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24 Aug 2008 - 6:05pm
Dave Malouf

1 week left to submit a lightning round proposal for Interaction09


The above URL will take you to the submission form to propose a
lightning round-25 min-presentation to be given at Interaction09 |
Vancouver (Feb 5-8, 2009) hosted by Simon Fraser University (SFU).

We'd love to hear from any one of you, your thoughts regarding any
aspect of interaction design.

For more information about the conference you can also go to http://ixda.org/.

The deadline for submissions is Midnight

8 Dec 2003 - 5:14pm
hans samuelson

RE: Beauty and Transparency

For those who may not be familiar with it, there is an interesting body
of research at Caroline Hummels' site at Delft.
Her work centers around the question of interactive aesthetics, which
butts up quite rapidly against questions of interaction and beauty in

For example, the 2000 text "Actions speak louder than words: shifting
from buttons and icons to aesthetics of interaction" (scroll down her
publications list a little) offers five criteria for evaluating

25 Apr 2008 - 5:22pm
Ajaei Prasad

[JOB] UI Design/Development (Flex), Redwood Shores, CA - Oracle

Hello all!

Posting on behalf of my manager. My team here at Oracle is looking to hire
people with strong *CS/HCI* background and* Flex* programming experience. If
you're interested please shoot me an e-mail and we can discuss more.

Ajay Prasad
ajay.prasad at oracle.com

2 Jun 2010 - 9:04pm
4 years ago
1 reply
Kimberley Rivero

Re: [IxDA] Re: [IxDA] Hotel Home Page Sneak peek

Hey Iaax - How's it going man? I have to agree with abhishekbhor. I think the old version has more personality and has a "signature look" which is important for hotel branding, while the new one is much more usable, more corporate and ultimately a little boring. I would stick with the new layout but add some spice, give the background a pattern, make more use of color, give people something to remember.

And if you want my full opinion you've got my number.

Best, Kim

20 Dec 2006 - 6:27am
Phillip Hunter

JOBS: Good listeners wanted - SpeechCycle, NYC (fulltime)


I've been on the list for a couple of months now and thank you all for the
interesting discussions. I mainly relate to the general IxD topics, because
I operate in an entirely different area of interaction design, that of
human-to-machine speech.

The purpose of this email is to see if you or any interaction design
practitioners you know might be interested in looking into a different area
of the practice (assuming you're *not* in voice interaction).

29 Dec 2009 - 5:51am
5 years ago
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Kordian Piotr Klecha

Traffic analysis tools?

I am looking for some traffic analysis systems/tools that should be
used in measuring usability. The main requirements are:

* standalone - no data can be send outside the company environment,

* wide spectrum of (easy readable) reporting: the-more-the-better.

Additionaly - some kind of support for interface-analysis (e.g.
possibility to compare metrics for two or three randomly displayed
versions of the same page) would be nice, as well as all these
candies like site overlay.

Any recommendations?

28 May 2013 - 9:17am
1 year ago
1 reply
Brenda Sanderson

Update - The Power of 10 :: Seed the next 10 years of IxDA

This is the final week of our Power of 10 pledge drive. At 5pm EST Monday, we'd raised $4580 towards our $25,000 goal. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far – 45 of you have generously helped us on the way to our target.

100% of the pledges so far have been unrestricted donations. That means IxDA will be able to channel your support towards the initiatives and improvements to our tools that matter most in advancing our mission – especially technology platforms like ixda.org. 

18 Dec 2006 - 5:42pm
8 years ago
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Nathan Vincent

Philips USA CEO: Do People Need the Gizmos we'reSelling?

Did someone give Paul Zeven 'The Inmates are Running the Asylum' as an
early Christmas gift?

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30 Jun 2006 - 1:34pm
8 years ago
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Stuffing focus to textbox controls

This may relate to the recent auto-tabbing thread...

For using a proxy server to establish an internet connection, we have one checkbox for enabling the proxy, which makes active a textbox for the server and port plus another checkbox for authorization. Turning on the second checkbox enables username/password fields.

What should happen with the input focus when the checkboxes are turned on? Should it stay where the user last clicked, or should it move to the newly enabled textbox, or go somewhere else.

20 Jul 2004 - 3:12pm
10 years ago
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Andrew Otwell

Good Examples of Physicality in Web Visual, Design

> I am currently engaged in a Web application project for which the
> client would like to incorporate a certain degree of machine-like
> physicality in the visual and interaction design (e.g. "like iTunes").

This question is a little confusing. What is exactly meant by
"physicality?" It sounds like your client is saying "I want my web app
to feel like a desktop app." ITunes, although it has a metallic-looking
"finish", doesn't really do anything special in terms of a "physical"