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2 May 2008 - 7:23am
5 years ago
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Mark Schraad

can we make it to easy?

I was reading about Microsoft having recruited Adobe's (think
photoshop UI and more) Mark Hamburg to work on user experience. I
don't find Adobe product o be particularly user friendly, but I do
find them to be consistent and remarkably efficient once you get over
a learning curve. I appreciate that approach a lot. I found my self
wondering if, for professional tools, there is greater adoption,
product loyalty and stickiness in leaving a certain amount of
difficulty in the UI? The thinking goes...

28 Apr 2010 - 5:12pm
3 years ago
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Christopher Rider

do users understand the terms "ascending" and "descending"?


My team have been discussing how to word the labels presented to non-sighted users for sortable table headers.

The terms "ascending" and "descending" are popping up like gophers. My instinct is that parsing these terms requires a lot of work on the users' part, so I'd prefer to use labels like  "A-Z", "0-9" and "newest first". Naturally, I'm getting some pushback from my development team, since this requires a different label depending on the data type of the column.

20 Nov 2008 - 3:03pm
Jennifer Garcia

[JOB] recruiter: lead web user experience designer in redwood shores, ca - fulltime

Are you passionate about creating first-rate user experiences? Do you have a
gift for building and inspiring a team of design & development professionals
to engage and delight users?

The User Experience and Design group at our client company is setting the
design direction and corporate UI standards for a wide range of advanced,
UCD research methods development, and product design. We are seeking
creative individuals with experience in Interaction Design, and Information

6 Oct 2012 - 5:14pm
1 year ago
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hosting provider for design firm recommendations


I am looking for a new web hosting provider for my business site.  I currently use ipower but they put a limit on email storage. When your mail box is full they do not notify you.   I've had mails bouncing with no notification to me that my mail was getting close to the limit.  My mail fills pretty quickly as people are typically sending files without any notice to give them an alternative method for sending.  I'm looking for a hosting provider that does not limit the size of your mailbox.  

Any advice appreciated. 

5 Aug 2009 - 10:07am
Dan Brown

[PLUG] Workshop • Wireframes with EightShapes Unify • August 21, 2009 • Washington, DC

[Please forgive the cross-posting!]

The holy grail of design documentation is efficiency. You want to spend your
time solving design problems, not fiddling with annotations or getting your
wireframes to line up just so.

EightShapes Unify, a collection of templates, stencils, and components can
help you get there.

24 Feb 2009 - 10:29am
Kevin Silver

[EVENT] IxDA New Mexico -- Interaction 09 Recap -- March 17th 6pm

Join us at the Media Arts Lab Garage at UNM for a recap of Interaction
09. We'll be showing the highlight videos and at least one keynote
and session. The Arts Lab has an awesome facility with a great screen
and audio.

When: March 17th, 2009 6pm
Where: Media Arts Lab Garage (http://artslab.unm.edu/where.html)

Hope to see you there!


25 Nov 2008 - 2:43pm
Ed Caggiani

[Job] Sr. User Experience Designer for Zazzle.com (Redwood City, CA)

Reply to: uxdesignjob at zazzle.com<uxdesignjob at zazzle.com?subject=Sr.%20User%20Experience%20Designer%20%20%28redwood%20city%29>

The User Experience Designer is at the heart of creating the "Zazzle"
experience. Their designs will engage our users to create, celebrate, and
share their interests easily and effectively, while driving Zazzle revenue
and strategic objectives.

1 Jun 2007 - 9:33am
john payne

JOB :: Full-time Interaction/Graphic Designers @ MOMENT :: NYC

MOMENT has two immediate openings in user experience design.

MOMENT is a design, research, and strategy firm committed to creating new kinds of user experiences that bridge the Web, the desktop, and the mobile device. Being a designer at MOMENT means you work on cutting-edge projects designing interfaces for some of the best known brands in the world (and some that will be).

6 Oct 2006 - 12:34pm
Dante Murphy

FW: Question related to "IKEA-manual".

Our company just got wireless headsets, and this is the online manual.
Click on the "SETUP" tab to see an example of animated pictogram-based


Personally, I found it to be fairly good, but not perfect.


19 Feb 2008 - 3:37pm
Jen Hocko

[EVENT] UPA Boston: Annual Conference Timeline and Details


Join us for the seventh annual Boston Mini UPA conference at Bentley
College in Waltham, MA on Wednesday, May 28th!

Hear and discuss critical topics in usability and user-centered design
with practitioners, students, and experts in the field.