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6 Sep 2004 - 10:19am
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

What makes a good IxD? (RE: A well-argued reply.)

Hi Jef & Andrei,

I think the direction that you are both going in is one where He who has the
most expertise the better. To me this is a nonfunctional truism.

Of course if I have a BFA (industrial design) (minor in CS), MS (in HCI),
and an MBA then I would of course be an ideal candidate. Oh!

6 Sep 2004 - 9:19am
11 years ago
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Elizabeth Buie

Cut and Paste vs. Move (was: Make it quantitative...)

I'd like to describe a few of the ways I use Cut and Paste and why I would
not like to see it replaced by Move (as I understand Move, from current
experience). Before I do that, I'll admit that I have been following this
thread at a high level, skimming some posts (the ad hominem tone of some
of them disturbs me) and reading some of them in reasonable depth... so I
may be bringing up things that others have mentioned already. If so, I
hope you guys will forgive me.


Take away Cut and Paste? You'll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers.

5 Sep 2004 - 7:43pm
11 years ago
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Jef Raskin

A well-argued reply.

I wrote that quantitative design techniques are often of great utility,
and that to have only the skills in Andrei's list of desiderata is not

Andrei's admirably short reply:

> Yes it is.

I am getting the impression that Andrei has a tendency to think that
his strengths (presumably on the visual/conceptual side) are the only
essential elements in interface design and that where he does not have
skills (e.g.

5 Sep 2004 - 4:01pm
Pete Gordon - U...

[PLUG] Experiences with Morae, VisualMark, etc?

> The sweetest one to come is FaceTop:

That does look great (great choice of platform, also!). The alpha
blend (transparency) is a standard feature in Quicktime.

5 Sep 2004 - 3:41pm
11 years ago
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Christian Simon

Programming and IxD (was- Help: Looking for another me)

on 9/5/04 12:00, wrote:
>> Can I be a programmer and an IxD?
> "Can Programmers Do Interaction Design?" by Kim Goodwin (Cooper)
> rs_Do_Interaction_Design.asp

Programmers can design programs and interaction very effectively.

5 Sep 2004 - 10:38am
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: Technical Difficulties

Hello there folks,

I must apologize as there have been some technical difficulties this past
week (Aug 30th till Sept 5) regarding the list. Many might have noticed that
some e-mails they had sent did not come back or they were expecting
responses from others that didn't come through.

What occured was that moderation requests from the list were not coming to
me and thus not being dealt with.

3 Sep 2004 - 4:23pm
H Taylor

RE: Location of selection checkboxes on lists

Dave's comment, below, is a little milder than my reaction: question
assumptions! Without delving into the politics of the situation, are
you sure it's not time to reconsider the fundamental approach which has
led to a screen that is growing unmanageable?

Would prototyping and user-testing some alternatives be a feasible way
to check the assumptions being made?

3 Sep 2004 - 10:16am
11 years ago
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Rao, Malini

Location of selection checkboxes on lists


I am currently working on a web application for sourcing and spend analysis
and I am toying with an issue that I thought might be interesting to open to
the forum and get input. The product uses a lot of lists and usually has
check boxes on every row with a 'select all' checkbox on the top with
associated action buttons also on top of the list. The lists so far have
been only as wide as the screen in the ideal screen resolution for which the
product is designed and the header with the action buttons always remained
in view and out of the vertical scroll area.

2 Sep 2004 - 11:16am
11 years ago
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Gerard Torenvliet

Shared Displays and Cursor Control


I'm currently in the early stages of designing a system where two operators share up to five screens. In this five-screen scenario, the operator on the left has access to the left-most *four* screens, and the operator on the right has access to the right-most *four* screens. (In other words, the left-most display is dedicated to the left-most operator and the right-most display is dedicated to the right-most operator.)

I'm looking for ideas (no matter how hare-brained; consider this a brain-storming exercise) on how to:


2 Sep 2004 - 6:05am
11 years ago
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Harry Brignull

Experiences with Morae, VisualMark, etc?

Hi everyone

Has anyone here had any experience using Morae or VisualMark, or any
other video-lab software / hardware set ups? I've been thinking of
setting myself up with a lab (as a freelancer) so I'm drawn towards the
cheaper software solutions. Since I've been doing some research into
it, I've noticed that there's very few reviews or objective comparisons
of the alternatives out there on the web. I'd love to hear about
people's experiences.

- Harry

By the way, Kevin - I've seen people use this clip of someone having a
'bad day' in their usability presentations.

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