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3 Jul 2008 - 1:18pm
6 years ago
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Scott Berkun

Error Messages (Was: Hiding and Disabling MenuItems)

Yes - I'd go even further and blame development tools. Here's a theory:

1. The design of development tools is indifferent to the making of good UI.
2. Programmers are efficient (or lazy :)


3. Programmers will tend to make bad UI... until development tools make it
almost as easy to make good UI as it is to make lazy UI.

A development tool that makes it easy to follow basic UI guidelines is 20
times more valuable than any book on UI design.

21 Jan 2008 - 8:16pm
Richard I. Anderson

PLUG: User Experience Managers and Executives Speak

I'll soon be offering a unique and exciting course via UCSC Extension
in Silicon Valley entitled, "User Experience Managers and Executives
Speak." The course is scheduled to meet 7 consecutive Wednesday
evenings from 13 February through 26 March, 2008.

A portion of the course description

"How do user experience managers and executives achieve success? What
are their strategies? How do they approach the multitude of
organizational challenges they face?

16 Jun 2005 - 11:10pm
Sharad Solanki

5th F2F IxdG Meeting at Mumbai 2:00-4:00pm, Saturday 18th June 2005

Dear All,

Here goes our 5th IxdG F2F meeting where we get to see faces of the people from Mumbai who are part of ID Discuss Group.

Details of the meeting:

Date: 18th June 2005

Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Venue: IDC, IIT Campus, Powai Mumbai

Contact: Abhishek Thakkar, cell: 91 9869175743


For those who are catching a Bus or the Intercity, please get down at Dadar.

9 Nov 2005 - 2:56pm

Dock adventures (was Re: discuss Digest, Vol 26, Issue 8)

Lisa deBettencourt <ldebett at gmail.com> writes

>I just saw this in a magazine... was it Fast Company or Wired? I know I just
>saw it this past week and I was wondering when I could buy one! I'm getting
>tired of my OS X dock (always clicking on the wrong app!!!) and want
>something else. :)

Not that there aren't problems with the Dock, god knows, but why do
you hit the wrong app?

17 Nov 2004 - 5:25am
9 years ago
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Narey, Kevin

Who does own the upstream process?

>[business analysis] believes that it owns the upstream process of strategy
and requirements,
>when in fact Design is much better capable of coming up with longer-term,
>more stable, and higher returning solutions than BA can, b/c BA is too
>narrow in focus in that it only looks at related and observed problems
>instead of defining problems outside of the relational and observed.

>But that's a whole other discussion.

Let's rock.

9 Feb 2005 - 12:50pm
9 years ago
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Pradyot Rai

UCD Processes!

Hi there,

I am looking for "pretty" pictures that explain UCD from start to
finish. I am working on preparing methodology for our product design
process and need to get inspired from work out there. I need links of
site that shows process flows.

10 Oct 2007 - 3:53am

Job: Information Architect/Interaction Designer, Chicago

My employer (Designkitchen) is looking for another IA/IxD to join our

Mid-size design agency seeks passionate, creative thinker to lead
information architecture for multiple engagements (site maps,
wireframes, design reviews). Expect smart coworkers, a hip
environment, and many opportunities for professional development.
Reply to hello at designkitchen.com with your portfolio.


17 Jun 2008 - 5:08pm
Jared M. Spool

[Reminder] Book Launch Party: Handbook of Usability Testing, 2nd Edition

[ Apologies to those who receive more than one copy of this.

19 Nov 2003 - 10:21am
10 years ago
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Challis Hodge

Patriarchs of the Design Family (was: New Uber Design Org)

What do folks think of this?

Aren't there more than two design disciplines?

I tossed the above out to see what thoughts might emerge. Interesting that
some folks came back to defend the orgs.

15 Oct 2007 - 8:34pm
6 years ago
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Marvin Hunkin

Non graphical storyboards

Hi a blind website development student doing the diploma of website
development at my local college in Adelaide, australia. i use a
screen reading program called Jaws for Windows
http://www.freedomscientific.com now.
have to do story boards for several website projects.
now, cann not draw graphics with the screen reader.
well, tried putting each story board for each page in word tables and
using html. but my lecturer still not happy with what i have handed
up. there is a programming language called logo drawing for the