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12 Apr 2004 - 9:17am
12 years ago
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Bennett, Louise

PDA UI design plug-in??

Does anyone know of any products or plug-ins (for PhotoShop say) that enable you to design for and view designs as they would appear on a PDA?

Louise Bennett.

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9 Apr 2004 - 12:11pm
Kim Goodwin

The second edition of Inmates are running the as ylum.

Alan has written an excellent new foreword, but the rest of the book remains

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9 Apr 2004 - 6:04am
12 years ago
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Alexey Kopylov

The second edition of Inmates are running the asylum.

Does anybody see the second edition of Cooper's "The inmates are running the

Are there any changes in comparison with the first edition (except the

Best wishes

Alexey Kopylov
Principal interaction designer
UIDesign Group

8 Apr 2004 - 3:14am
12 years ago
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Andrei Herasimchuk

IA Article: Rose by any other name...

The Boxes and Arrow archives seemed to be screwed up, so I'm posting a
response to this article here in the hopes it might in a round about
way get back to B&A.

The article can be found here:

I guess I'm left with two questions after reading this article:

1) If you replaced the word "information architect" and "IA" with
"interface designer" and "UI" would you have the same article?

6 Apr 2004 - 8:42pm
12 years ago
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Andrei Herasimchuk

Navigation discussion

Hello everyone.

I would be interested in this groups opinions on this article, if of
course you'd be willing to offer up an opinion:


6 Apr 2004 - 6:28am
12 years ago
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Alex Bainbridge


Joshua wrote:
>--it's difficult to build a portfolio of interaction design.

Difficult - but not impossible.

A couple of years ago I thought through the same problem (having done all my
work for clients so not able to demonstrate prior work - besides most of it
was team work as has been discussed)

My 'solution' was (and still is) to write general papers that I then publish
on my own website:

One of which has been downloaded now over 15,000 times over the last couple
of years.

2 Apr 2004 - 6:20pm
12 years ago
11 replies
pnason at

Guidance for someone interested in your field


I am new to the list, and am interested in getting into
Interaction Design. I have a degree in Industrial
Engineering, and my course work included human factors and
human-computer interaction. I have been working as a
Manufacturing Engineer, and am currently a Production Manager,
and I have no real software design experience. I am currently
reading "The Inmates are Running the Asylum" by Alan Cooper,
am am really enjoying it.

As people working in this field, what suggestions might you
have for someone wanting to become an Interaction Designer?

2 Apr 2004 - 4:12pm
12 years ago
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Christian Simon

Re: Digest, Vol 7, Issue 2

> on 4/2/04 12:00Jim Drew wrote:
> (Of course, as I think about it, I didn't get to live in my house for
> a week before I bought it, either.)

There are other examples equally puzzling. Cell phones can't be tested where
you would use them. Reception is a real issue for buyers, but only
testimonials from friends in your area will likely sway a purchase decision.

You're obviously an expert consumer. Many people do not go to the effort of
test driving rentals, as you say even if they could find one local to a
rental company.

2 Apr 2004 - 3:15pm
12 years ago
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Jerry John

hey want to telme about REGEXP

hey working on a module that get a user to imput a regular expression;
problem is that what if he's not used to command line.... any tips i could
use ...

1 Apr 2004 - 8:55pm
12 years ago
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Chad Jennings

Issue tracking tool

Hello. I apologize as this is may be more of a project management

We are near the beginning of an interface design project with an Asian
based client. All of the client representatives; designers, developers,
marketing, you name it is based in Asia. Given cuts in travel budget
actual face time will be minimal. We recognize that time and language
differences will make communication and issue/ question tracking a

So, I am looking for a online issue/question tracking tool. Similar to
bugtracking, but for open interaction design questions/ discussions.

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