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London, United Kingdom

26 Jul 2017

Tickets will be released on Wednesday 19 July at 12:00pm. Now that chatbots are seeping into the mainstream, interaction designers are starting to receive briefs to design and improve chatbot conversational experiences on apps, websites, and more.  That begs the question: What is interaction design for chatbots? That's the focus of this event, and we will listen to talks and debate everything from history, theory, basics, principles and practices, case studies and more. All in 2 hours.  To aid critical discussions, Davide 'Foletto' Cassali, Alex Baxevanis, Alex 'Tats' Tatner and myself will be sharing some perspectives and experiences from some work we've done. Thanks to Futureheads and Webcredible for enabling this event to take place! Refunds: We only refund tickets if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance or check in with us at the event and stay to the end. We don't do this to make money (we get nothing for ourselves) but to be fair to the people that want to participate and engage in the sessions throughout the whole evening.  ——— Foundations of Chat Bot Design Davide 'Folletto' Casali — Product Director, Automattic We know about chat bots since 1992 in IRC chats, where they were used to automate activities for a few hundred users at time. Today, through social media and messengers, they can reach about 14% of the world population. We are still at the early stages, and many product teams working all around the globe are rediscovering independently the same foundations. This talk tries to present a simple high level model for designing chat bots, so we can start having a common language and a common approach to discuss and move the conversation forward. Uncovering chatbot ixd basics — learnings from writing chatbot UX guidelines Boon Chew — Design Manager, SapientRazorfish I'll share some thoughts from my recent work writing UX guidelines and recommendations for a finance client. I'll address some basic thinking and approaches to designing chatbot experiences, focusing on practical rather than future-forward applications. Chatbots: not just for millennials! Alex Baxevanis — Experience Director, Webcredible & Tom Stewart — Senior Designer, Webcredible Who would have thought an ageing population could be some of the earliest adopters to interacting with artificial intelligence in a meaningful way?  In two parallel projects in financial services & charity advice, we’ve explored how a conversational UI could be used to help diagnose, surface and signpost users to crucial information.  We'll share the top tips we've discovered about the interaction design & prototyping of chatbots, both as stand-alone experiences and alongside other interactive content.  Title TBC: Alex will be sharing from his work on the TfL chatbot! Alex 'Tats' Tatner — Experience Design Lead, TfL Digital Talk details to come...

Utrecht, Netherlands

28 Aug 2017

Framing and Experience Design. How can surroundings, design, art, scent and storytelling become a frame for a unique experience?

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Rotterdam, Netherlands

13 Sep 2017

What designers can learn from filmmakers. This Design by Fire Café will show how designers can benefit from storytelling.

Floripa, Brazil

09 Nov 2017 11 Nov 2017

ISA 2017: Interaction through the islands: Design as interaction, innovation, business and beyond

Lyon, France

06 Feb 2018 09 Feb 2018

Interaction 18: Dissolving boundaries. Building connections.