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1 Jun 2010 - 5:36am
William Hudson

Free UX Benchmarking Report

Last year we benchmarked the user experience provided by 12 leading UK mobile phone e-tailers. The report is now free at http://www.syntagm.co.uk/design/uxbench.shtml

If you're involved in e-commerce the report should be of interest regardless of your location or specific sector. Join our mailing list if you want to know about future reports - many will be free. Just send an empty email to mailto:uxbench-subscribe@mailman.syntagm.co.uk


1 Dec 2009 - 6:15am
5 years ago
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Sohel Kapasi

How would you prefer to keep the screen elements which are rarely useful in the modules/applications/screens?

Most of the time while working with heavy data intensive application I
have encountered that there is 20 to 30% of the
modules/webparts/portlates/functionality are rarely useful for the
end-users in most of the applications for example elements like News,
Article, Record Summery, Archive Records, User Summery, Report
Summery, etc..

6 Feb 2010 - 1:09am
4 years ago
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Smart-HDL: Build your Brand

1 - Please tell something about your organization, key achievements &
benefits you provide to small & medium sized Business Owners?

An organization is a group or association consisted by several
different departments and managed by one top managing person.
Whilst, an organization can be managed by any eligible person yet a
successful business is through the dedication, hard work and know how
of that certain person.

20 Apr 2005 - 3:04pm

Event Announcement - 'New Challenges' IA Retreat

Following last year's hugely successful Future of IA retreat in Asilomar, we are
excited to announce another IA retreat, which will be taking place Oct. 7-9, at
the Edith Macy Conference Center (about 45 minutes from New York City.)

This year's theme is New Challenges in Information Architecture and we've
already got several great presentations lined up (and we encourage anyone
interested in presenting to submit a proposal.) The event is sponsored by the
Information Architecture Institute.

27 Jan 2010 - 12:26am
5 years ago
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Help some design students in the Bay Area with field research


I am teaching an interaction design class at Stanford and as part of the
class I am helping students set up sites for field research for their

We are still looking for people to interview who fall into the categories
listed below and I was wondering if any of you on this list might be
interested in volunteering yourself as a subject. Normally I don't solicit
subjects off this list for my projects but in this case, I thought I would
see if anyone was interested in volunteering to talk to students because I
think it's sort of fun to be interviewed by fledgling designers.

23 Sep 2008 - 4:28am
6 years ago
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Sachin Ghodke

Popup window or not?

I have been working on this new website and I am uncertain if I should pass
the control from a .NET page to FLASH one by using a pop-up window.

30 Jan 2010 - 5:53pm
5 years ago
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Neil Cadsawan

Apple Content vs. the rest of the world (was iPad.

The larger issue at hand is the way the iPad handles files in general.
It seems there's no way for files to be shared from app to app
without the need to connect to a network file server.

Your point is fine, but it wasn't the point I was making.

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15 Jun 2005 - 1:41am
kalbach at scil...

EURO IA Conference - Call for Papers

European IA Summit - Building Communities
Tulip Inn, Brussels, Belgium
15-16 October 2005
Call for Papers

Scope of the Conference
The first European Information Architecture (IA) Summit's focus is
on building the IA community in Europe. The objective of the event
is to bring together a number of disciplines and practitioner
communities by providing a stimulating environment for debate and an
opportunity for establishing cooperation. This community is not just
limited to language or region, but all encompasses our
specialisations like designing for mobile devices, and multilingual

15 Aug 2007 - 12:55pm
7 years ago
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Shima Kazerooni

Any Usability Test on 2-factor Authentication?


I am doing a research about two-factor authentication (those device generated numbers that are used along with user name and password for logging in to a computer or website). For example, RSA has the following devices and software:


I was wondering if anybody knows about any usability test/research done on that.

19 Oct 2006 - 9:29am
8 years ago
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Chris Stygar

Managing Translated Text Length


We are working on a project for an embedded system GUI that will be
translated into several languages. We have designed the layout around a
set of US English text strings that will be presented in a proportional
(non-fixed width) fonts. We did our best to allow for expansion when the
strings are translated, however there a still several instances where
there will only be a finite amount of space to fit a translated string.