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23 Sep 2009 - 11:31pm

User Experience Staffing Firm Featured in Business Journal's All Over the Country

IT staffing firm finds its niche in user-friendly arena
San Antonio Business Journal - by Mike W. Thomas

In just four years, Harvinder Singh has grown his small IT staffing firm,
working mostly in the local market, into a multimillion-dollar company with
clients across the nation.

In its first year of operation, Bestica Inc. had just $250,000 in revenues.
This year, the company expects to gross more than $2 million.

"There was a need in San Antonio for a small company that could find quality
players (for the tech industry)," Singh says.

8 Feb 2006 - 7:49am

User Acceptance Tests (UAT) as inroads for User Experience

Has anyone been able to get usability engineering into a software
development process by becoming involved in the User Acceptance Testing?

Many applications are developed in my company, which is a large
financial corporation. During our software development process there is
no requirement for user experience or usability involvement. (There is
little chance right now of adding more requirements to the development
process, such as heuristic evaluations or usability testing; our
developers will accept no more requirements.

7 Sep 2007 - 3:56am
Michal Kopec

IDEA Conference 2007, NYC - September 15th deadline approaching for two great discount offers

IDEA 2007 is coming to NYC, October 3-5.

We've also got fantastic promotions available including a discount for Smart
students, discounts for groups of 5 or more, and of course IAI member

The IDEA early registration discount (save $100) ends September 15th,
so register today http://ideaconference.org/register.html

Smart Experience is a New York-based school offering classes on
state-of-the-art topics to working professionals in the Internet,
mobile, and software fields.

8 Feb 2010 - 1:28pm
4 years ago
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Josh Damon Williams

[EVENT] Early registration for Interaction'11 in Boulder, CO extended to Fri, 2/12


Due to popular demand, we're extending early registration to the end
of the week. Registering by this Friday, 2/12/10, saves you $250 off
the regular registration price.

Visit http://www.ixda.org/i11 to register.

18 Jan 2007 - 11:06pm
Esteban Barahona

How to manage horizontal-hierarchies enterprises of less than 150 members?

just a rethorical question.

btw, I just registered the www.zensui.net domain and "don't know what to do
with it".

You are all a creative bunch, I'm happy to be part of IxDA (the coolest IxD
Guild on the Net, rofl).

The executive summary of some random thread:

My practical definition of IxD:

16 Jan 2012 - 8:05pm
2 years ago
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Mathew Sanders

What is your dream IxD software setup?

I'm joining a new startup in 2 weeks (yay!) and have been asked to choose (within limits) what software I want to use, what would you choose and why?

I'm used to sketching in pen+paper then moving to hig- fidelity wireframes with omnigraffle but I'm thinking of adding Adobe Catalyst to the mix (to prototype rich interactions & transitions) and Fireworks for production graphics (buttons etc) which since it's a start up I will also be responsible.

What would you choose, and why?

15 Feb 2009 - 7:18pm
Donna Maurer

Call for proposals: UX Australia 2009

UX Australia 2009: Call for proposals

We are very pleased to announce the call for proposals for UX Australia

The conference program for UX Australia 2009 will be based on your
input, to ensure that the conference reflects current user
experience practice and also reflects the types of presentations you
would like to see.

14 Apr 2004 - 6:29am
Ben Haldenby

Cooper-style design courses in UK


I've been reading this list for a week or so and have checked out the
archives but haven't been able to find an answer to my question.

I'm trying to convince my manager to send me to San Francisco to do the
Cooper 4-Day Design Practicum and he's asked me to find out if there are
any alternatives closer to home which, by the way, happens to London.
All I've found so far is Adaptive Path's Beyond Usability workshop in
Amsterdam in June.

30 Jan 2007 - 5:01pm
Dante Murphy

Recommendations for firm specialized in customersupport solutions

While I was with GSI Commerce we evaluated a company for help desk
applications called InQuira. Probably the best capabilities demo I've
ever seen, really impressive. They integrate with call center ops a lot
too. Not sure if it's a fit, but they are definitely worth looking


Dante Murphy | Director of Information Architecture
Medical Broadcasting Company | A D I G I T A S INC.

5 Apr 2007 - 4:26pm
7 years ago
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Faye Hoffman

Training internal resources in IA


I am currently the only information architect at UVic and management doesn't
have long-term funding to hire further IA resources at this time. I've been
asked to "Ensure that a number of existing resources possess entry-level IA
skills through peer mentoring and education."

We haven't identified any resources with formal or informal IA training. The
resources we'd be training are primarily web developers and possibly a
linguist or library science professional.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on how to go about this.