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12 May 2011 - 7:30am

Stupid Pop-Up Windows you can't bypass unless...

I absolutely "hate it" when website throw me a pop-up window asking me to Sign-up when I don't even know one sliver or 'string' (from string theory) about them. Even worse there is no way to escape, refuse or close the darn thing.
Thanks. I'll never return again.

Please if you have ever done this, stop it.
It does not work! It just pisses people off! If you insist on doing it atlease give me a way to close or skip it.
I have seen similar insane tactics on some of those Daily Deals website.

Case in point:

1 Apr 2010 - 11:32am
5 years ago
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corey pressman

ePub, iPad, iBook, ID

Anyone know anyone with solid experience converting/creating interactive texts in ePub, preferable using In Design?  We've some clients asking for iPad iBooks and are looking for someone to help and/or share best practices...

6 Nov 2010 - 1:37pm
4 years ago
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Nils-Erik Gustafsson

Re: [IxDA] What makes an application feel fast?

Two factors were identified in a study several years ago (sorry, don't remember the reference):

1) The perceived complexity of an operation influences the user's expectations.

31 Aug 2006 - 9:33am
8 years ago
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Leah Cunningham


Hi all,

What do people think about the netvibes.com experience? Sure it gets
points for the coolness factor...


Leah Cunningham
Sr. Information Architect

Sequel Studio
12 West 27th Street, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10001

212 660 7863 direct
646 935 0582 fax


3 Dec 2003 - 1:14pm
11 years ago
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Meyer, Fred

Services and Interaction Design

How does a service-oriented approach to business affect the design of
software products?

A current business trend is organizing software products and personnel
around services, rather than organizing around software products.

7 Aug 2006 - 12:53pm
Mila Turbek

example MRD contents?

Hi Everyone,

I'm considering helping a group out by participating in a UI design
project for a Win32 application. Before taking me on, of course, they
would like a cost and schedule estimate. Before I can work on any
sizings, however, I would like to see their MRD (marketing requirement
document) and past products. The new MRD doesn't exist in any written
down form yet, however.

20 Jan 2009 - 10:53am
6 years ago
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Corporate website redesign, where to put intranet access?

Perhaps call the employe login link: "Remote Employee Login", as
that sounds like what it does.

Instead of "Corporate Information", perhaps "About [companyname]"

I've seen the "graphics" section of many corporate web sites
called "Press Kit", "Media Kit", and "[companyname] In The
News", depending on what's really there, and for whom it's

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

4 Feb 2005 - 1:56pm
10 years ago
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Rhonda Nelson

best online survey apps?

I'm going to be setting up an online survey for a
select group of users. I'd like the survey to be kind
of "smart" ie. being able to have selections and
rankings in 1-4 question affect what gets shown in the
last question to assist in ranking.

If you have worked with anything like this or any
online survey apps, let me know and I'll gather and
repost to the list.

Rhonda N


Rhonda Nelson . retreux at yahoo.com .

6 Nov 2007 - 7:08pm
7 years ago
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Elizabeth Bacon

IxDA Membership Survey - Nov 2007

Hello IxDA!

The IxDA Board of Directors is about to hold our annual retreat, and
we’d like to get your input into some issues that we will be discussing.

There are a lot of items on the table, but we have created this
survey across two areas we believe are vital to the growth of IxDA as
a community and an organization: the structure of a potential
financial/organizational commitment to IxDA, and how IxDA could
better support employment opportunities.

1 Jul 2008 - 6:53pm
Michael Darius

[Event] San Diego Monthly IxDA F2F

Quint Gallery has a new installation going in highlighting many urban
We will be meeting to discuss persona development in urban & suburban
Please join us for wine & light appetizers.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
7:00pm - 9:00pm
QUINT Gallery
7739 Drury Lane (Alley entrance between Kline and Silverado)
La Jolla, CA

View Map<http://maps.