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5 May 2010 - 9:49am
6 years ago
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Cognitive Task Analysis?

Hi All, was looking for some pointers on Cognitive Task Analysis.

What are the major differences between HTA and CTA? Are there any specific advantages of using Cognitive Task Analysis than HTA? Is there a specific context where CTA has to be adopted than HTA?

Please do share some samples and pointers, would be of great help :)    thanks   



26 Jun 2008 - 2:42am
8 years ago
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[local][EVENT] Berlin/Germany Get Together

I´d like to announce our second local meeting in Berlin:

July 2nd, 19.00

at newthinking store GmbH
Tucholskystr. 48
10117 Berlin

After our first get-to-know event last month we moved from the bar to
the new thinking store that kindly supports us with space, wifi and a
beamer (big thank-you guys!).

24 Oct 2006 - 2:24pm
Michele Marut

Pittsburgh IXDA F2F with Jared Spool - this Wednesday Oct 25

Jared Spool and IXDA Pittsburgh invite you to join them for an IXDA F2F

Wednesday October 25, 2006 at 7 pm

Walnut Grill
5500 Walnut St.
Pittsburgh, pa 15232 (Shadyside neighborhood)

29 Oct 2008 - 5:53am
7 years ago
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Fred Beecher

What cool interactions do you want to play with at Interaction09?

Hi all,

A few of us in the IxDA community are working to put together an area at the
conference we're calling the Tangible Interaction Cafe. The purpose of the
cafe is to create awareness of new technologies directly impacting the world
of interaction design, stimulate your senses and creativity and provide
insight on how to approach design using this new technology (including tips
and tricks and challenges, etc.).

We'd like to hear what you have to say! Have you seen something you'd like
to get your hands on or learn more about? Are you working on something that
might fit the bill?

10 Apr 2013 - 10:26am

Design Challenge: Catalyzing Communication about End-of-Life Care

== Announcing a design challenge held in conjunction with the 2013 Healthcare Experience Design Conference, brought to you by Mad*Pow and the California HealthCare Foundation ==

When surveyed about the main reasons why they had not talked to their loved ones, 41% of Californians said they had too many other things to worry about right now, and 39% said that they or their loved one didn’t want to think about death or dying.

2 Nov 2005 - 2:11pm
10 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Interaction Design at Disney

Cool Wired article about how Disney R&D is adding more interactivity
to their theme parks via the web and handheld devices:

"Vincent-Phoenix said she has also seen test products that allow
guests to interact with existing attractions. Earlier this year,
Disney tested handheld products that could help ambitious park-goers
find Injun Joe's treasure on Tom Sawyer Island or capture ghosts at
the Haunted Mansion, she said."


Dan Saffer

6 Oct 2009 - 11:34am
6 years ago
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maria jose agui...

Survey for HCI designers in Spain: "5 minutos para 11 preguntas, indoloras que nos ayudarán a todos..."

Disculpad aquellos que recibáis este envío por otras listas...

Hola listeros!

Si pedimos tu participación, es porque desde hace ya tiempo, vemos que todo
lo que enmarca la disciplina del diseño de interfaces orientado a
experiencias de uso y a usuarios, necesita todavía formalizar enfoques y un
marco de conocimiento estándar y reconocido.

Aunque alcanzar la madurez lleva su tiempo, por muy joven que sea nuestro
ámbito laboral, las técnicas y paradigmas con los que trabajamos provienen
de áreas de conocimiento ya bastante formalizadas.

*Nuestra i

3 Oct 2011 - 9:55pm
Patricia Colley

Transformative Storytelling Class: Wed, Oct 5


A 2-hour interactive class for professionals wanting to tell more engaging and compelling stories, in the workplace and beyond. 

This Wednesday, October 5th, from 7-9 pm at Multnomah Arts Center, Room 29.  

Use promo code "IxDA-PDX" to buy tickets at $20 online OR at the door. 

28 Mar 2009 - 6:43pm

JJG's IA Summit 09 Plenary transcript

In case you weren't there or haven't had to read it in full, here's
Jesse James Garrett's transcript from his plenary session speech:


Thanks Jesse for posting it in full!

29 Apr 2007 - 2:52pm
9 years ago
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Bobby Rettew

Video within the web interface

Hello...I am new to the list and would like to say hello to all.

I have a question about video and it's integration within the web interface.