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11 Sep 2005 - 12:54am
10 years ago
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Jerry John

info on Button Behavior

hey all -
i need some help here! Scenario: ... when in a 'searchlist display page'
that runs into more than one page, and at the last page :- would you disable
the "Next" button? i have a reason to say why not "... that coz I can use
this instance to give the user information why there is no content to
display" ; i was wondering if it would be rude to the user to disabled a
button .... - i'm looking for a good reason to leave the button disabled ...

any takers? ? ?

Jerry John
Interaction Designer
NetContinuum Pvt Ltd

12 Aug 2009 - 7:45am
6 years ago
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Ali Naqvi

Which Job Category is Interaction Design part of?

hello members,
I have a problem when I am looking at immigration websites and job
providing websites such as monster.ca

Under the section Job Category one will find IT, Architecture,
Internet and New Media, Engineering, Research and Development etc.
and NONE of these have Interaction Designer, Usability Specialist,
User Experience Designer or other User Centered Design related
position listed.

What to do? Do you guys have any suggestions?

8 Sep 2005 - 11:15am
George Olsen

Silicon Valley Second Friday, Sept. 9

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that the Silicon Valley Second Friday is tomorrow night
(Sept. 9). FYI, I've also created an announcements list if you'd like to be
notified directly of future Second Friday events. Go to

Second Friday, user experience designer happy hour.

4 Apr 2007 - 2:19pm
Brook Wyant

Senior Interaction Designer: San Jose, CA / Recruiter / Full-Time

Title: Senior Interaction Designer
Location: San Jose area
Compensation: DOE + bonus + stock

A growing, teen community site is seeking a Senior Interaction
Designer lead its site redesign and to help define the user
experience and site identity. This three-year-old, well-funded,
rapidly growing startup was started by prestigious comic-book

18 Jan 2011 - 10:40am
5 years ago
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Advise needed on career change

Hi everyone,

I'm freelance graphic designer. I know web design programs such as HTML, dreamweaver, flash, actionscript, jquery, CSS. I can design and build a website, but I have hard time "breaking" into the web design/interactive design job position/title. I need your advise. Should I go to back to school to get MA in interactive/interaction design or UX design? or certificate course will do. BTW, I also do pro-bono web design work for non-profit, but the process has been really slow.


20 Sep 2007 - 8:08am

IxD F2F in Sweden tonight

Third Thursday again.

Come after work or later to the following spots in Sweden to have a
drink and talk IxD with fellow IxDers.

- Göteborg, Delirium Café, Kronhusgatan 2B (in the loft).
- Malmö, Mosaik, Stortorget 6.
- Stockholm, NEW SPOT! , Storstad, Odengatan 41.

After having problems finding each other at the place in Sthlm we are
now introducing the TT-coaster!:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/niklasw/1408705317/ Print it, bring it,
use it and look for others. Maybe make your own?

6 May 2009 - 5:25pm
6 years ago
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Neil Kahn

[Job] Software Tutorial Video Production, McGraw-Hill NYC, Contract

Our UX team is looking for someone to create some short
tutorial videos for an online application that we have developed.
I'm hoping someone here is interested in the gig or can refer someone good that they've used.

These tutorials would be standard screen-capture with voice-over
videos, very much like the type found on lynda.com (we may or may not
require you to provide the voice-over talent). We are doing most of the
scripting and storyboarding in-house but require someone to do the
actual production work.

28 Mar 2006 - 10:13pm
Oleh Kovalchuke

"The Brain" and "MindManager" and Post-it notes

Mind mapping tools

I wonder if anyone used the low tech approach: mind mapping,
brainstorming and categorizing with Post-it notes. How does it compare
to the software?

On positive side Post-it notes seem to be more collaborative, to have
lower participation threshold by virtue of being low tech (similar to
paper prototypes) and because people get a chance to physically move
around, play with their hands while pasting notes on white board. Is
this correct assumption about ease of collaboration?

The setbacks I see: 1. No remote participation, 2. Archiving results
for reference and 3.

11 Mar 2008 - 11:56am
Shaun Bergmann

Medical Appliances, Touch panel interface

I've been looking for some examples of the interfaces that are installed in
medical environments, specifically designed for monitoring / controlling
Does anybody know of some good online references with examples?
Specifically, the device must be controlled by the touchscreen.

Or online references to some of the specific concerns that the hospital
environment introduces to HCI.
Thanks in advance,
Shaun Bergmann

14 Jan 2011 - 2:28pm
5 years ago
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Damon Dimmick

Putting your eggs in one basket: What single prototyping tool to learn.

Fellow IXDers,

A question I keep running up against from colleagues and friends in the field: If I only have time to learn one technology to help enhance my IxD practices (such as basic wireframing), which one should it be?