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21 Apr 2011 - 9:03pm
3 years ago
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<5 minute student usability survey

Hi all, I am doing some simple research on the interaction of browser interface button frequency and labeling.

21 Oct 2008 - 3:20pm
Matt Nish-Lapidus

Bruno Latour on Design

Hi Everybody,

Since there was a little talk of bringing some more academic
discussion to the list I thought I'd share a great article by Bruno
Latour (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruno_Latour)

http://tinyurl.com/6qr477 (warning, PDF)

It is a keynote that he delivered at the Network of Design conference.
I haven't even finished reading it entirely, but already it's really
interesting stuff..

Also, in doing some background reading on Latour I found out a little
about his Actor-Network Theory

10 Mar 2010 - 7:32pm
4 years ago
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Hilary Bienstock

Godigi or other mobile usability testing solutions

Does anyone have any experience with Godigi?  We received a solicitation email from them.


It looks like they sell a camera for doing usability tests on mobile devices -- has anyone used it?  Or any other products or services from them?

7 Sep 2009 - 5:35am

Job - Director of Product Management/User Experience with start up exp - Bay Area , CA - Full time _ Recruiter

Bestica is seeking for a Director of Product Management/User Experience with
start up exp in CA

Job Responsibilities

Collaborate with business, marketing, and technical teams to collect
requirements, prioritize enhancements, translate into MRDs/PRDs and drive
projects to completion while maintaining P&L accountability

Define vision and strategy for the entire product portfolio by identifying
customer segments and market opportunities

Work with Marketing Department to develop product positioning, pricing,
messaging commensurate with competitors

Define, track and improve key pr

22 Aug 2007 - 5:12pm
7 years ago
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Column Heading Alignment Rules for PlacementofData

It's how the company's default email system behaves right now. It's not
ideal or widely used, but also not completely foreign.

Those who don't venture that far (who assume as you would that you can only
click twice to sort) will perhaps learn that it takes 4 clicks (instead of
3) to get back to "sort ascending" which, unless I'm mistaken, is not a very
common use case.

How would you propose the user return to the default sort method, if it's
not known or easily understood?

27 Jul 2008 - 4:21am
6 years ago
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Joe Ortenzi

Courses in Sydney

I'm moving to Sydney, Australia in September and am researching
courses , preferably at Masters level, in User Centred Design, User
Interaction Design, or User Experience Design. Can anyone recommend
degree level courses in any/all of these directions in The Sydney area?

Thanks for your help.

Joe Ortenzi
joe at joiz.com

15 Mar 2004 - 2:27pm
Dave Malouf

Reminder NYC IxD meeting

Late notice reminder! Hope to see lots of Nyers there.

-----Original Message-----
Hi NY Designers!

We had a February meeting of about 7 NYC Practitioners of Interaction
Design. The conversation was lively and rewarding and quickly we decided to
do it again. So here's your invitation!

WHEN: Tuesday, March 16th @ 6p - 8p

WHERE: the offices of vi[z]rt @
555 8th Ave. 10th Floor
(bet. W. 37th St. & W.

26 Jan 2011 - 3:43pm
Stefan Klocek

Designing experiences which are delightful and magical

I've put some thinking into what principles might guide the design of delightful magical experiences. I've used lots of examples of products which are successful and some which are not. 

We'd love to hear how other practitioners design for this.






31 Oct 2007 - 2:02am
6 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Interaction08 Full Program Announced

The Interaction Design Association (IxDA) is very pleased to announce
its full slate of speakers for its first annual conference
Interaction08 to be held in hip, historic Savannah, Georgia USA on
February 8-10, 2008.

25 Jul 2008 - 4:11pm

Job - seeking designer to help with data display

Hi -

I am looking for someone for the following job. I think it will be
pretty fun (I’m a jealous that I don’t have time to do all the work
myself, but will be working with the designer).