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28 Nov 2005 - 10:36am
Dave Malouf

Interesting CHI Workshop ... might be telling of the new CHI this coming year

HI folks, I usually don't forward these to our list, but i know many
people have spoken about in the community how CHI usually isn't a
place "for us" either as designers or practitioners. This workshop
might interest people who well want to see how far the SIGCHI
conference committee is thinking out-side their usual box for the 2006

This is as out there as I've seen so far.

6 May 2005 - 2:09pm

Main menu convention on Windows

True or false?

In any Windows GUI application (non-web), the menu bar
at the top should provide access to *all* user
commands of that application, despite other
alternatives to user commands (short-cuts,
toolbuttons, pop-up menus).

I have seen many applications that don't follow this.
E.g. the Microsoft Paint does not have menus for the
tools on the tool palette on the right hand side.
What is the correct guideline for this? The MS
Windows UI Experience book doesn't say.


15 Aug 2007 - 10:48am
Erik Krause

JOB: Program Manager, Seattle WA, Entellium, Full Time

The Entellium Product Management and Design team has a need for interface design oriented Program Manager that shares our belief that great user experiences are a key driver in getting adoption in business software. Our Gamer Influenced Design™ looks to bring the concepts of Pick Up and Play and innovative information display that is prevalent in computer and console gaming to the today’s business applications. This position will allow you to utilize your passion for great visual design and UI to enhance our user’s experience.



4 Sep 2007 - 2:58am
Bryan J Busch

Invite from Bryan Busch (bryanjbusch at gmail.com)

BryanBusch (bryanjbusch at gmail.com)
has invited you as a friend on Quechup...

16 Apr 2008 - 11:36am
San Francisco IxDA

EVENT: Matt Jones on Playfulness in Design, Wednesday April 23, 6:30p at Odopod

Hello friends!

This month IxDA SF welcomes Matt Jones, co-founder and lead designer
at Dopplr, a service for frequent travelers. Matt will talk about 3
recent projects: (Nokia Play Research, Howies Instorematic,
Dopplr.com) and theme of “playfulness” that connects them.


This event is free and open to everyone!

3 Nov 2013 - 12:44pm

UX Weekly, Take 2

UX Weekly is on its 44th edition, but I've been tinkering with what it's trying to accomplish, and how to accomplish it. 

The newsletter is subscribeable at uxwkly.com, and my thinking for it is available on my blog.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, opinions, critiques, and recommendations.

Just to get you interested:

24 Feb 2010 - 4:42pm

JOB multiple UI jobs at TiVo Inc, Alviso, CA

Rather than send out a bunch of individual messages...

We have four positions open at our San Jose, CA office.

6 Apr 2007 - 8:33am
betsy seder

Job: Senior User Experience Designer at Schematic, NYC

Schematic, one of the nation's largest interactive client services agencies,
is seeking full-time User Experience Designers to join our NY team.
Schematic provides both design and technology solutions for a variety of
platforms including the PC, mobile and television. Our mission is to create
simple yet powerful solutions to our clients' business challenges. Some of
our clients include ABC, Fox, GE, MTV, Motorola, and Microsoft.

3 Aug 2007 - 9:47am
7 years ago
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product SUITE design

I'm struggling a little with the design of a product suite.

The products perform very different functions, but they do

makeup a suite of tools that can be used in conjunction.

The struggle is:

1) What design elements (banners, navigation, interaction patterns,
etc.) should be the same?

2) What can be different?

14 Nov 2010 - 6:50am
IxDA Board of D...

Reminder: Nominations now open for the 2011-2013 IxDA Board of Directors

Below is the original call for nominations to the IxDA Board of Directors.

To clarify:

  • You may fill out the form for yourself, or you may indicate and recommend someone you feel should apply.
  • We will contact all recommended individuals, asking them to complete the form. This gives us a sense of interest, approach and vision.
  • All complete nomination forms must be submitted prior to Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 11:59 pm ET.