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With over 200 groups on 6 continents, IxDA local events can be anything from a happy hour to a multi-day conference. We're also fans of events organized within the broader design community. We like to think of it as something for everyone.

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30 Mar 2020 31 Mar 2020

UX Speakeasy – Objectified Watch Party: Following on the heels of our successful screening of "Rams" earlier this month, Gary Hustwit has made another film of his, "Objectified", available streaming for free for the next week ("Thanks, Global Pandemic!"). Let's get together for a Kast screening so we can all watch and discuss together.

Prague, Czechia

06 Apr 2020

UX Monday: Designing for the Globe: How to understand, design and operate across cultures and timezones. HsinYing Tsai (UI) & Nikolaj. English only, no translation.

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Rome, Italy

16 Jun 2020 19 Jun 2020

In 2020 Cumulus Association will turn 30 years old! Design Culture(s) wants to celebrate the richness of Cultures that the Cumulus Community expresses!Aligned with the vision of Cumulus Association, the aim of the Conference is to map the most advanced research and education in design, by reflecting on the idea of design as a form of culture, while drawing its field and opening to new directions.


29 Sep 2020

World Interaction Design Day is an annual event where we come together as a united global community to show how interaction design improves the human condition. Our aim is to have a positive, long-lasting impact by facilitating activities that support dialogue and outcomes. Presented in partnership with Adobe and IxDA, we welcome everyone to contribute by hosting activities for their local communities around the theme for 2020: Culture and Sustainability

Columbus, USA

08 Oct 2020 10 Oct 2020

Midwest UX: In 2010, our founders brought together the Columbus chapters of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) & Usability Professionals Association (UPA) to set the core values for Midwest UX. Our goal was to create a conference focused on creativity and rich in community -- with a grassroots feel across all UX disciplines. And unlike many national & international conferences, it has to be affordable and approachable for those who may have limited resources.

San José, Costa Rica

02 Nov 2020 06 Nov 2020

Interaction Latin America: Growing from a place of strength. This edition of ILA, we focus our gaze in a tiny country, with a population barely over 5 million inhabitants. A small stage for such a massive event? Au contraire, Costa Rica’s strength does not lay in its size, nor its territory or population; it thrives in its capacity to inspire. Our country inspires peace, environmental protection, and happiness. With 6% of the world’s biodiversity, it inspires design. From San José, ILA20 will open up space for a conversation around the impact of design in the Latin American region."

Ottawa, Canada

12 Nov 2020 15 Nov 2020

CanUX (pronounced “canucks”, like the hockey team) is an independent, locally-grown, non-profit, volunteer-driven event created for people who want to learn and share their expertise about user experience, and how our profession contributes to making things work better for everyone. The event covers topics like user research, usability, information architecture, interaction design, service design, and just about everything related to the creation of compelling products, services and experiences.

Montreal, Canada

31 Jan 2021 05 Feb 2021

Interaction Week comes to Canada’s cultural capital, Montréal. Today surrounded by different global perils, politics, economic disruption, social injustice, health, climate crisis, privacy wars, deep fakes, and many more, we ponder, what role can design play in the wake of such unrest? Join us to engage in conversations surrounding the perils we continue to face, failure, solution pathways, and address the hard questions.