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27 Jan 2004 - 7:02pm
Brad Lauster

The cocktail hour lives!

Hello Everyone,
Those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area may be interested to know
about the rebirth of the User Experience Cocktail Hour list.

We're bringin' it back to the turn of the century!

Ahhh, how you long for the days when the best place to learn
Interaction Design was over a beer at a friend's firm.

The list, hosted by the fine folks at Boxes and Arrows, will be used
for announcements about Bay Area User Experience events.

27 Jan 2004 - 1:14pm
10 years ago
11 replies
Ashu Thakur

Study of Mobile Interfaces

I am a student speciallizing in the field of User Interface Design. I am doing a user study on mobile interface. Can someone guide me on some matter on the above topic or works that have already been done in the above area, which will help me in doing the above user study.

I haven't been able to find much information on how these studies have been done, case studies etc. I would like to know about any papers that have been publised in this field.

27 Jan 2004 - 1:09pm
10 years ago
14 replies
Christian Simon

RE: How to Get Into Interaction Design?

Or, How DID u get into interaction design?
For many programmers HCI is a relevant career move. My background is in
graphic design. I¹ve worked print graphics and corporate communication
design. I believe there are relevant comparisons between this and HCI. I¹m
self-taught in HCI principals and have applied these to an assortment of
related projects.

I started with print layout and in the corporate setting. So, I was doing
brochures, trade show signage, logos or posters.

27 Jan 2004 - 6:28am
10 years ago
1 reply
Gautam Ghosh
27 Jan 2004 - 6:16am
Anders Bertram Eibye

advise wanted

Hi Everybody
I have been a passive member of this mailing list for a while - I
really enjoy the seriousness and high level of content. So thanks for

I have a question that I would like to get some feedback on, I hope
that im not violating the purpose of the list.

Im studying Interaction Design at the Danish Designschool, im currently
at my 8th. semester. I want to apply for an internship somewhere in USA
(preferably in San Francisco).

26 Jan 2004 - 4:50pm
Joan Linskey

Tab Order in Web Apps using Tags and Tiles

Hopefully a quick question.

We're working on a web application using Tiles and Custom Tags (JSP). Has anyone had any luck explicitely setting tab order with these technologies?

One of the requirements is to offer all the same functionality from the keyboard, (so tab order becomes important). I can't think of any way to ensure that there will not be tab order conflicts if the same tabIndex value is set in two different elements in two different custom tags or tiles (short of preprocessing the page to generate unique tab indicies on the fly).

26 Jan 2004 - 2:04pm

Magnetic Elements Toolkit : Anyone actually receive a toolkit?


Has anyone ordered and actually *received* a copy of the Magnetic
Elements toolkit (from
I placed an order over a month ago, paid for it, and have yet to
receive a copy.

26 Jan 2004 - 1:34pm
Dave Malouf

HTML combo-box?

Anyone have a good source or design for an HTML-based combo box.
It doesn't have to be the single widget design, though obviously that is

23 Jan 2004 - 2:51pm
10 years ago
10 replies
Josh Seiden
23 Jan 2004 - 12:41pm
T. Taylor

Fwd: RE: Use of icons v. hidden triggers for rollovers

Regardless of who said it, it unfortunately won't
work for what I am doing. I can't violate the
language-learning pedagogy by always showing English,
otherwise the exercise is invalid and the learner does
not learn the language.

I thank you all for your suggestions, but I think I
need to look elsewhere for answers. If anyone knows of
a list of instructors of secondary language learners
who also happen to understand good interface design,
please let me know!


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