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2 Dec 2005 - 6:42pm
Robert Hoekman, Jr.
14 Mar 2007 - 10:49am
7 years ago
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Christine Boese

Thumbnail calendars and philosophical waxing

Hi y'all!

Please forgive me if this topic has come up in the past, but I'm wondering
if the group has any ideas about the persistence of thumbnail calendars
(often appearing in interstitial rollovers, with dates as potential live
links) as a reappearing trope in interface design.

I'm trying to discuss this interface feature with a client at the
requirements stage, and I'm encountering resistance to the very idea,
particularly on the development side.

This strikes me as odd, especially since I've used the relatively simple
code myself on personal projects (we've seen this all over on blog

16 Mar 2006 - 12:38pm
8 years ago
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How to manage a large control library?

Thanks for the insights Rob and good to know I'm not alone in the chaos.
Your process sounds much the same as what we have in place currently,
yet whats also proving difficult to manage within our team of six Visual
Designers. Perhaps we need a Keeper, like you suggest. Or perhaps pass
this role onto a project manager to maintain.. seems like more their
area in a way.

A resource site is something we've considered, it just comes down to
allowing development resources, and in a way, it seems it's for reasons
like this that Version Cue was invented.

28 Dec 2006 - 12:38pm
7 years ago
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Soo Basu

Community design?

Just curious:
In my company (an internet media company) design happens over a group
session involving writers and business people, and of course, designers.
Can good design really happen this way? Usually the designers (who are
outnumbered and softer-spoken) get over-ruled by self-skilled content
writers. I'm wondering whether to improve my shouting skills or work on my

20 Jul 2009 - 7:06am
5 years ago
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Tara Goskie

How could I deal with my ex-employer for not releasing the design work I\'d done?

I have been working for a company creating online software/application
for the past years. Recently I got laid off and they disabled my
connection to the company's server right away. Since I was a remote
employee, I wasn't able to get the design files I'd done for the
company. Therefore, I emailed them to ask for a copy for the purpose
of creating personal portfolio. They transferred my question among
different managers and ended up ignoring my request.

21 Jul 2010 - 10:48am
William Hudson

New course dates in Europe and free e-commerce reports

We've added dates in Brussels and Hamburg to our London UCD & UX courses, plus our latest (free) e-commerce benchmarking report is available for download. See http://www.syntagm.co.uk/design/blog/

The e-commerce report looks at both US and UK clothing retailers. The results are a little like the World Cup - a close run game with a few strong players, but overall pretty much a tie!


25 Mar 2009 - 4:08pm
5 years ago
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User Friendly/Visually Appealing/ Simply better ways of showcasing news/upcoming events

Hi everyone,

I am working on a clinical research site "Engage"
(www.umengage.org) which works at matching volunteers interested in
clinical research to research studies at the University of Michigan.

If you look at the home page, you can see that we have a section on
News and upcoming Events which is basically a list ( 2 items)of the
latest news and upcoming events.

16 May 2010 - 9:49am
4 years ago
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Re: [IxDA] All microwave interfaces are COMPLETELY different

On Sat, May 15, 2010 at 6:47 AM, elvenmuse wrote: > Why, why o why all microwave interfaces are different...

Agreed that the state of microwave control UIs is a joke. But missing from this discussion is the ecosystem aspect: companies creating products (microwavable food items) with instructions that don't map to the available capabilities.

For example, a frequently seen food preparation instruction is to heat the product at e.g. 50% power for 8 minutes.

12 Jun 2008 - 11:29am
6 years ago
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Santiago Bustelo

Prototyping & GOMS

CogTool, developed by Carnegie Mellon University's HCI Institute, has
a really interesting approach: perform a KLM-GOMS simulation over the

Sadly, current version is frustrating to use, to say the least. I hope
they find the support and funding needed to take the project further,
but I won't expect a miracle...

3 Feb 2005 - 3:34am
Anirudha Joshi

IxD deliverable and One-person show Was: buy-in, consensus, etc.

Andrei wrote> A fully-formed prototype is the best tool for that exercise
as long as the prototype is fully formed.

Shifting gears> So what are the deliverables of the interaction designers
'after' the design is approved (by whatever process). The architect
delivers the plans. The product designer delivers the third angle
projected drawings along with separation lines (perhaps ProE models is
more like it these days), colour shades and assembly instructions. What
does an IxD deliver?