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24 Feb 2004 - 1:26pm
Todd Warfel

IA Summit informal dinner on Saturday.

Just to clarify, the dinner is on Saturday night...


Todd R.

24 Feb 2004 - 10:49am
Todd Warfel

IA Summit informal dinner update

Just wanted to send an update to those of you who will be attending the
IA Summit informal dinner, as I know most of us will be traveling over
the next couple of days.

One of the attendees, thank you Richard, made a brilliant suggestion -
meet somewhere before the dinner. Since most of us will be at the
conference before hand, we can meet in the hotel lobby of the
conference. We'll meet there at 7:10pm. Otherwise, see you at Manuel's.

So far we have a group of 25 people.

24 Feb 2004 - 4:40am
10 years ago
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CD Evans

Natural Laws of Interaction (Was: About using Architecture as a model)

Hi there, sorry for the late subject drift.

I'm not sure about the qualitative / quantitative divide being the key
in determining the real stumbling block here. I do agree, however, that
our area is completely 'siloed' into specializations that are keeping
good design/architecture from happening. I like the qualitative and
quantitative assessment, but it proves, to me, to be more of a
perspective for strengthening the duality of the field and not
providing any real bridge amongst the various silos, never mind the
tech/art divide.

The main problem is the programming languages.

23 Feb 2004 - 12:36am

interfaces and Gutenberg diagram

>Hello everyone,
>can anybody out there point me in the direction of any research
>linking Arnold's work on the Gutenberg diagram and page layout to
>interfaces? I am trying to establish whether the theory would still
>be valid for a hand held touchscreen operated device.
>Thea Blackler

Thea Blackler
PhD Candidate
P/T Lecturer in Industrial Design
School of Design and Built Environment
Queensland University of Technology
CRICOS No 00213J.

20 Feb 2004 - 2:37pm
10 years ago
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Undo selection convention

Users are often frustrated with situations where they
have selected numerous objects using Shift+click or
Ctrl+click, and they accidentally click somewhere,
which results in deselecting everything.

Now, the user would like to Undo that. I don't think
that it is conventional to use Undo for selection
since nothing changed by selection.

What UI should I provide to allow the user to return
to the previous state of selection?


20 Feb 2004 - 1:47pm
10 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Ok-Cancel hits another one out of the park!

Ok, What is so great about this one for me, is that I was wondering where
the AP people were in the first 2 strips.

-- dave
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20 Feb 2004 - 12:41pm
Todd Warfel

Votes are in - IA Summit informal Dinner at...

Okay, the votes are in. Thanks for all who participated. Mark your
calendars. Looks like we'll be doing dinner at

Saturday, Feb 28th

I'll be making a reservation. So, if you know you're coming, let me

19 Feb 2004 - 3:53pm
10 years ago
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Drag-select convention

Anyone know what the convention or solution is for
allowing a user to select a bunch of objects in a
drawing application via box-select, where the start of
the drag is on an object that is not to be selected.


I have a map-based drawing application where many
thousands of zones are drawn by the user.

When manipulating these zones, using standard mouse
gestures, it is particularly difficult to deal with
performing a box-select operation, because there is no
background to click is covered with zones.

The common result is that when the user does
box-select a set of zones, a

19 Feb 2004 - 11:01am

FAV button and M&M's

I wrote a bit about a TV remote control feature called "QuadraSurf" a
while back. It takes the FAV button idea a bit further - in a very
useful way.

19 Feb 2004 - 10:17am
10 years ago
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Jim Hoekema

FAV button

Dave wrote: " Would it kill them to make a remote that is backlit like a
phone touch pad?"

The FAV button began life as ALT for "Alternate Channel" which simply
toggled between two channels. Some TVs let you define the function to be
either a toggle or a string of "favorites" (though more a dozen does get
cumbersome when you can only go one way). Some TVs actually put something up
on the screen, so you can summon the list and then pick... but then the
labor-saving aspect starts to seem shaky.

The FAV or ALT button has always been more popular in the U.S.

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