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5 Nov 2013 - 12:28pm
50 weeks ago
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Seeking Advice on HCI / IxD Masters Degree Program Options

Hi everyone,

I'm about to start applying to graduate programs for September, 2014 and I would love to hear your feedback (and possible recommendations) on my selections. 

A bit of background information:

4 Nov 2013 - 4:41pm
1 year ago
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textual user data: workflows? tools?

I'm fairly new to UX and very new to UX research.  I'm working on a research project involving hundreds of user interviews, so we will have several hundred textual transcripts to sort through and derive meaning from.  I haven't seen the data or interview questions yet, so I don't have a lot of information to share here.

4 Nov 2013 - 3:45pm

Feedback on my portfolio - industrial designer wanting to switch to interaction/visual design

Hello, I'm new here! I studied and worked for 1 year as an ID (with some projects in IxD and interface design), but now I want to make the switch to interaction/visual UI design. 

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my online portfolio? I've been working on on some new projects that are more focused towards interface and graphics, as a lot of my prior work was more product/industrial design. The website is 

4 Nov 2013 - 12:46pm
Douglas Radecki

UX Meet up in San Luis Obispo

Hi everyone,

     I am seeing if there are any IXDA memebers in the Central Coast. I have been part of the UX meet ups and hoping to see more people attending. MINDBODY is planning one for December, so if there are any IXDA members living in the area, please join the UX group on 

     Hope to see some IXDA memebers joing us!

-Douglas Radecki

4 Nov 2013 - 11:31am

Getting into UX research

Hi everyone,

I'm a recent psych graduate and I'm wondering how people have transitioned from academic research in the social sciences to UX research. To those who have done it, what are the similarities and differences between the two areas of research (in terms of skills required, working environment, work life, etc.)? What were the steps you took to break into UX research? I'm thinking of applying to HCI masters programs like CMU, DePaul, and UMich. Are there other schools I should consider if I'd only like to be conducting UX research?

4 Nov 2013 - 9:05am

Where HTML Prototyping Comes into Its Own: Adding Interactivity

Hi folks,

Arguably the best thing about prototyping in HTML is that you can make things interactive, something you just can't do with static deliverables like wireframes.

If you want to learn how to make an HTML prototype interactive, I just published a post that explains how:

The Four Minute Prototype: Adding Interactivity

I hope you enjoy it. And I'd be very happy to hear any comments or questions.


3 Nov 2013 - 1:44pm

UX Weekly, Take 2

UX Weekly is on its 44th edition, but I've been tinkering with what it's trying to accomplish, and how to accomplish it. 

The newsletter is subscribeable at, and my thinking for it is available on my blog.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, opinions, critiques, and recommendations.

Just to get you interested:

2 Nov 2013 - 2:37pm

Two new graduate programs at CCA

While I'm at it, and because so many of our students come from this community, we've launched two new Design MBA programs at CCA for those who want to extend their skills and experience into changing government and imagining the future:

MBA in Public Policy Design

MBA in Strategic Foresight

2 Nov 2013 - 2:32pm
39 weeks ago
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Book Launch Party for Brenda Laurel's Computers as Theatre, 2nd Edition

For those of you in the San Francisco are this week, the DMBA program is honored to present a party for Brenda Laurel’s book release. This book is both a classic and as timely as ever.

31 Oct 2013 - 7:01pm
1 year ago
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Breaking into the UX field - Going to DePaul


I was recently admitted to the HCI master's program at DePaul and would like to get some input from people in the field. I am totally new to UX. I have 10 years of work experience.

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