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16 Nov 2008 - 9:45pm
6 years ago
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Dialog Position

Hello everyone :)

I'm working on UI for web application and I need to show several
dialogs, one of them is confirmation of deleting the file.
So I'm wondering -- what is the best position for modal dialog:
A. Center of screen
B. Near control that caused dialog appearance
C. Near mouse cursor position (in most cases it will be equal to B
since there is very little delay between action and showing dialog).

Thank you.

Maxim Soloviev
Director of Product Development

19 Jan 2011 - 6:35pm
4 years ago
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heidi newell

Best Small Business Platform?

I am looking to launch a boutique business website, which will initially offer sales for a single design product (hopefully more products will be offered in the future). Is Yahoo Small Business still considered the best platform for this kind of business? Does anyone have recommendations for how I seek out a great programmer, who can stick with me as a consultant as the business grows? 
Many thanks for your thoughts.


4 Oct 2006 - 6:32pm
Michelle DeChen...

JOB: Seeking Product Designers for Microsoft Silicon Valley Customer Design Center

:: seeking Product Designer Regular, Full-Time & Professional
Contractors for Microsoft Silicon Valley Customer Design Center ::

Come join one of the most exciting user experience teams at Microsoft -
a team whose day-to-day challenges include shaping the next generation
of Windows Live Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Toolbar, Mobile, TV, and more.
Our Silicon Valley Customer Design Center (CDC) is seeking innovative,
talented, and creative product designers who are excited about
delighting customers in all aspects of their lives.

8 May 2006 - 11:37am
8 years ago
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Simon Asselbergs

IxDa-er: 1st interview with Marketing..

Hi everybody,

I am now defining my function as an Interaction Designer of a medium sized (300+ employees) company. I have now my first conversation with Marketing. I think I want to hear how they are confronted with the need for an improved presentation and usability. I am curious to hear how the house style is developped to what it is now, what the design rationale is behind the current housestyle and where they think all products should go to (how much integration between products, how users should experience a software-suite etc).

26 Mar 2008 - 9:58am
7 years ago
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Min Lin

Skip or not

I am working on a setup wizard for a consumer product. Somewhere
toward the end of the wizard we have a two-screen guided tutorial to
help users understand the main functions of the remove device (a
component of the product). My manager believes it is beneficial to
force users go through the tutorial and I am arguing to have a Skip
button available.

Since most users are not familiar with the remote, the tutorial
certainly becomes very useful to teach the person who set up the

6 Jun 2008 - 6:56am

What do I want from ‘Local Search’ on your mobile

'Local Search' on mobiles is a space "begging" for attention.

19 Jan 2011 - 11:56pm
4 years ago
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Dave Malouf

What's next in my learning and how do I get it?

I thought I'd get people talking about what it is they are looking to learn and where they are hoping to learn it kinda question.

There's a lot of formal EDU in IxD being created all around the world, but obviously, not everyone can jump into a 1-2yr program. So my question is what do you think you need to learn to be a better practitioner of IxD and how do you want to learn it?

-- dave

7 Nov 2003 - 5:11pm
Challis Hodge

Final Survey Reminder: New or Existing?

Last call folks. Sop far turnout is relatively low. Make sure your voice is
heard. Survey is here:




> -----Original Message-----
> Hi Folks:
> Since we haven't really received much positive feedback or
> interest in the concept of exploring existing organizations
> as possible homes for this group, I've created a survey to
> gauge the group's position on the matter.

17 Nov 2009 - 11:49am
5 years ago
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Louis Rosenfeld

ANN: Warfel's book "Prototyping: A Practitioner's Guide" now available

(apologies for cross posting)

It's a pleasure to announce that Todd Zaki Warfel's book, *Prototyping: A
Practitioner's Guide, *is now available for purchase. In just under 200
pages, Todd provides a hugely practical take on a hugely practical topic,
and shows you how to prototype using approaches both low-tech (e.g., paper)
and high-tech (Axure and Fireworks).

12 Sep 2007 - 11:12am
Janna DeVylder