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31 Jul 2007 - 9:35am
8 years ago
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Akanowicz Ron

How complete should wireframes and site maps be?

What do you do when-

You don't have time or budget to do a wireframe for every page listed
on the site map?

You're handed someone else's sitemap and wireframes only to find
there are things on the existing site that aren't accounted for in
the new layout?

Ron Akanowicz
Usability Consultant

ron at softerwareconsulting.com

19 Dec 2005 - 11:56am
Blake Scarbrough

Pagination Schemes

Does anybody have any research done on pagination schemes?

25 Sep 2012 - 2:37pm
Steve Portigal

Announcing the Interaction13 Student Design Challenge

After a successful experience with the 2012 challenge, Jeremy Yuille and I are the co-chairs for the IxD13 2013 Student Design Challenge, sponsored by Intel Labs.

Entries are open now, and close on December 1, 2012. Be in the running to win a scholarship to Interaction 13 in Toronto, and take part in an exciting master class around the design challenge.

The challenge theme for 2013 is Playful Technology

7 Dec 2005 - 6:46pm
10 years ago
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leo.frishberg a...

Display of values as continuous gradient...

Anyone have a good algorithm (or aware of reasonable conceptual
heuristic) for displaying continuous data as a "gradient?"

I have a set of data points along a continuum which cluster modally.
Displaying the modes as hot spots on a continuum has been proposed as a
display that would resonate with our users (like blue to red for rare to

Pointers to Tufte-esque senstive discussions of the algorithms that
would support such a display would be appreciated.


17 Nov 2012 - 11:08am
3 years ago
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Boxes and Arrows: Live or Die?

Let's be honest; Boxes and Arrows hasn't been well for awahile. It was time to do something. 

20 Jun 2007 - 9:05am
Cindi Thomas

JOB: User Experience Designer: Milwaukee, WI, Fullhouse

Hi All... just wanted to pass along....

Fullhouse, a Milwaukee Interactive Agency, located in the Historic Third
Ward, is looking for a User Experience Designer to drive the development
of our online applications and web site projects. UX Designers work with
our teams to help understand the needs of the user, develop creative
solutions to meet those needs; while also satisfying business and brand
requirements. You will participate in a user-centered design process and
ensure that products are easy to use and fulfill user needs.

9 Nov 2005 - 4:32pm
10 years ago
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Dock adventures

Hi Jim...

>>but why do you hit the wrong app?
I think mostly because I'm impatient!!! =)

The genie zooming thing gives me a headache so I have it static on the right
side of my screen. And, yeah, you got me, the icon's aren't set that big.
About a quarter of an inch high each.

So, thanks a ton for the link. I'm going to check it out.


Lisa deBettencourt, IxDA
Sr. Interaction Designer
Bose Corporation

21 Mar 2007 - 2:55pm
Doreen Moran

JOB: IA, NYC, Euro RSCG Life, Full Time

Company: Euro RSCG Life Location: NY 10016
Status: Full Time, Employee Job Category: Information Technology
Relevant Work Experience: 2+ to 5 Years Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager)
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
Reply to: Careers at eurorscglife.com
Put Job Code in Subject Line: INFOARCH1

Job Description
Euro RSCG Life is one of the largest and fastest growing Healthcare Communications companies in the world.

19 Nov 2005 - 1:02am
10 years ago
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Zak Tinney

SITE: Interaction design for mobile devices

Just came across this site about interaction design / user interface design for mobile devices. Looks quite useful...



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20 Dec 2007 - 2:24pm
8 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Must we be Leonardo de Vinci?

"That interplay and innovation comes out best when one person is able to
work through it all. Not a team. Teams are needed due to project deadlines,
scope, etc. Teams are the norm, true, but the ideal is still one person. I
very rarely see teams innovate. I often see single designers innovate." --

I love ya man, but this point I REALLY have to disagree with. My experience
here at Motorola Enterprise Mobility is that innovation is best done in