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14 Jun 2004 - 4:21pm
Pete Gordon - U...

[ANN] VisualMark User Experience Lab Beta on Mac OS X

Our Product is now being released on a selective basis to Beta Users.
If you are interested in being involved with the beta testing, please
contact me.

The VisualMark User Experience Lab, brings together multiple video,
audio, and screen inputs to record User Experience. It can be used for
Software Usability, Focus Groups, and Consumer/Market Research.

Here are the requirements to use the product:

1. Mac OS X 10.2 or 10.3 (a fairly recent computer G4 800Mhz+ is
2. One or more Firewire webcam camera (ex. Apple iSight) -- Does not
work with Digital Video Cameras

14 Jun 2004 - 10:55am
10 years ago
1 reply

Future Workshops as a tool for generating vision/buy-in


Has anyone on this list come across Future Workshops[1] before?

I'm trying to get the university I work in to look more holistically at it's
IT and electronic learning and teaching provision. As universities tend to
be fragmentary organisations[2] I thought that a participatory technique
might be more successful as it would bring people together to see a
whole-university view rather than that of individual units. In the
Participatory Design literature that I read Future Workshops seemed to come
up quite often.

14 Jun 2004 - 6:07am
10 years ago
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Jason Moore



I've been playing with a nifty application called "Konfabulator"[1] for
the past few weeks, and I'm wondering how relevant it is for other
interaction designers.

It's a little environment that allows people to run "widgets", which
are mini-applications. (e.g. show the weather in Paris, a clock with
the time in san francisco) But, what I love is that a widget is just
some graphics and an XML file, so you can easily modify other people's
widgets or write your own.

I'm thinking Konfabulator is a good way to prototype interfaces; either
a physical ones (e.g.

13 Jun 2004 - 2:54pm
10 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Signal Orange

Another brilliant fashion/interaction design project:

"The organizers of the "Signal Orange" t-shirt campaign want people to
wear shirts displaying the identities of individual US soldiers killed
in Iraq. They say the project serves to remind the world that war
creates real victims on both sides. Signal Orange is a project to make
the invisible visible -- which is a premise and prerequisite for

11 Jun 2004 - 2:46am
10 years ago
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kaushikg2004 at...
10 Jun 2004 - 11:05am
10 years ago
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Susan Farrell

Navigation examples: trees

I'd like to raise several issues I've seen with trees. Maybe they've
been solved and I just don't know it.

1. Tree widgets sometimes require MIE on Windows version 5.5+ which
makes them suitable for intranets but not for the Internet.

2. Tree widgets sometimes have such small click targets or labels
that they are difficult to operate from that standpoint. Sometimes
they don't respond to font-enlargement controls in the browser.

3. Technologists are more familiar with trees than end users, so some
people just don't know what to do with trees.

9 Jun 2004 - 4:37pm
10 years ago
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Jim Hoekema

interface standards - the CE space

Dave Collins makes an excellent point regarding consumer electronics:
> In the case of stereo equipment, the companies are still jockeying for
> position, and whether they like it or not, the interface to their device
> is still strongly perceived by the user to *be* the device.

9 Jun 2004 - 2:53pm
10 years ago
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Hayden Vink

Navigation examples

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has got any good examples of effective
navigation (hopefully using CSS/standards based design) for websites
that have up to three levels of navigation. The site I'm working on
won't be managed using a full-blown CMS . . we'll most likely use
Dreamweaver templates to build the static pages and Movable Type for
the dynamic parts. The client will have Contribute to edit static pages
and access to Movable Type of course.

8 Jun 2004 - 2:43pm
10 years ago
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Coryndon Luxmoore

Nokia UI the 'standard' for handheld devices?

I have always found it curious as to why Nokia is held up as the leader in UI for the mobile phone market. Having had to help numerous less tech savvy folks with thier basic Nokia phones I have found thier use of a single modal action button, inconsistant back buttons, deep menus, no ability to see the list of options etc. to be less than user friendly. I personally consider Nokia to only be one step better than Motorola in thier interfaces.

Sanyo, Sony and the other consumer electronics companies are way better overall in thier ability to simply enable the user to move through the phone.

8 Jun 2004 - 10:27am
Svoboda, Eric

Integration between paper and electronic forms

I've been asked to redesign the same form in two different media. A
paper form, will be completed by consumers. A data-entry person will
read the paper form and 'transfer' it's info to a web app form.

Obviously, I want the two forms to be as similar as they can possibly
be. Can anyone give some advice or perhaps point me in the direction of
some good info on this?

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