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27 Oct 2003 - 11:00am
Dave Malouf

Test Topic

Well it is time to say goodbye to our Yahoo Group and move to our new
domain, discuss at interactiondesigners.com.

Moving forward the members of this list should now send their messages to
discuss at interactiondesigners.com. You have all been subscribed to this new
list. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. However your options for digests and "no email"
settings were lost in the transfer.

23 Jul 2007 - 9:44am
Michele Marut

IXDA communities looking for space (was 2007 IA Summit Redux in New York City, July 19th)

"Other communities like SF, Silicon Valley, Stockholm, Portland, etc.
are always looking for good space, so don't be shy if you live there
and got space, "

Please keep smaller areas, like Pittsburgh, in mind too.

- Michele Marut
LA for Pittsburgh

21 Jul 2006 - 6:42pm
9 years ago
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Sean Voisen

Audio feedback in HTML-based web applications

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts/ideas/research on audible feedback
in modern web applications. The reason I ask is that it seems to me these
days that audio tends to be largely ignored, especially with the recent push
for more DHTML/AJAX/Javascript-based applications (as opposed to
Flash-platform-based apps). Is this partially because the technology just
doesn't readily support it? (Though Flash does, and there are workarounds
for the issue, like this one:

20 Feb 2008 - 9:33am
Donald Fischer

[JOB] Software Interaction Designer, Boston MA, LiTL LLC (full time)

Title: Software Interaction Designer
Company: LiTL LLC
Location: Boston, MA (Back Bay)
Title: Permanent, full time

LiTL is a brand new, well funded company developing a consumer product
that involves hardware, software, and online services. We're looking
for a talented interaction designer to help us create our iconic first
product (and many products to come).

In this role, you will add software design expertise to our larger
design team, which includes one of the world's top industrial design
and branding firms.

3 Apr 2007 - 1:22am
Nancy Falkenburg
17 May 2005 - 8:33am
Carrie Ritch

Interaction Design Group Launches Resource Library

Interaction Design Group Launches Resource Library

For Immediate Release

May 17, 2005 ::: The Interaction Design Group (IxDG)--an association
that serves the needs of the international community of practitioners,
teachers, and students of interaction design--today launched the IxDG
Resource Library at http://resources.ixdg.org.

The IxDG Resource Library is a repository of information about
interaction design (IxD) that the IxDG community has created.

14 Jan 2010 - 5:12pm
Elizabeth Peterson

Job - Senior Interaction Designer - On-site in NYC - Freelance

Hi IxDA –

I am the Talent Manager with LBi/Iconnicholson - we are looking for a
Senior IxD for some upcoming project work.

Come work for a fun team - innovative projects, beer fridge
Thursdays, NERF battles and Wii challenges.

7 Jan 2011 - 6:52pm
5 years ago
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Jonathan Warner

Seeking Interaction '11 tickets

My beloved designers:

Having barely missed the chance to buy a ticket to Interaction '11 in Boulder, I'm seeking a ticket from someone who has an extra.  I sure would love to buy one and see you all there again this year.  jonathan[att]sustain[dott]us  (Any leads also appreciated!)

Thank you!

- Jonathan

April Lee

Could anyone give me some suggestions about which program to choose?

Hello everyone,

I am a senior undergraduate student and I have thinking about taking a master program in digital media, interactive design, game development or broader computer graphics this fall.