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9 Aug 2007 - 3:55pm
7 years ago
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Jack L. Moffett

International Phone Formats

I'm currently working on a form for which a major goal is to save as
many keystrokes as possible. We're trying to automate as much as we
can. We currently have fields for phone number entry that
automatically format the number with the U.S. standard. However, we
also need to provide the ability to enter international numbers for
practically every country in the world.

In its current state, the field allows you to continue typing numbers
past the standard 10, but keeps the U.S. formatting up to that point

10 Jul 2009 - 12:24am
5 years ago
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Need Help on Web Portal Logins

<discuss at lists.interactiondesigners.com>Hi Guys,

As a part of a startup we are launching a web portal in the domain of
student careers.
During our experience strategy there is an issue that seems to be nudging us

It is observed that logins and sign ups are majorly irritating for users as
it takes their time and needs them to fill up forms etc.
In our application we have some information content and some playful and
functional spaces.....Both are critical to the application as a whole.

27 Oct 2008 - 11:03am
Maria De Monte

CALL FOR PAPER: aaate 2009 conference



For those
of you interested in e-Inclusion, Design for All/Universal Design, here is an
event that will take place in Florence Italy, in summer 2009.


Few topics:

Technological innovation in Assistive Technology;The need for interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary
approaches to the development of integrated solutions;The contribution of Assistive Technology and
Design for All towards inclusion;Equipment interconnectivity and compatibility,
covering hardware, software and wireless, to favor integrated solutions to
inclusion;The need for standardiza

8 May 2011 - 7:15pm

First-Annual Juried User Experience Awards: Submission Deadline Is May 15th

The UX groups in New York City (NYC-CHI, NYC IxDA, NYC UPA and the IA Meetup) have organized the first-annual juried User Experience Awards as part of 2011 Internet Week. The stated purpose of the awards is to showcase the value and importance of User Experience in creating successful digital products and services. New York UX professionals are encouraged to submit their work for award consideration. More information is available here:


13 Feb 2006 - 11:44am
Dave Malouf

HELP: Need to recruit quickly for user-research


I'm looking for someone who can point me to a kick-butt recruitment agency
to help me get people for some validation work I'm doing right now (maybe
again in the future). The main issue is numbers and timing. I don't want to
put too many details in this message.

Experience with the business side of the financial community is a big plus.

We will actually be supplying a whole lot of the contacts and can supply you
with a good chunk of background information.

29 Oct 2006 - 5:09pm


I received this from a recruiter. For more info/to apply, please contact:
Jean Hand
Top Dog Staffing
Cell: 727-385-4901
jean at topdogstaffing.com
Altermate e-mail: topdogstaffing at yahoo.com

This is a strong position for a good median or senior level designer
with an excellent company.

31 Jul 2012 - 6:24pm

Examples of visualizing an intangible product on a website?

Does anyone have examples of making an intangible product more tangible on a website?

For example, visualizing an medical insurance product or financial services product with a 3d rendering?


27 Jun 2006 - 2:49am
9 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

finally found the gooseneck attachment for the tripod


except, it appears that it's actually used for helping to kill animals for hunting.

Weird, i had to dig through the internet to find this one.

6 Oct 2005 - 4:43pm
Margaret Motamed

Job: Sr Interaction Designer, EFI, Great Bay View

We print in color and as the saying goes ..we dream in color...Workflow
applications for production and office print are our focus.

EFI is a world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for
commercial and enterprise printing. But we are mostly an OEM brand, you see
our software, but think it came from another company!

We are looking for a talented Interaction Designer for our Product Design

30 Apr 2007 - 9:20am
8 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Brainwaves as Input Method

A convincing twin of Darth Vader stalks the beige cubicles of a
Silicon Valley office, complete with ominous black mask, cape and
light saber. But this is no chintzy Halloween costume. It's a
prototype, years in the making, of a toy that incorporates brain wave-
reading technology.

Behind the mask is a sensor that touches the user's forehead and
reads the brain's electrical signals, then sends them to a wireless
receiver inside the saber, which lights up when the user is