately need some clues about interviewing and research.


-- Kim

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Kim Bieler Graphic Design
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15 Jul 2007 - 4:09pm
6 years ago
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Janna DeVylder

Chicago needs a local IxDA group... join us!

Are there others in the Chicagoland area that are interested in attending
local IxDA gatherings and events? Your interest could range from planning
events, speaking at an event, attending... or just feeling happy, knowing
there is a local group here.

If any of the above fit you, please email me off-list so I can gauge
interest. Also let me know if there are any topics of particular interest
that you haven't found a local forum for as of yet.

many thanks,


15 Feb 2005 - 10:35pm
Dave Malouf

Fwd: JOB: RCA Head of Interaction Design Post(RoyalCollege of Art; London)

> Unfortunately, it's accompanied by the all-too-common pathetically low
> salary for an IxD H-o-D.
> > Salary: £46,000 pa

First off, is that really that low? I don't know my exchange rates off-hand
but the pound at it's lowest is 1.5 dollars to the pound which would put
that at some $70k, no? Considering that teaching usually has "supplemental"
income at this level, I'm not so sure that I think that is so bad.

Also, I bet in the UK the bennies are a heck of a lot better than they are
in the states. Just the # of bank holidays alone.

27 Mar 2008 - 3:10pm

# JOB # User Interface Designer # New York #Full Time / Contract # Recruiter

User Interface Designer
New York
Duration: 3 Months

Start Date: ASAP
Position Type: Full Time/Contract

Experience Level - No of years: Minimum 1 year's experience in UI Designing
using XAML & Microsoft Blend.

Job Overview: This is a short terms position for 8 - 12 weeks focusing on
Design for Conflict Management Application used by the bankers

Duties & Responsibilities: Duties will include

* Design UI

* Review Wireframes already available for Conflict application

* Develop UI controls, components etc.

19 Feb 2010 - 4:35pm
4 years ago
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Misty McLaughlin

[JOBS] User Experience Practice Manager and Information Architect at Convio, Inc.

Convio, Inc. has two positions open in Austin, Texas. Apply at

User Experience Practice Manager

Convio develops innovative solutions to help nonprofits become more
effective and efficient in pursuing their fundraising and advocacy
causes. We are expanding our agency services capabilities and seeking
an experienced leader for our User Experience consulting team.

3 May 2007 - 7:31am
6 years ago
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Dave Malouf

hows this for a simple interface?


The above link takes you to a blog entry and in it a screenshot of a
CAD interface. CAD interfaces are infamous for being incredibly
complex. This takes it to the other extreme.

Personally, I think there is something missing here. Communication layer.
When I deal with paper and pencil (the inspiration here), there is a
long history of use and well my schooling in it. Think about it.

8 Jan 2009 - 12:47pm
Katie Corrigan

[JOB] Recruiter: Blackberry UI Designer in Pleasanton, CA, 3 mo. contract

Contract Blackberry UI Designer

I have a client looking for a hot-shot Mobile User Interface Designer. This
individual needs to have experience working on the BlackBerry platform,
designing mini-applications. Must be a guru at developing functional and
design specs and creating wireframes. Additionally, you must be an
Interaction Designer with some Information Architecture and Visual Design
talent, as well.

This is a 3 month contract position, working on-site with the client in

8 Dec 2009 - 8:04am
4 years ago
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IxDA Board of D...

Reviewing nominations for the 2010-2012 IxDA Board of Directors

I'm happy to let the community know that 20 people (which includes 2 current
board members) have put their names forth for consideration for the IxDA
Board of Directors.

IxDA relies on the leadership that emerges from the community, so we are
very thankful for this show of support.

Next steps:

We plan on notifying the nominees of the Board's decision no later than
December 18th, 2009. After acceptance of the position, we will then
announce the 2010-2012 Board to the community.