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30 Jan 2004 - 12:29pm
Dan Saffer

The $$$ of Education (was Re: How to Get Into Interaction Design?)

On Friday, January 30, 2004, at 04:23 AM, Hal Taylor wrote:

> Carnegie Mellon's program is currently over $26,000 per year for a
> two year program (so, over $50,000 for tuition cost alone).

9 Aug 2007 - 10:11am
7 years ago
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keyur sorathia

IXDA meet in Mumbai, India

Hi all,

This mail is regarding the first meet for IXDA in Mumbai, India.
An introduction meeting was held on 8th August in Mumbai of IXDA members in
India (specially Mumbai)
A bunch of people from several companies and students participated in this
first introduction meet.

Though it was an introduction meeting, several issues came for discussions
like roles of interaction designers in different domains specifically in
India, usability, roles of IAs in several industries etc. Experienced people
shared their experiences and views of different industries and global

22 Nov 2007 - 3:05am
Nancy Falkenburg

job/ Quicken 2009 Interaction Design Contractor l Intuit l CONTRACT l Mountain View, CA

Quicken 2009 is planning a major redesign of the product, and we are looking for a senior user interaction designer for 6-9 month, 40hrs/week. Candidates must primarily be true interaction designers and not just visual or graphic designers. A focus on customer driven development is a plus. Also any experience with desktop applications, consumer applications, and financial applications a plus. Please only candidates with 4+ years of interaction design experience should apply.

1 Mar 2010 - 2:19pm
4 years ago
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Elizabeth Bacon

Transition support for new IxDA.org

Hi folks,

Thanks again for everybody's patience and understanding as we work out the kinks and communicate some of the features of the new Discussion forum & mailing list. This thread is a place to ask questions & get answers!

One question at the top of many people's lists is: How do I get digest delivery?

30 Nov 2006 - 6:17pm
7 years ago
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Doug Murray

Designing for change (was: JOB: Interaction designer for GoDaddy.com)

Schwab.com has done a pretty good job of managing change on their site. They
announced the pending change on the "positions" page months before they made the
change, complete with a link to see the new page (not a screen shot, but an
actual page with your stocks). Now, months after the change, they still have a
link back to the old page.

The changeover was done in the light of day, not overnight. It was introduced
and explained, and users had plenty of time to get used to it. Personally, I
love the new page and always went right to the new version after it was

25 May 2005 - 2:57pm
Austin Govella

Diagramming asynchronous apps: wireframe storyboard

I'm curious for feedback. I diagrammed change on a part of the page in
parallel series over time:

Flashpaper of deliverable here:
* http://thinkingandmaking.com/entries/art/36/wireframe-storyboard.swf

Posted link to deliverable here:
* http://thinkingandmaking.com/entries/36

I'm trying to communicate the design as well as document for future
generations. It's a rough draft, but does it succeed? Almost?

30 Oct 2010 - 12:21pm
3 years ago
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Lee Beckwith

Design in Japan?

Hello, I'm a fledgling IxD student, and I am very interested in what's going on in Japan as far as Interaction Design and HCI goes. So far I have heard of only a few companies like Axis Design Japan, and the ones listed on UXmap.com. Does anyone know what the industry looks like there? Have some of you worked in Japan?

Lee Beckwithhttp://leebeckwith.com

27 Aug 2010 - 3:25pm

Looking for any studies on iPad Adoption by seniors

There is certainly a big buzz these days about seniors using and loving iPads. Has anyone come across any studies or statistics that support the anecdotal buzz? If so, would you share? Thanks!

7 Dec 2005 - 6:46pm
8 years ago
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leo.frishberg a...

Display of values as continuous gradient...

Anyone have a good algorithm (or aware of reasonable conceptual
heuristic) for displaying continuous data as a "gradient?"

I have a set of data points along a continuum which cluster modally.
Displaying the modes as hot spots on a continuum has been proposed as a
display that would resonate with our users (like blue to red for rare to

Pointers to Tufte-esque senstive discussions of the algorithms that
would support such a display would be appreciated.


3 Feb 2008 - 2:27pm

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