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29 Jul 2013 - 10:12am

Where to post visual design position?

I am going to be recruiting for a junior visual design position and am wondering what the recommended job board to post for finding a visual designer in Northern California is?

I doing the recruiting myself, have a limited budget on which to post ads (maybe like $1000). Where would you recommend I post to get the biggest bang out of my budget?

27 Jul 2013 - 10:00am

FREE Axure 7 Beta feature hangout

Hey all, if your interested in learning about some of the new features of axure 7. Join on aug 1st. We will be having a free online learning session for a couple of newest features.


see the link below for more details.

25 Jul 2013 - 4:30am

JavaScript in Axure

Let me introduce a new project that is a solution for everyone who's feeling a little lack of Axure scripting capabilities.

AXHOOX enables heavy scripting right from Axure authoring environment. Library provides a scripting API reflecting Axure's internals.

24 Jul 2013 - 11:25pm
36 weeks ago
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Petra Liverani

New instance of form different from editable form / avoid labels

Hi Everyone,

I'm designing an "ideal" transport incident management form and it occurred to me to make the "New Incident" form quite different from the "Editable Incident" form.

1. The Editable Incident form would display information entered into the New Incident form summarised in text format (rather than in the field format of the New Incident form) and thus use less space, allowing for more information to be displayed.

2. The Editable form would allow editing of single sections of the form and/or the entire form.

24 Jul 2013 - 1:51am

From B.Arch to M.S in HCI


I am a final year undergraduate student, studying architecture and planning.At the end of the course, I have realised that I am not too much inclined to take up professional architecture as a career option and so I am interested in continuing my studies by doing masters in a design related field such as HCI, Interaction design etc. , mainly because of the tremendous job opportunies ahead and also my interest in designing user inferfaces.

23 Jul 2013 - 8:34pm

Reminder: IxDA Silicon Valley Event at Yahoo! :: July 24 2013 :: Steve Portigal on The Power of Bad Ideas

Please join us tomorrow night, Wednesday, July 24, 2013, at Yahoo! for Steve Portigal's talk on "The Power of Bad Ideas."

For details, go to:

Hope to see you there!


22 Jul 2013 - 8:13am
Dave Jones


I wanted to share an announcement from Dr. Liza Potts, the new Chair for SIGDOC, the ACM Special Interest Group for the Design of Communication. The board has a strong interest in expending the organization's profile in industry and gaining new membership and new vision.
21 Jul 2013 - 1:08pm
24 weeks ago
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DePaul University Masters in HCI

Hello everyone!

I am a recent graduate, strongly considering a career switch into HCI. I recently got accepted into the DePaul Masters in HCI program. I am more interested in the practical side of HCI, rather than research and was wondering if anyone comment about whether or not it is worthwhile for someone in my position. Is this program well-respected within the HCI community? How does it compare to other programs?

Any advice would be quite helpful.

Thank you!

20 Jul 2013 - 11:33pm

Costs and financials for HCI courses

Hello All,

I am planning  to apply for an HCI course next fall. Could you please let me know the costs and financials related stuff ( ~ approx)  so that i can get an idea on this?

1. How much it will be for HCI/d ( design ) course at indiana Bloomington.

Any chance of aid or waiver for international students ?

2. HCDE at UW. I found this interesting but want to know more about this.

How much this course costs ?

16 Jul 2013 - 6:01pm
2 days ago
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NYU or General Assembly class/program help

Hello everyone,

I'm a designer/newbie, I've been taking courses here and there and feeling a little fragmented, in many areas but we'll just stick to UX here.
So I'm thinking of entering either the User Experience Certificate program at NYU or the 12 week design course offered at General Assembly. Anyone have any experience with the quality of their curriculum or their instructors? How about job placement program? Any suggestion would help I woud like some input before plopping down the ransom they demand. Or could these classes be duplicated?



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