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Umeå, Sweden

28 Nov 2017

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT USER INVESTMENT AND TIME!   #Timewellspent is a new design movement initiated by Former magician and Google design ethicist Tristan Harris The movement raises the question of whether technology and services are being designed to give true value to the user rather than just consuming her time.   Since the success of a an app today is measured by how much time people use interacts with it. That is also true to some extent when it comes to brands and services and not primarily by the value it creates for the end user. In that perspective hooking a user and creating addictive and immersive user experiences is more important than anything else.   This is both a philosophical AND a practical problem today. Learning to handle persuasive technology such as smart phones and social media in your everyday life (as well as having your time consumed by badly designed services) is a great challenge in our busy lives.   Being a gamification evangelist, reflecting on a daily basis  about how design can encourage certain behaviour, i often stumble upon these questions:  • How do we nurture the users precious, precious time?  • How do we get them onboarded? • How do we help them make the right choices and finiding out if our service is really  for them?  • How do we eliminate barriers and simplify interaction? • Do we give the user what he/she needs as efficiently as possible?    And looking from a game perspective: Friction, boundaries and complexity could might as well ADD value to a game as reducing it. It all depends on why you are using a service. As long the service is not meaningless to you.  But do you make those choices voluntarily or not?    So… How do we give the users their control back? What responsibilty do we as designers have? Help me reflect on these somewhat tricky questions subject! This meetup event is sponsored by Sogeti Umeå and our team of talented team of UX-designers like to welcome you to stop by and listen to Jan Bidner talking about Time. Sandwiches beer and soft drinks will be available from 5:30.  Event is on between 6:30pm-8:30pm. Presentation starts 6pm. Most Welcome! Erika Holmgren, Johan Rautio, Jan Bidner and Fredrik Odeblad p.s Mail for any special food (sandwich) needs. Read more at:

Lyon, France

03 Feb 2018 04 Feb 2018

Interaction Design Education Summit: Grow your passion for learning and educating, explore how design learning is even more transdisciplinary.

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Lyon, France

05 Feb 2018

Interaction 18 workshops: Join the best designers and learn hands on.

Lyon, France

06 Feb 2018 08 Feb 2018

Interaction 18: Dissolving boundaries. Building connections.