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4 May 2004 - 2:33pm
Dave Malouf

web design (and frames)

Frames and web applications

At DCTM we used frames (7 of them) in our application. Oy! Did they ever
cause problems. I can go over the list but that would be too long.

Bookmarking and search WERE even in an internal enterprise application
issues that had to be delt with. Of course there are probably other
applications where these wouldn't be issues, so I'll concede, "it depends".

My main point of my post is in a relatively stable xHTML world ... Why
bother anyway?

-- dave

4 May 2004 - 1:53pm
9 years ago
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Jim Hoekema

why frames are bad

I guess I'm feeling perverse today, but those poor downtrodden frames need a
defender! David said:

The reasons that frames don't work:

1. harder on searchengines
2. bookmarking becomes difficult
3. calculating frame sizes isn't x-browser equal
4. frames the way implemented in the HTML does not map to user expectations
in terms of scrollbar layout and what not

Strictly speaking, items 1 and 2 don't work well in most web STRATEGIES, but
this does not mean that web pages with frames don't display their content
just fine.

4 May 2004 - 12:02pm
9 years ago
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Dave Collins

web design

Can anyone point me at a (recent) discourse on the merits of framed vs.
unframed web site design?

3 May 2004 - 12:32pm
robert strati

Vertical nav for flash site

Anyone know of some good and thin (20 pxl) examples of vertical side
navigation - or some really experimental nav. Especially done in Flash or
DHTML so it can expose full name of nav categories and sub categories.
Flyout stuff is okay, but looking for some examples of breaking the mold.

Rob Strati

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3 May 2004 - 12:03pm
Ben Speaks

Usability War Stories


Where I can find anecdotal examples of poor usability in practice? I
have plenty of HCI/Modern horror stories but I am looking for historic
examples (World War II maybe?) that go farther back historically (think
on the level Wiley E. Coyote and his misadventures with ACME products).

Findings will be summarized back to the group.

Ben Speaks

3 May 2004 - 10:11am
8 years ago
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Todd Warfel

Icon Designers

[apologies for the cross-post]

I'm looking for a good icon designer. I seem to recall someone posted a
Russian Icon Designer who had done some work for them not to long ago,
but can't remember which group I saw it in.

Any recommends?


Todd R.

30 Apr 2004 - 11:08pm
Dave Malouf

Reminder: April in May NYC IxD Salon (THIS TUES!)

Hello NYC IxD people,

New Yorkers may remember Crazy Eddie's Christmas in
July Sale. I'm not Crazy, just Disorganized, so I'm
announcing the April in May NYC IxD Salon.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 4 @ 6p - 8p

WHERE: the offices of vi[z]rt @
555 8th Ave. 10th Floor
(bet. W. 37th St. & W. 38th St.)

SUBJECT: The digital camera. You love it, you hate it.
Why are they so popular? What makes them so

30 Apr 2004 - 4:34pm
Dave Malouf

Visual aspects of interaction design -combative, dismissive, and hostile

Ok, I'll bit.
In the rsparch vs. hga competition. ;)
I didn't like RSParch either as a site or visually. I felt very silly trying
to figure out how to use it.
The HGA site however I liked much better. I think it had one major flaw
though in that some of the transitions felt unnecessarily slow, though I did
like what they led to. The basic structure was good and I never really felt
all that lost. OH! And it was clean and beautful. I doubt this was done by
an inhouse team.
-- dave

30 Apr 2004 - 3:35pm
Christian Simon

Visual aspects of interaction design - combative,dismissive, and hostile

> on 4/30/04 12:01, Julie Stanford wrote:
> <>
> <>
> If you have been to the exhibit A site, then you'll know which one made
> it in. However, if you haven't been to the site, go to each of these
> sites and then decide which one you would put in.

30 Apr 2004 - 3:14pm
9 years ago
1 reply
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