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With over 170 groups on 6 continents, IxDA local events can be anything from a happy hour to a multi-day conference. We like to think of it as something for everyone.

Berlin, Germany

31 May 2017

At this combined presentation and workshop we will have a jam packed evening led by our expert speaker Joe Macleod, with everything from the history of product termination experiences, current trends and insights, case studies and the time to develop our own closure experience.

London, United Kingdom

31 May 2017

Tickets available 12pm Thursday 25 May 2017 Most of the attention around emerging technologies centres on the user experience, but in this event, we'll take a look at how emerging technologies are enabling new approaches within design practice. The talented folks at Seymour Powell and Futurice will be presenting and showcasing perspectives around augmenting design practice through VR, AR, AI and IoT, where designers tap into new capabilities by pairing their skills with new affordances. More details below. We'll be hosted by Futurice at their offices at Turnpoint Building near Old Street station. Refunds: We only refund tickets if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance or check in with us at the event and stay to the end. We don't do this to make money (we get nothing for ourselves) but to be fair to the people that want to participate and engage in the sessions throughout the whole evening. ——— Seymourpowell Reality Works As designers Virtual Reality offers exciting new ways to interact with the products we create, until now most applications for VR have been purely immersive and designed to showcase the capabilities of the technology rather than solving problems.  Seymourpowell have seen VR as an opportunity to develop new tools, processes and interactions that immerse you deeper into the digital world and enable the design process in new ways. Richard Seale, Lead Automotive Designer and Alex Pearce, Product Designer at Seymourpowell will be discussing their journey and insights into developing design tools for Virtual Reality. Developed by Seymourpowell Reality Works  ( is an automotive design tool created to address some of the gaps they felt were missing from existing drawing applications. The aim was to create a virtual space  where you can sketch in 3D at full scale.  A destination space where all the tools are intuitive to use and aid communication between designer, modeller and engineer. The talk will take you through their journey in developing the tools and highlight some of the insights that they defined in the process. Paul Houghton from Futurice Paul will be sharing some perspectives around IoT and AI, and the designers' shifting role in designing for built environment and spaces amongst smart systems. More details to come.

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Rotterdam, Netherlands

21 Jun 2017

What designers can learn from filmmakers. This Design by Fire Café will show how designers can benefit from storytelling.

Floripa, Brazil

09 Nov 2017 11 Nov 2017

ISA 2017: Interaction through the islands: Design as interaction, innovation, business and beyond

Lyon, France

06 Feb 2018 09 Feb 2018

Interaction 18: Dissolving boundaries. Building connections.