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13 Dec 2004 - 10:27am
10 years ago
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Dave Malouf

foundation classes/topics for IxD education

Whether formal or informal education is an important part of anyone
pursuing a career, especially one like interaction design that has so many
elements to it. In pursuing my own formal education I came across a book
called "The Elements of Design" by Gail Greet Hannah. The book is part
chronicle and part instructional text for anyone interested in abstract
3-D design, which is a primary component of Industrial Design. The book
outlines 6 core attributes of any 3-D design solution and calls these the
foundation courses.

19 Sep 2005 - 7:24am
Ben Hunt

Web Design Seminar in Chesterfield, England, Nov 07

I'm running a one-day intensive seminar, Web Design from Scratch LIVE, in
Chesterfield (Derbyshire, England) on November 7th.

The seminar content is based on my forthcoming book, of the same name, which
derives from my free online course in the fundamentals of design for the
web: http://www.webdesignfromscratch.com/

The day covers both site architeture and page design, using a set of
strongly goal-oriented techniques that I've developed from my own design &
development work.

24 Jun 2008 - 9:51am
6 years ago
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Relocating - Was: Importance of Masters Degree for IxD Professionals

Hi Allison,

Thought I'd chime in here also as I am in a similar boat to Adam (with
looking at an advanced degree to further my interest in the field). I too
would have to relocate my entire family, wife and kids, in order to pursue
an advanced degree at a school worth going to.

Relocating for a job is a lot different than relocating for school. For a
job, there would be relocation assistance from the company (I've already
interviewed a number of places who were willing to add a relocation package
into the deal).

29 Jan 2004 - 2:22pm

: interface vs interaction [was: How to Get Into ... Best Job Title]

This discussion, which seems to have hit a soft spot with many of us,
reminded me of something that I'm sure will put a smile on your face.
It is from around 4 years ago, when it was trendy in the design community to
oppose Jakob "Useit" Nielsen.

11 Mar 2008 - 9:09pm
7 years ago
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will tell

best cites to get /host UI and UX talent

I have an opportunity to build a UI/UX team for my company and (like everyone else) am concerned about finding quality talent. There is a potential to develop this group at a number of different locations across the US. My experience has shown that certain cities will "resonate" better to the design community. I'd very much like to hear this groups opinions as to the options listed below.

23 Mar 2006 - 5:42pm
Jean Hand

JOB SF,CA - Director of IA/User Experienced

A strong stable company is looking for a Director of Information
Architecture for the Bay Area. This is a new position in their User
Experience Department that will have a strong impact on the company and
its products.

This is a great opportunity to grow a department and set strategy for
the interaction experience of users online.

24 Feb 2004 - 4:40am
11 years ago
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CD Evans

Natural Laws of Interaction (Was: About using Architecture as a model)

Hi there, sorry for the late subject drift.

I'm not sure about the qualitative / quantitative divide being the key
in determining the real stumbling block here. I do agree, however, that
our area is completely 'siloed' into specializations that are keeping
good design/architecture from happening. I like the qualitative and
quantitative assessment, but it proves, to me, to be more of a
perspective for strengthening the duality of the field and not
providing any real bridge amongst the various silos, never mind the
tech/art divide.

The main problem is the programming languages.

17 Mar 2008 - 5:08pm
7 years ago
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IQ captcha?

i realize that it's part of our job to help people figure out how to use
things but in my years on this planet, it never ceases to amaze me how some
people still defy common logic or sense.

so i was wondering if there was such thing as an IQ test in the form of a
simple captcha that could exclude those who fall below the median IQ from
say, signing up for a website?


17 Apr 2007 - 11:49am
Baek, Bryan

Job - Sr. UI Designer; Renton, WA; Classmates.com

Senior User Interface Designer

About Classmates.com

Classmates Online, Inc., founded in 1995 and based in Renton, WA, is a leader in online community-based networking. The Company, a subsidiary of United Online, Inc. (Nasdaq: UNTD), operates Classmates.com (www.classmates.com <http://www.classmates.com/> ), which enables millions of members to find, connect and keep-in-touch with friends and acquaintances from school, work and the military.

11 Aug 2011 - 2:16pm
Hilary Bienstock

Upcoming UX Certificate Course at Cal State Fullerton

Hello, everyone,
Looking for a way to get more background in UX?  Look no farther!