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9 Mar 2012 - 12:03pm

Web Design course application deadline tomorrow

Hi folks,

The next quarter of Code Academy's web design course will be on April 10th, and the application deadline for it is tomorrow!

This intensive course is geared towards those developing start-up ideas, or those looking to transition more fully into user-centered web design. Students connect with a large network of mentors, and we cover these core areas:

26 Mar 2009 - 10:15am
5 years ago
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Rebecca Anema

What sites do you feel have the best and worst interaction design?

Hi I just wanted to reach out to the IxDA community and see what sites
they feel have the best and worst interaction design. It can just be a
component of the site too...

1 Feb 2012 - 6:23pm

Powerful document trees?

I'm looking for examples of navigating through 2-2,000 documents that are more elegant + powerful than the stereotypical document tree… but also has research backing it would be nice.

Currently the documents are arranged by

- Category
  - Sub Category
    - Documents (1-100 pagers)
      - Date

20 May 2009 - 9:14am
7 years ago
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Need help with a directory style menu

Okay, I've managed to design myself into a corner and need help
getting out. I'm working with a maps database that allows the user
to create nested folders for organization. I'm limiting them to two
nested folders, but even so, this creates a situation where some
folders merely contain other folders.

12 Feb 2010 - 11:10am
6 years ago
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Displaying multiple filters on a page

I'm wireframing a "resource library" for a client right now and am
struggling with presentation. They have numerous presentations,
documents, etc. that need to be easily searchable and sortable via their
public web site.

The requirements are...

* Must have a keyword search option

* Must be able to sort by topic

* Must be able to sort by the resource type (PPT, Document,
Webinar, etc.)

Here's a site where we've included filters for Topic and Type, but I
feel like adding a search box will clutter the interface too much and
confuse users.


Call for papers BCS HCI 2011 Workshop: Supporting Collaboration Through Multimodal and Cross-modal Interfaces

Call for papers

BCS HCI 2011 Workshop: Supporting Collaboration Through Multimodal and Cross-modal Interfaces


20 Feb 2012 - 1:53pm
4 years ago
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Interaction 12 - Highlights


here are my highlights of Interaction12: https://blogs.oracle.com/mprove/tags/ixd12

cheers to all the presenters and organizers


18 Dec 2006 - 5:42pm
9 years ago
1 reply
Nathan Vincent

Philips USA CEO: Do People Need the Gizmos we'reSelling?

Did someone give Paul Zeven 'The Inmates are Running the Asylum' as an
early Christmas gift?

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18 Sep 2008 - 1:30pm
Rebekah Ellis

JOB: Interaction Designer @ Ascentium - Los Angeles, CA

Interactive Designer: Los Angeles, CA

The Best Job You'll Ever Have.

Ascentium is seeking an Interactive Designer to join our Ascentium team in LA where we are redefining the LA creative landscape.