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25 Apr 2008 - 2:31pm
edson rufino de...

differences in perception of blind people and with othe disabilities.

hi folks,

i want to know if there are books and other references about the
differences in perception of blind people and with othe disabilities.
can anyone help me?

best regards,

edson rufino de souza, msc.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
design and accessibility
tel: +55-21-86301300

12 Aug 2004 - 11:40am
Challis Hodge

JOB: Contract IA position in Atlanta, GA USA


4 to 5 week contract assignment (web site redesign) on client site in
Atlanta Georgia. To begin immediately.

25 Mar 2006 - 2:09am
Dave Malouf

Sunday night @ the IA Summit: When IxD meets IA a night at Relish Sunday the 26th

Whether you are attending the Summit or in and around Vancouver, join us for
IxDA night out at Relish (corner of Nelson and Hornby St.), 7:30 on Sunday.
Hot debates about design and chilling out with nice folks are on the menu.
Put a face to a name you know from the IxD Discuss list.

Drop us a note, if you plan to come iasummit06 at ixda.org, or simply turn up
as a last minute decision.

For directions, see http://www.relishtherestaura

18 Dec 2006 - 5:42pm
8 years ago
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Nathan Vincent

Philips USA CEO: Do People Need the Gizmos we'reSelling?

Did someone give Paul Zeven 'The Inmates are Running the Asylum' as an
early Christmas gift?

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7 Feb 2006 - 9:34am
9 years ago
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Solveig Engbakk

Accessibility issues regarding tree view

Hello everyone,

Are any of you familiar with accessibility issues regarding using tree
views on the Internet? I know that not everyone on this list are big
fans of tree views at all, and that tree views have some usability
problems that affect both those who suffer from disabilities and those
who do not alike. However, I am at the moment only interested in any
issues that affect only users with some kind of disability or affect the
disabled significantly more than people who do not have any

26 Feb 2004 - 6:00pm
Nick Ragouzis

When a widget is just not right ( was RE: [ID Discuss] Re-orderingrows in a table.)

I agree Dave. And besides ... the checkbox idiom is exactly what's desired here.

Sandeep wrote, relevant to the option using shifting:
> Basically, user selects one row by checking the checkbox,
> and then, uses the up/down buttons to dynamically move
> the selected row.

Why in the world must the user be limited to selecting one row (i.e., in a radio button group) for the shift operation? And
would the rows thus selected have to be contiguous at the outset?

15 Jun 2010 - 4:35pm
4 years ago
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IxDA interaction11 - Call For Participation


IxDA’s Interaction11 Conference
February 9-12, 2011 (Wednesday through Saturday)
Boulder, Colorado, USA

presented by IxDA in partnership with Boulder Digital Works (BDW)

[Note: All dates are different from Interaction’10]

August 1, 2010
Presentation Proposals Due

August 15, 2010
Student Design Competition Submissions Due

September 1, 2010
Acceptance Notices Sent

September 15, 2010

29 Apr 2006 - 1:30pm
Dan Saffer

IM and Command-Line Interfaces

Interesting post by Tim O'Reilly makes the connection:


Mixing command-line simplicity with natural language sometimes makes

11 Nov 2008 - 10:48am
6 years ago
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Gloria Petron

Article: Southwest designs own software, affects ticket prices

*The Middle Seat: Savvier Airline Schedules, Fewer Cheap Fares*

> ...Southwest tried to hire consulting firms or software providers to devise
> a system for its unique way of operating. But most airline scheduling
> systems are geared to long-haul, hub-and-spoke carriers where planes fly
> into and out of the same city over and over and airlines want to maximize
> flight connections.

20 Aug 2009 - 5:46pm
5 years ago
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Designers, Build your iPhone Apps with Corona

If you feel technically challenged to build iPhone apps yourself, then you
need to know about this new tool.

While Apple¹s SDK is accessible to engineers, we designers have to leave the
honorable task of developing an iPhone application that we thought out and
carefully designed to technical savvy hands. But times are changing as the
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