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9 May 2008 - 3:57am
6 years ago
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Jose E.

Login / Lougout from a Usability perspective

Hi all,

In our new site we implemented the Login / Logout process ala Amazon, that
means, the user keep logged in for browsing the site and we always display a
"Hi John Doe" message on top even when the user logout from the secure part
of the site (where users upload the books).

The paradox is: now you get at the home page a "Hi John Doe, Loging". And I
think this is confusing.

What you think?

Thanks in advanced

Jose E.

14 Aug 2006 - 9:13am
8 years ago
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Best conference?

It's budget time again!! I get to pick one conference. In your expert
opinion, which conference will be the best to attend next year? I am an
interaction designer/ user interface designer. I have attended the Nielsen
Usability conference for the past 2 years, but I'm wondering if CHI 2007
would be a better fit.

16 Aug 2008 - 2:30pm
6 years ago
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Brad Ford

The World's First Open Source Circular and Spiral Dock

Circle Dock is a free open source dock-style applications launchers
for Windows that appear where your mouse is instead of you having to
move your mouse to the dock like with other programs. This is
accomplished by making the dock a circular or spiral shape so that it
can be placed anywhere, even near the edge of the screen. The
offscreen portions of the dock are easily reached by just scrolling
with your mouse wheel or arrow keys.

Its Windows only But i would like to see..if anyone has tried this App.


7 Oct 2008 - 11:48am
6 years ago
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Rony Philip

Check out process - online buying

Hi All,

Not sure if this has been discuss earlier or not. Can anyone share details
on the 'Checkout Process' for an online buying.
Basically trying to figure out the optimal or most efficient process. Any
research paper also will of great help.

Thank you,
Rony Philip
UEG, Accenture

20 Jul 2004 - 11:18am
Gerard Torenvliet

Does usability hinder innovation? (Was RE: ADMIN:)

Dan quoted Nico Macdonald who wrote:

> "Usability can be used to improve an innovation, but
> it can't drive innovation...Usability has come to dominate
> thinking about the design process...Too much user focus
> may be a barrier to innovation. Research is likely to tell us
> that users desire an improvement on something they
> already understand. Ask them if they would use a
> proposed innovation and they will say no - and then adopt
> it when they have seen its utility demonstrated.

30 Nov 2009 - 4:32pm
Chicago IxDA4

[EVENT Recap] - Chicago - UXsears, multichannel changes in a large organization

It was a big night; easily the most attended event to date. There
wasn't even any food remaining at the conclusion of the event.

Andrew Daniel's presentation was compendious and informative. UXsears
has encountered and tackled significant challenges in the reformation
of an iconic American retailer.

2 Jun 2009 - 2:27pm
5 years ago
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gretchen anderson

Product "training" and orientation: anything surprising/interesting?

Looking for some inspiration about how to orient people to a UI in a
novel way. Of course, no training should be required, but there's some
legal reasons why we need to do it for a project. Anyone seen any cool
vids/demos/tutorial modes out there lately I could check out?



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12 Oct 2012 - 3:13pm
2 years ago
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Amanda Nance

animation patterns for things moving

I'm looking for good examples of an item moving from one place to another and how to make that clear to the user. The specific example is a selected line within a grid; the user will click an "accept" button on that line, and then the item will leave the grid of items to be reviewed and appear in a grid of approved items. Has anyone seen a nice animation that could help make it clear what is happening? 

28 Jun 2007 - 10:41am
gianluca.mura a...


CCCT2007 International Conference on Computing,Communications and
Control Tecnologies,Orlando,Florida,USA.July 12-15,2007

Extended submission deadline: July 7, 2007

We invite designers,artists,engineers,researchers and practitioners to submit
their paper on interactive system projects.

5 Feb 2010 - 1:31pm
Anne Peckskamp

JOB: UX and Content Strategist I SF I Recruiter I Contract-to-Fulltime

This is a Management position for an experienced UI Designer with
experience driving content strategy for a better customer journey in
an online space.

This role will collaborate with lnformation architects, user
interface designers, researchers, the development team, and program

If you're looking to lead a team and the lynch-pin in developing a
buttoned up internal processes, as well as foster the growth within a
talented UX team and uphold the vision for the end product, then we
would love to hear from you.

• Ideally, this candidate has experience with a retail industry an