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31 Jul 2008 - 3:53pm
7 years ago
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Brian Herzfeldt

Single Search Field v.s. Modal Searchbox? Research?

Hi all,
Designing a search component for a travel site that requires you to search.
Can search by city/state, address, point of interest, airport . . . the
usual stuff.

Some travel sites default to a searchbox defaulted to the fields for city.
If the user wants to search by airport or by point of interest they have to
select another mode or tab on the searchbox to get those fields. My
contention is that people get a lot of error messages because they put in
say a point of interest without seeing the mode tab (we know they get a lot
of error messages at this step).

18 Jan 2007 - 8:00pm
8 years ago
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Boxes and Arrows Needs You

[deep and heartfelt apologies for cross posting, which I almost never do]

Hello all and sundry,

Boxes and Arrows, arguably the most influential publication in our
industry ;-) need YOU to help end that argument and become undeniably
the most important publication in our industry. Right now we are a
volunteer organization, but slowly we are getting a bit of money in, and
eventually we'll pay. But not quite yet. For now, for zero money down,
we offer

Editor Positions! Set strategic directions, meet influencers, correct

9 Jan 2006 - 7:12pm
9 years ago
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Tom Ollar

Google SearchScapes

We all know how Google displays search results.

But is anyone else getting tired of clicking on the numbers at the bottom of
the page?

Perhaps a "landscape" result for various keyword combos?

Something like this, only, well, arranged.


Just a thought...

Tom Ollar
Evergreen, Colorado

11 Apr 2010 - 9:38am
5 years ago
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Jean Schiller

thumnail sizes on product listing pages

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a guideline for how large a thumbnail image should be on a product listing page?  I know it is dependent on the type of product, but I'm looking for more guidance than that if there is any.

Thanks in advance,


19 Mar 2007 - 1:47pm

EVENT: PhillyCHI March Meeting - Kip Voytek - Thursday, March 29, 2007

* Apologies for cross posting *

Kip Voytek will present 'Knowing Smirks & Grins of Delight' - a
presentation discussing great interaction design. Please join us.

Date: Thursday, March 29, 2007
Time: 6 - 8 pm
Location: MBC - 229 South 18th Street, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia
Map: http://mbcnet.com/directions.html
RSVP: phillychi at gmail.com

For our March meeting, PhillyCHI is pleased to have Kip Voytek from
R/GA presenting.

17 Mar 2005 - 2:38pm
Dave Malouf

UXnet NYC summary and call for others to comment (i.e. Memory help)


The above link is to my pretty weak blog entry about the UXnet event I
organized earlier this week.

I was talkin' a lot and not takin' good notes as I should have been if I
wanted to blog about it, so I put up some cursory notes, and would love for
people to fill in the blanks with their own thoughts and summaries in the
comments area.

-- dave

David Heller

22 Sep 2009 - 4:18am
6 years ago
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Jarod Tang

nice read: On Apple's connection with the consumer

It may help resolve some long fights over Apple's design philosophy ?

" "We did iTunes because we all love music. We made what we thought was the
best jukebox in iTunes. Then we all wanted to carry our whole music
libraries around with us. The team worked really hard. And the reason that
they worked so hard is because we all wanted one. You know? I mean, the
first few hundred customers were us.

"It's not about pop culture, and it's not about fooling people, and it's not
about convincing people that they want something they don't. We figure out
what we want.

26 Oct 2008 - 2:33pm
7 years ago
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Jeff Howard

New thread notifications for IxDA Discuss

There's a new e-mail option for discussion list subscribers that some
of you may be interested in.

Members can now subscribe to "new thread notifications" in order to
receive only the first post of each new thread. This option will
result in much less e-mail than the full subscription. Subscribers
should receive around five to ten new messages each day as opposed to
the 70-80 that would normally pile up from the discussion list.

12 Mar 2008 - 2:41pm
7 years ago
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Todd Warfel

What do you want to hear—prototyping panel at the IA Summit

We're doing a panel on practical prototyping at the IA Summit (http://tinyurl.com/2ak2nu
) and want to know what attendees are most interested in.

Here's what we're planning to debate:
1. Why you should be prototyping
2. How to prototype better
3. Common pitfalls/mistakes made when prototyping
4. Common toolkits used when prototyping (it's not a my toolkit is
better than yours discussion)

What else do you guys want to hear us debate on?

26 Apr 2006 - 8:23am
Dan Saffer

Yahoo Go for TV launches


Looks like the TiVo aesthetic was very influential...

Oh, and it's US-only and Windows only.