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5 Apr 2008 - 3:38am

EuroITV 2008: Call for Participation

*** Early Registration Deadline: May 15th, 2008 ***

6th European Interactive TV Conference
EuroITV 2008 Changing Television Environments

July 3rd to 4th 2008 in Salzburg, Austria


Supported by CITIZEN MEDIA (Gold Sponsor)
Supported by Microsoft TV (Bronze Sponsor)
Supported by Nokia (Bronze Sponsor)
In cooperation with ICT&S Center / University of Salzburg
In cooperat

1 Sep 2008 - 6:23am
7 years ago
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Chauncey Wilson

Need some help with Drop Down values

I think that the addition of a "I don't know" function would depend on
the particular question. If you were asking me "Are you going to
retire at 65?" I could easily see "Yes", "No", and "I don't know"
since I might be considering future economic changes that are not
entirely predictable (I can actually see "I don't know" as being the
most common answer for some age groups).

19 Nov 2005 - 12:02am
10 years ago
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Zak Tinney

SITE: Interaction design for mobile devices

Just came across this site about interaction design / user interface design for mobile devices. Looks quite useful...



Play 100s of games for FREE! http://games.mail.com/

20 Mar 2006 - 1:50pm
Nancy Broden

[Jobs] Sr. IA/ID and Mobile Interaction Designer - San Francisco, CA

Punchcut is looking for a Senior-level Information Architect and a
Mobile Interaction Designer in our San Francisco office. If you are
interested in either of these positions, please include the job title
in the subject of your email.

Senior Information Architect/Interaction Designer

Punchcut has an immediate need for a senior information
architect/interaction designer to join our User Experience team on a
contract basis.

6 Sep 2008 - 5:59pm
7 years ago
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Jared M. Spool

Interview with Google Chrome Team

For anyone interested in trying to revive the IxDA dead horse called
Google Chrome, Steve Gillmor had an excellent interview with the
product manager and UI developer. Lots of things we discussed here
were talked about in the interview, confirming my thinking on where
they are going.

Gillmor's synopsis: http://tinyurl.com/5bv645
The audio of the interview: http://tinyurl.com/64bcbz


Jared M.

17 Dec 2008 - 12:01pm
7 years ago
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Amy Marshall

JOB # UI Designer # Seattle, WA # Big Fish - Permanent

Big Fish is currently recruiting several Visual and User Experience
Designers for a dynamic product group with a global presence.

We are seeking designers who have experience in rich concept or product
development environments. This is a highly collaborative group of
individuals with backgrounds in ethnography, visual design, user
research, and interaction design - focused on defining, designing, and
delivering a top user experience for a global wireless platform.

12 Jan 2009 - 9:22am
7 years ago
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Best Country for IxD

Hello Everyone,

Interaction design as most of us know is not understood by everyone. However
if we look relatively, the term is well understood in some countries while
other places its completely absent even on corporates.Although many firms
must be practicing IxD under different names. Considering a global
atmosphere, which countries do you think have advanced in this domain.


16 Mar 2006 - 11:38am
9 years ago
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How to manage a large control library?

Thanks for the insights Rob and good to know I'm not alone in the chaos.
Your process sounds much the same as what we have in place currently,
yet whats also proving difficult to manage within our team of six Visual
Designers. Perhaps we need a Keeper, like you suggest. Or perhaps pass
this role onto a project manager to maintain.. seems like more their
area in a way.

A resource site is something we've considered, it just comes down to
allowing development resources, and in a way, it seems it's for reasons
like this that Version Cue was invented.

16 Aug 2006 - 8:49pm
Petteri Hiisilä

IxDA "contact us" form is broken & list name suggestion


http://www.ixda.org/en/contact_us/ doesn't work properly.

I was about to send a suggestion via the feedback form, but after
submitting it: "Permission Denied. The URL http://www.ixda.org/en/
contact_us/ cannot access CIB. Check config file."

Anyway, here's the suggestion that the CIB didn't receive :)


Could the IxDA discussion list subject tag be capped simply into
[IxDA] please?

The current tag is rather long.

1 Jun 2010 - 9:56am

Re: [IxDA] Time estimates for Interaction design

Jimmy, there are no "novice questions".

I suggest you give them a "deadline" and 'early date' (if the project is completed earlier than expected) and a 'late date' (if something happens that makes the project be completed after the deadline; this is to give you some "breathing space" so that the deadline isn't 'set on stone')

Also, you could have broken this post in 2: first post (introduction), and your question about time estimates.

Have a Nice Day.

> > Sorry for my novice questions and thank you for reading! > > best regards, > > Jimmy ( http://twitter.com/JimmyLeonards