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17 Nov 2010 - 8:59am
3 years ago
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Tim Schneidermeier

Use Case Modeling


I was wondering which kind of setup you use for writing use cases? Do you use a simple Word template or tools like Visual Use Case 2009?

Right now I am using Word for writing and Omnigraffle for doing the diagrams. But there hast to be a better and more efficient way..


24 Aug 2009 - 9:37am
Kyra Edeker

[EVENT] Reminder: IxDA Austin Tues. August 25th 6:30 - 8:30 -- Abuse to Reuse: Why we hate use cases but shouldn't

Abuse to Reuse: Why we hate use cases but shouldn't
When: August 25, 2009 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
presentation begins at 7:00
Where: projekt202
908 E. 5th St.

23 Mar 2008 - 6:50am
6 years ago
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Godin & Interaction Design

Every once in a while the great bald one posts to his blog about an
interaction design issue - this one is good and illustrates that there are
always places to improve the user experience:

The world's worst toaster
*http://tinyurl.com/2t9p4a* We recently acquired what might be the worst
toaster in the history of the world. It's pretty fancy and shiny and
microprocessor controlled. And it makes toast.

But here's what I have to do to use it:

1. Choose the number of slices, and bagel or bread.

20 May 2011 - 10:19am
Omar Sosa Tzec

IHC + CLIHC 2011 - Porto de Galinhas, Brazil, October 25-28, 2011


----- We invite you to participate in the 5th Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. -----

Twitter: @ihc2011

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/X-IHC-e-V-Clihc/147511088638648



5th Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

28 Jun 2007 - 1:07pm
7 years ago
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Cecily Walker

Placement of Calendar Widget

I'm sure most of us have seen these: the little buttons or icons that
when clicked, pop up a calendar to assist people with entering dates
in a text field. In most instances, the widget is placed to the right
of the text field. During a usability testing session I conducted
last week, a participant noted that he always thought it was odd that
the calendar was placed at the end of the line.

2 Oct 2010 - 1:26am
4 years ago
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heidi newell

Who Are the Consultancies for Design Project Managers in the Bay Area?

I recently moved to San Francisco from New York with 10 years of experience in project management for interaction / industrial design, and have a Master of Industrial Design from Pratt. I am looking for more experience in design consultancies or client-based design businesses in the Bay Area, but do not really have the lay of the land out here yet. If anyone has suggestions beyond Frog, Smart and IDEO, I would be enormously grateful.
Thanks for all of your recent posts as well.

30 Jun 2009 - 5:57am
serena cangiano

JOB-Design researcher at Visual Culture Lab SUPSI

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland
(SUPSI) is advertising a job vacancy at the Department of Environment,
Construction and Design for the Laboratory of Visual Culture in Lugano-
Canobbio: Researcher at full employment.

Candidates are requested to hold experience in research in the field
of Design.

In the field of research at the Laboratory of Visual Culture:
– Enhance the research activities together with the head of the Design
and Technology field
– Develop a documentation and archive as a base for the lab’s research

14 Jan 2008 - 8:43am
6 years ago
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David Herzog

Web discussion interfaces

Hi there,

By working with web discussion forums and bulletin boards I’m
wondering if there exist any different, more advanced approaches to
display/present a discussion on the web and to interact with it.
Something differently to tree view or single-threaded view. Does
somebody know if there are any newer developments or did we reach the
end of development on this area some years ago?

Thanks in advance…

David Herzog — 8542 Wiesendangen – Switzerland

14 Jul 2004 - 12:09pm
10 years ago
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Michael Quibuyen

Question: Numerical ranges in form inputs


I'm working on a web form which allows the user to enter a 1) single number or 2) range of numbers in a text input field.

Problem: I need to communicate to the user that a range is allowed within this text input field (e.g. 1-4; 5,6,7). There may be more than one field on the page where the user can enter a range.

Does anyone have any supported research with labeling such fields in a way that is immediately clear for the user?

24 Jan 2005 - 10:43am
9 years ago
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Greg Petroff

the big persona


Anyone have an idea on how to adress the creation of a
persona for a single special user?

I have an internal project where there is an amazing
and well known senior manager who needs to be part of
the persona process except that its too transparent.
You can read the persona and you know its her. There
is realy no hybrid I can build.

And she is a valid user of the system we are building
and also the one paying for the project.