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14 Jul 2005 - 3:45pm
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: Job Posting Requirements

It seems that it is necessary to remind everyone of our Job Posting
requirements (before non-Admins start doing it for me).

The link to all our requirements is at http://listguide.ixdg.org/

I'm copying here the Job Posting guidelines below.

Thank you for posting jobs ...

19 Jun 2008 - 8:40am
8 years ago
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Mario Bourque

IP routing and country selector native languages

I would love some feedback on IP routing based on a browser's point of

Most sites seem to use a [global] or [worldwide] link located somewhere on
the top or bottom of the page for a browser to switch country site.

Usually those links are in the native language of that country's landing

My question is, does that matter?

20 Apr 2005 - 8:03am
Jerry John

What software to create documentation anddeliverables? What are you using?

hey actually for this - i'm using a combination of InDesign and Illustrator;
with illustrator your can have groups of UI components that when used in a
standard canvas, works great for low fidelity prototyping - who says it
needs to be quick and dirty !

24 Oct 2008 - 3:35pm
John Zimmerman

cfp: CHI WS on Experience Design | Deadline Extended to November 6

FYI ... sorry for the spam...

Deadline Extended to November 6, 2008!!!!

Call for participation | CHI 2009 Workshop
Building a unified framework for the practice of eXperience Design

For the last several years there has been a growing interest in the
ideas and issues around experience design. Many researchers have
developed theories and methods related experience design; however,
there seems to be little agreement on what it means to practice
experience design.

16 Jan 2009 - 6:09am

Introduction to Interaction Design: An Interview with Dave Malouf

"Introduction to Interaction Design: An Interview with Dave Malouf "
Interview by Will Evans

"This February is the second annual Interaction Design Association
(IxDA) Interaction'09 conference which is being held in Vancouver,
British Columbia in conjunction with Simon Fraser University’s School
of Interactive Arts and Technology.

7 Sep 2007 - 2:38pm
8 years ago
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Kim McGalliard

Recruiters in NYC that specialize in UX?

Can anyone recommend recruiters based in NYC that have specializations in
user experience - IA, IxD, usability etc?

Many Thanks for any info.

Kim McGalliard
kimmcg at gmail.com

1 Oct 2007 - 9:16pm
Kate Walser

JOB: Web Developer / User Interface Developer (SRA International, Inc., Washington, DC, Full-time)

*Position Title*
Web Developer / User Interface Developer

*Daily Responsibilities*
- Develops the code for the User Interfaces for in-house, custom
Web-based applications using CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, JSP and Struts
- Produces designs for new and enhanced user interfaces using HTML
mockups, wireframes, page flows, interaction diagrams, etc.

6 Jun 2008 - 2:35am
Yohan Creemers

[Event] Design by Fire conference: call for participation

The Design By Fire conference in the Netherlands strives to be the incubator for the newest ideas on interaction design. Last year's conference was a success, with a great keynote presented by Andrei Herasimchuk.

Preparations for the second Design by Fire conference have started. The date is set on 21 October 2008.

6 Oct 2007 - 6:50pm

True or False: In a perfect world we'd allcreate html clickable wireframes after the static ones have been don

"Don't ever let anyone tell you that there's only one way, or a best way to
design interaction. It's just not true." - James Leftwich


Suggest its important to think about the following elements : (feel free to
add to these)

1. Organisational context - education required and maturity of an
organisation i.e. some organisations who have worked with the traditional
agency approach - show as a working, visual prototype (without any wire
frames before hand).

22 Nov 2010 - 11:03am
Richard Carson

Programming classes in NYC?

Can anyone recommend good places for programming classes in NYC?