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12 Sep 2007 - 7:16pm
7 years ago
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Top design title in your organization?

I was wondering if IxDA'ers would share their views on promotion
paths in software design.

(I believe this has been discussed to some degree before)

I see two:

1) Chief of Design or Chief Designer or ??
2) VP of Product Design and possibly Chief Design Officer

The first seems more along the creative, individual contributor
track -- similar to Chief Architect.

10 Jul 2012 - 3:17pm

Orientation (help)

Hello everyone,

I am new in Interacion Design. My major is marketing and I want to study my master degree in Interaction Design and I want to study in USA, but I don´t have any experience in this topic. I am passionate about design. I have learned use of some tools like illustrator, photoshop and some techniques of arts (painting, drawing, woodcut). All of this is for understand the world differently, understand the interaction in each one of the humans.   

Any suggestions on what else I can do?


20 Jan 2005 - 8:47am
Lada Gorlenko

Innovation in design (was: RFID and other fads)

Here is something to look into, for anyone who cares about having
an inventor's mind - TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving),
a methodology for creative engineering design developed in the
1960s. This is one of the great timeless things, similar to
McLuhan's "Understanding media" and Ashby's "Introduction to
cybernetics". TRIZ has a fairly solid background - it took
200,000 patents to analyse to discover and describe how innovation
takes place.

18 Mar 2010 - 8:16am
5 years ago
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Migrating customers to a new registration system

I am working on a B2C site that is centralizing multiple divisions into a single site. Need to migrate customers from old authentication systems to the new one. Can't auto-migrate credentials (not unique on an enterprise level). (1) Anyone have experience doing this? (2) Any POV on best practices vis a vis UX, customer satisfaction, (3) if a grace period is provided how long should it be (user vistation frequency = monthly.

5 Apr 2007 - 10:26pm

[iai-members] NextD takes a slash at "Findability Information Architecture"

I am not sure whether I am qualified to comment on the content of this
article, but it seems like a remarkably fuzzy piece of writing for
someone who heads an organization with the motto of "Defuzz the


On 4/5/07, David Malouf <dave.ixd at gmail.com> wrote:
> Wow!

8 Nov 2010 - 5:00am
William Hudson
2 Jun 2009 - 10:38am
Pierre Roberge

Flash Catalyst (Thermo) Free Preview

>From Lynda.com


Pierre Roberge
Customer Experience Manager, etfs

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25 Sep 2010 - 10:57am
Dan Saffer

Re: [IxDA] Essential IxD Articles and Essays

On Sep 25, 2010, at 2:08 AM, Itamar Medeiros wrote:

> One of my all-time favorites is: > > Kevin Mullet and Darrell Sano, Designing Visual Interfaces [1] >

That's a book, not an article or essay.


24 Sep 2009 - 9:58pm
Suzanne Ginsburg

iPhone App Heuristics

Hello IXDA peeps,

I'm in the process of adapting Nielsen's heuristics for iPhone apps &
would love your input. Here's an example of one:

1. Visibility of app status
The app should always keep users informed about what is going on,
through appropriate feedback.
Example: Shazam provides feedback as it analyzes audio.

12 May 2007 - 1:03pm
Jared M. Spool

Informal UX Social Hour: Minn/St. Paul Area - 5/14 5:30-7:00

[Apologies for any duplication]


I am visiting the Minneapolis/St. Paul area on Monday, attending the
annual STC conference and visiting with several clients. If you're in
this area too, I'd love to meet with you. I'm hosting an informal
cocktail hour in Minneapolis on Monday, May 14, from 5:30-7:00.