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9 Jun 2004 - 4:37pm
12 years ago
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Jim Hoekema

interface standards - the CE space

Dave Collins makes an excellent point regarding consumer electronics:
> In the case of stereo equipment, the companies are still jockeying for
> position, and whether they like it or not, the interface to their device
> is still strongly perceived by the user to *be* the device.

9 Jun 2004 - 2:53pm
12 years ago
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Hayden Vink

Navigation examples

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has got any good examples of effective
navigation (hopefully using CSS/standards based design) for websites
that have up to three levels of navigation. The site I'm working on
won't be managed using a full-blown CMS . . we'll most likely use
Dreamweaver templates to build the static pages and Movable Type for
the dynamic parts. The client will have Contribute to edit static pages
and access to Movable Type of course.

8 Jun 2004 - 2:43pm
12 years ago
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Coryndon Luxmoore

Nokia UI the 'standard' for handheld devices?

I have always found it curious as to why Nokia is held up as the leader in UI for the mobile phone market. Having had to help numerous less tech savvy folks with thier basic Nokia phones I have found thier use of a single modal action button, inconsistant back buttons, deep menus, no ability to see the list of options etc. to be less than user friendly. I personally consider Nokia to only be one step better than Motorola in thier interfaces.

Sanyo, Sony and the other consumer electronics companies are way better overall in thier ability to simply enable the user to move through the phone.

8 Jun 2004 - 10:27am
Svoboda, Eric

Integration between paper and electronic forms

I've been asked to redesign the same form in two different media. A
paper form, will be completed by consumers. A data-entry person will
read the paper form and 'transfer' it's info to a web app form.

Obviously, I want the two forms to be as similar as they can possibly
be. Can anyone give some advice or perhaps point me in the direction of
some good info on this?

7 Jun 2004 - 8:27pm
12 years ago
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David Liu

Nokia UI the "standard" for handheld devices?

Hi all:

I am an interaction designer for mobile phones. I've been asked this
question many times by people outside of our team: "why don't you copy

7 Jun 2004 - 3:07pm
12 years ago
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Carrie Ritch

interface standards

new jakob article on his frustration with remote controls. made me wonder if
we should work together to create consistent interfaces across like
applications? I don't want to say standards, but is there a less rigid way
to help the user while allowing for creativity and innovation?

7 Jun 2004 - 12:59pm
12 years ago
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Jim Hoekema

Humans & Technology Scrutinized (Wash. Post)

There's a nice article in the Washington Post today:

"Human Responses to Technology Scrutinized:
Emotional Interactions Draw Interest of Psychologists and Marketers"

Jim Hoekema
Hoekema Design & Editorial

27 May 2004 - 10:58am
Christina Li

Gathering requirements for a bilingual web site

[Apologise for the cross-posting]

Dear friends,

This is a Chinese interaction designer working in London. I'm doing a web
site with my friend in China now and would like to know more needs and
suggestions from our target audiences. Any comments and suggestions will be
very appreciated!

The site aims to provide a bilingual on-line magazine for Chinese and
western professionals who work in the user interface design (including user
experience, information architecture, GUI, and usability) field to publish
their thinking and exchange views with each other.

26 May 2004 - 4:09pm
12 years ago
2 replies
Tubman, Wahne

Dictionary of Interaction Design Terms

Can anyone recommend a dictionary for interaction design terms? I am
familiar with this online resource:
<> and I am interested in
discovering additional noteworthy dictionaries out there, especially any
printed versions.

25 May 2004 - 7:45am
kipp lynch

JOB: 4-5 week contract position for IDs, visual designer and UI developer

Company: Wipro
Location: US-Newton, MA
Status: Full Time, Contract
Total Work Experience: 2 to 5 Years

Job Description

Major Responsibilities: Participate in building a prototype of a portal
that integrates several business applications such as HR, payroll,
accounting, etc.

We have several positions available starting on June 7, 2004.

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