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23 Mar 2009 - 5:45am

Add your insight to interaction design challenge blog

Add your insight to interaction design challenge blog and win some cool

We would like brainstorming, thoughts, ideas, input, and feedback from you,
our usability and user-experience experts, about developing novel
interaction techniques that enable a user to experience the benefits of
listening with two ears (binaural hearing) compared to just listening with
one ear (monaural hearing).

14 Feb 2008 - 2:21pm
6 years ago
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sajid saiyed

Issues related to text entry using remote.

I would like to know opinions or prior experiences on the issue of
handling 'text entry on screen' for UI's which are controlled by a
remote (a remote with keypad).

Do your users prefer a particular approach over other?
Is there a best (or a good) remote keypad layout for text entry?
How do you deal with this issue when the keypad has only numbers and arrow keys?
How does it change when you have a ball or a scroll pad on remote?

I understand that this is a very broad question because a lot can
change based on layout of the remote, controls on the remote like
scrolls, cursors, ball etc

13 Feb 2006 - 5:45pm
8 years ago
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Steve Baty

Back to Top links - should these be translated for multi-language sites?!

Dear All,

Sorry to be asking such a basic question, but I don't have any research to
back up my belief so I throw myself on the collective wisdom of this list:

Should 'Back to top' - or equivalent - anchor links be translated into each
language of a multi-language site?

My instinctive reaction is 'yes': it would provide a consistent language
experience throughout the page and sitelet, and avoid any miscommunication
in something that should be a straight-forward navigation element.

3 Aug 2010 - 9:45pm
4 years ago
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Allison Corbett

RE: [IxDA] Discount testing techniques and ressources


Longterm lurker, first time replier...

I'm currently reading Steve Krug's Rocket Surgery Made Easy and really enjoying it. It's pretty much entirely focused on discount usability methods. It's a quick read, high-level enough that you could give it to management. I'm a UX designer in an Agile environment, and I'm finding it inspiring for techniques that are actually implementable in our very rapid-fire environment.

12 Feb 2008 - 11:13am

Prototyping with GWT-Ext (google)

Does anyone have any experience prototyping with Google's GWT-Ext?

Best regards,

P.S. Had a great time at interaction08!

Russell Wilson
Vice President of Product Design, NetQoS
Blog: http://www.dexodesign.com

14 Jun 2005 - 1:15pm
9 years ago
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Vishal Subraman...

usability study methodology

I'm conducting a usability study of a U.S army corps of engineers website.
The most important component is a task analysis. In this case we sit along
with the subject and have a dialogue with them as they go along with the
task (talk to them about what they are thinking, try getting their thoughts
out), and give them hints if they are stuck etc, until they get to the
result (all info is captured in the coding sheets).

Another research I recently noticed used a diametrically different approach.
They just give the task to the subjects and left them on their own.

20 Jan 2009 - 10:53am
5 years ago
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Corporate website redesign, where to put intranet access?

Perhaps call the employe login link: "Remote Employee Login", as
that sounds like what it does.

Instead of "Corporate Information", perhaps "About [companyname]"

I've seen the "graphics" section of many corporate web sites
called "Press Kit", "Media Kit", and "[companyname] In The
News", depending on what's really there, and for whom it's

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

15 Jun 2005 - 11:01pm
9 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

Re: Professional development; employer expectations

I definitely agree with you on the creativity and inspiration part.

Part of the reason that I left my last job is that I wanted to publish a use case and make a presentation on some of our findings, but had no support or interest from senior management.

25 Jul 2007 - 12:34pm
7 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Prototyping Touch Screens

I'm working on a tiny touch screen device right now. Anyone
experimented with using the iPhone for prototyping touch interaction?

On a similar note, what have people been using to prototype large
(kiosk-screen sized) touch interactions? I've used Acer tablets in
the past, but are there any other options?


29 Sep 2006 - 9:17am
Scott Weiss

Web 2.0 UX Benchmark: Please Help

Usable Products Company is exploring doing a US-based quantitative user
experience benchmark of Web 2.0 properties. This benchmark will be limited
to three sites in the same category for its first release. Our goal is to
inform our community and to at least break even on the investment.
Benchmarks provide invaluable information to designers and marketers, and
a point of comparison to determine usability improvements.